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i know, i know. it was nice that i was submitting little stories left and right, but no more. first quarter is over, so i cannot fill time by typing little stories anymore. so get over it. i'll start writing more for my good resident evil story. that's a descent story. what say you read it now? eh? i'll wait. go. now.

some awesome person wrote that the first chapter (i think it was jojosomethingoranother) of World will be Born was crazy and hard to undersatnd at some points. so i'll summerize here and if your confused about it, like, how it goes... i guess is how to put it- it's me and dan, stuck in my parents bedroom, with some fat zombie freak trying to break in and eat us all up. so we jump out the second story window... cause they have a second story bedroom, and we run to alex's, and so on and so forth. sorry if i confused you about that. okay, enjoi.
plus, im redicoulsesly lazy, so it might be a while to write more. if anyone even cares...

oh. and the best part of making these stories is finding out what you think about it, so comment on it, please? even make fun of it. any attention is good attention. andmissery loves company.

oh, and read the stuff that attamagoushi writes. it's good stuff.

and... i just submitted the best story in the whole wide world. i know it may be a little difficult to read, because i manly wrote it to myself and lee, and we already know what it means. it takes place in our school. the 'bugs' are these little creatures that i draw in my notebooks and have become pretty well known. their about half a foot tall, crazy, and look like a circle for a head, a longer circle for a body, two rediculously wide eyes, a retarded grin, and lines for arms and legs, with tiny circles for feet and hands. they're pretty sweet.

alright. okay, okay. thats cool if you think what i write about is weird. yes, leon was out of place. i like it that way. when i write stuff, it is in my best interests to make it as different as you could expect it to be. and you shouldn't take anything i write seriouse enough to get upset from anyways, because i dont take it seriously, either. but what i do want you opinion on is how my writing style or technique is. maybe you do or do not like the point of view, or how i explain things. i dunno. but if you have any opinion that could help me become a better write, please, shout it! later my gallies.

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