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Are you developing a thing for InuYasha? ~Sarah
No, I'm developing a thing for his eyes. ~Shino
OH! Like that ONE guy! ~Sarah
Yeah! His eyes were so pr- ~Shino
Dorito eyes! ~Sarah
. . . ~Shino
that was a conversation from, like, a minute ago. ;

So does that show have a guy named InuYasha? ~ Liz
No Liz! That's why it's called InuYasha ~Sarah
So... is there a guy named Sheshmaroo on there? ~Liz translation: Sesshomaru
:dies laughing: ~Sarah
That was from Friday on the way to Study Hall.

Rachel: YES!

Name: Rachel Alice Parker
Age: 16
Hair: Silky, wavy, curly, deep brown...
Eyes: Dark brown
Occupation: Cheerleader
Hobbies: Shopping, watching anime, cheerleading, watching anime, poker, watching anime, watching Monty Python!
Favorite Books: InuYasha, SWTWC, Harry Potter, Ororon, Fruits Basket
Favorite Couples: InuYasha/Rachel, Gure/Rachel, Will/Rachel, And my OF guy, whomever he may be
Favorite Foods: Pumpkin pie and ravioli
Dream Job: Vet.
Favorite Anime: InuYasha, Naruto, InuYasha, Fooly Cooly, InuYasha, Sailor Moon, InuYasha
Favorite Video Games: InuYasha, and... something else...

Sarah: My turn.

You're Joking Right?: Hated the original summary, so now you'll just have to wait for the story to be out:big smile:

A Second Chance: SOUE: "We're Baudelaires, we don't get second chances." ~ Klaus, voice of reason. Violet was married to Olaf, Klaus sent to a home, and Sunny killed and left unburied in a graveyard. Yet, miraculously, Violet and Klaus are able to keep in contact. Who is this girl who appears to the both of them and offers them a second chance? Violetx? KlausxOC OCxOC OCxOC

My Promise To You: AF: Before everything the Fowl parents adopted a little girl, and then Artemis Fowl Senior disappeared. Now years later, Angeline Fowl has been permanently commited, and a young girl shows up on the doorstep of Fowl manor demanding reimbursement for all of the years she spent without parents. Until she sees Artemis. Then... well, then it's a matter of just trying to say something halfway intelligent around him. Oh, and it really doesn't help that a certain sprite is attacking Artemis. (Opal's a sprite, right?) Finally she makes a promise to Artemis and reveals her past. ArtemisxOC