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UPDATES: big hiro 6 inches long

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pst. in this text is a hidden message.

If someone reads this, then hi everyone. You are free to read the creations of my broken mind.

I write Lemons, Comedies, Brutal/Dark/Mindfucking stories and poems.

So to give you some base information I am a guy born in 1996 this is just a hobby for me.

I love flash games, movies (animated the most), series and from music its rock and metal. Sport no more since 2009.

if you are wondering which music I like, here is a list of my favourite bands:

Hammerfall, Alestorm, Sabaton, Apocalyptica, Manowar, Gloryhammer, Rammstein, Godsmack, Dragonforce, Amon Amarath, Belakor, Epica, Tyr, Rhapsody of fire, Skillet, Dethklok, Korpiklaani, Powerwolf, Haggard, Nightwish and more...

if you want to play some league of legends with me, just add komodor55 on nordic and east.

To answer some of your most frequent questions:

- hot shit, write more - (thanks, I will when EBF5 comes out.)

- the porn comics (simpcest, brotherly love, song of lust) are just a written copy, not sure if they are as good as the original comic.

- Please make an account before you write a review. Otherwise I cant contact you back.

And now some parts of my favourite reviews and my answers on them:

- Oh, my... This was a, uh, very well done... thing. So, um, yeah, good job! Godcat, my face is very red right now... I applaud you for having the nerve to post it. Anyway, great job and keep up the good work! Now I'm going to go bury my face until it stops burning. -Aysu (this is probably the best review I ever got)

- I'm also slightly concerned for your mental state, but I suppose to each their own. I like to write sociopaths, psychopaths, and questionable sexual content, and you like to write about Shrek murdering people and using their eyes for toast. XD - Aysu (maybe I am :D)

- I liked the part in the dream where he kills himself to kill his inner demon only to discover it isn't that simple. Very interesting, and excellent symbolism. And, as always, I admire and love the imagery. - Aysu (Thanks.)

- Holy shit I haven't felt this hard in years, please continue. - Guest (I will :d)

- This is powerful, very moving. I applaud your courage in posting it, and wish you well in dealing with this problem. - sueb262 (Its just words.)

- What the heck! - qballisman (do you feel disturbed? :D)

- I really wanted to read your story but its just doing me head in :-( - Kathryn Mills (I think its readable now.)

-Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! oh no! poor ruffy! Oh, you're.. so EVIL! Uh, Well .. you have very great work. I'll read all chapters but I think this chapter is the best. I'm interested in a feeling of Ruffnut after the rape, especially after what happened with her brother, I also want to know how it is feeling Tuffnut. Is he really were not had any a problem while others raped his sister? his other half? You can write chapter about this ideas! Please.
I need some Thorston moments. Maybe twencest, but more the drama and angst please. In all, Thank you! - Ethan114 (Well I am not really proud of chapter 2, but yea chapter 5 follows and basically gives what you asked for. Glad you liked it :D )

- Is it wrong to say I was like a log within the first 40 lines? - Thedragondoctor (No its ok, that was the purpouse of the story.)

- Ughhhh. Disgusting and creative and very im not supposed to read this anyway. - infiniteEel (Well it was rated M)

- I wish i dint read this in the hut im in right now... - infiniteEel (Well BOO! )

- this chapter wasn't really for me. just as the rape chapter wasn't. but great that you're continuing. also don't write "to be continued. maybe." at the end of all your chapters. if you notice at some point while writing that you won't continue this work then you can write 'the end'. if you attention site but later decide to stop then edit your last chalets ending to include 'the end' - sral92x (well sure, I get it chapter 7 is out now :D I took your advice.)

- Sweet chapter man! - porcupain (Thanks)

- Please don't end here. - Guest (Dont worry, I wont)

- What...the...f*? The f* did I just read? - Guest (Most disgusting story I ever wrote. heh nice reaction btw.)

- You are a sick person. - Guest (well I never denied that.)

