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A Minnesotan shall lead the Iowans, and the Iowans shall rejoice, but, of course, they shall misspell the banners.

I have a sneeking suspicion that I was dropped on my head as a young child. Meh, what can ya do? I suppose you want to know more about me, eh? Well,as it so happens I'm quite bored of writing stories right now so I am TOTALLY up for writing this. Plus, I haven't been random in awhile so, yeah.

About ME!

(Keep reading. Resistance is futile.)

Name: Me llamo Celia (at least in Spanish class anyway)

Age: 494,812,800 seconds

Gender: Well I'm not a boy so . . .YES, I am a GIRL. Wow you got that one right! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Fave Book: You don't want me to answer this, really, because if I did then you would still be reading ten years from now.

Fave Band: If they can hold a beat, I love them!

Fave Song: Let Your Light Shine on Me

Fave Movie: Well it's a toss up. I love Finding Nemo (that's a really big butt!) and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (it makes me cry every time) and The Mask.

Fave TV Show: Numb3rs. Hands down. No question about it. If you haven't seen it, then you have to or your life is not worth living. I'll make this easy for you. On Friday, turn on your TV at 9 PM (central time). Turn the channel to CBS. Sit down on your couch, or chair, or floor, whichever you prefer. Don't leave for a whole hour. There now your life is complete. YAY!

Bestest Friend:Lisey. She's the bestest best person in the whole universe.

Fave State in the Union: Minnesota (what more can I say?)

Things I like to do: Ride my horse Sir Rojet (Jethro to me.) Swim (on the swim team stupid!) although the school pool (hey that rhymes!) is completely disgusting! It makes me want to puke. But hey, what can you do?

Things that make my day 110 percent better: Jethro. AND TIMING FOR THE GUYS' SWIM MEETS! (Hot guys in speedos. What more can I ask for?)

Things that I love: Jethro. My family. My friends. Minnesota.

Things that are Evil: Stairs.

Things that I hate: Doors. Yes, I'm talking about the things that you go through to get from one room to another, or if you prefer, from inside to outside.(OR from outside to inside, for those of you who are truly anal.) They hate me, so I hate them back. It's mutual hate. Doors are my arch nemisis, always have, always will be. I know where you live doors!

The Bestest Best Quotes in the Whole Flat World (prove to me it's not):

"Blondes can make anything difficult." -J (on a day when she was being particularly blondish)

R: "Why are you so weird?"
ME: "Why are you so normal?"
R: "I'm NOT normal."
ME: "Good. It's quite boring being normal."
R: "How would you know?"
ME: "I was normal once."
R: "Uh, that's interesting."
ME:" No, it wasn't."

"I'm not addicted to muffins, I can stop anytime I want." -ME! (who else?)

Intercom: "Bus 10 will be late getting to school today."
W: "Screw Bus 10"

Icecream truck goes by-

J: Ugh! That truck is so annoying!
ME: Yes, the commodification of our desires is annoying, isn't it?

"If you go to Antarctica and you stand on your head, if you let go will you fall off the world?" -J (My answer is: "YES!")

ME:"That assembly was soooooooooooooo boroing."
C:"I think they forget that they're taking to a bunch of ADD high school- Oooo. Shiney."

"That's rad, Suzy!" -line in W's speech

"Tarea es el Diablo!" -C (Claro que si!)

"Don't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Because then you're a mile away and you have their shoes." -J

"Jeez o peet!"-what W says when he can't swear.

"This is what we do when the lights go off."- whatC wrote on the black board after we had all drawn stuff on it when the school lost power one day.

Johnny Lingo had a cow,
Traded for an ugly wife.
Johnny Lingo's married now.
He'll be sorry all his life!
-Annoying little village kids in Jonny Lingo

"Okay, no more joking here people, lets all grim up." -MythBusters (the ABSOLUTE bestest show in the entire universe, besides Numb3rs that is.)

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