- Does this mean hiccstrid will have a threesome with Ruffnut next? I hope so, then maybe hiccup with Astrid heather and ruff all at once - Midsully (well first wow capital leters dont tell much huh? And second, Its funny how you all think up the main someone X someone for another chapter, but know that this is not a commission and I try to plan to add something new each chapter. And as stupid as it might sound, if I add too many characters at once it gets complicated to write as well to read.)

- I like that idea have Ruffnut give Gustav a surprise birthday party after all Ruffnut knows Astrid big secret she keep her mouth shut if she do her one big favor to help her lover birthday surprise to make it a three-way. After all Gustav deserve to have his fantasy sex with two wonderful women how about I call it "Gustav Three-way surprises" Lol man hope my comments give you some ideas - AJR (What secret do you mean? I dont remember anything like that, maybe just because the story gets more twisted and complicated with every chapter. Anyway thanks for your idea, I think that would be pretty cool, but it aint gonna be in chapter 8, but maybe in 9.)

- Gonna do an update when EBF5 comes out? - Jason (YES and about the weather conditions dont know where did you take that from, but doesnt seem funny enough to include, I know EBF5 will have weather but this is just a list of jokes exactly coppied from the game.)

- Please Update soon this wait is driving us crazy. - 2K17 (Well, as I said somewhere on profile or on chapter 8 of HFOAT I will update it hopefully this year, but got many other things I want to do as well before that, make a youtube video, reading the whole fanfiction and I will get to it right away.)

- dsm - name (What do you mean by those 3 letters? If BDSM, it makes sense, sexual dominance feels good to write.)

- Some disgusting, some not. But either way, didn't feel like picking through any of it. It really wasn't that bad, just kind of a what the fuck for some of it. - guest (Well maybe I could write it worse, just dont know how. I understand why you dont want to read it, I myself dont want to :D)

- you need to have one of the ladies have bondage sex. - Guest (you know what, I will add some of that to chapter 8 just for the lulz.

- Omg I read a lot of these kind of story's and it makes me so wet I'm girl so that's why lol wish toothless could fuck me hard lol. (A girl?????? Nah just kidding. I hope you enjoy the story, chapter 7 is in the making process.)

- okay you should make more if you have a passion for it just remember that there are more things in this game that can lead to sex! - Pablo (Well there sure are, can you make some suggestions?

- You started out great but then it started to devolve into a bad porno. Seriously, unrealistic dick lengths are a major killer when it comes to being interested in a story. - Lionheart (Yea, I agree, it was just an experiment, other stories I do are a bit different, also the incest part was kinda meh.)

- Astrid x toothless pls and if you could add pics that would be great. Even if they are just ones off of the internet and don’t really have much to do with the story it would be greatly appreciated - Twurtle12Hd (cant add pics, thats why this is just fanfiction XD I agree the story part is kinda meh, it was never ment to be amazing. but im glad you liked the smut.

- can you write more south park stories i really love them and this story was the best story i've ever read - Skeleton Bunny (probably not, I still love south park, but dont feel like writing another one. thanks for your praise.)

- what is the flame that they saw? - guest (well honestly some possible future chapter story plot related thingy, if I ever get to it. thus far nothing important)

- I want more rape chapters and less astrid and/or hiccup chapters. - guest (well guess what, NO. There was one and it was the worst.)

-Do u really think I should continue? -Grge (Yes.)

-I would say more dragon on dragon like toothless and storm fly. I haven’t seen a hookfang one in a hot minute - guest (good point, i could write something with hookfang or someone else. not sure when tho.)

-Great story, dont be so disappointed with yourself (glad you liked it, at this point its pretty hard not to :D) _(

-great porn fanfic. i had sex while reading this. great fanfic. - guest (I guide others to treasures I can not possess.)

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I also upvote pictures on rule34. to get more visual. just search: upvoted_by=jelcin

I made a devianart profile as well and made some sweet papercraft there. if you want to check komodor55(dot)devianart(dot)com

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How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,246 - Reviews: 34 - Favs: 232 - Follows: 140 - Published: 8/13/2015 - Astrid, Hiccup, Toothless, Valka
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