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Hello, all. My name is GH. Or Steph.

Me, I'm 13, live in California, and I'm very very very DP obsessed. Yay Danneh! D/S forevah!

Many of the DP fans know me as the author of the Hand Puppet Theatre series, a parody of all the episodes, along with some fanfiction that others have done. It's hilariously funny, and will never end!

Some ofmy favoritequotes from Hand Puppet Theatre (yes, I'm so conceited that I'm putting quotes from my own fanfic.):

Jack: Wanna fight ghosts?
Danny: Hell no.
Jack: You can't say hell, this is Nickelodeon!

Jack: Here I am, totally oblivious to the fact that I look like a dork!Danny Phantom Fans: You’re oblivious to everything, you dolt.

Danny: Hey! Skulker has to stick to my schedule! And the answer is 42!
GH: A dim bulb brightens.

Lancer: Time to shave my back!
GH: I find his back hair seriously sick and wrong.
Razor: No way I’m touching that! See ya!

Pointdexter: OMFG YOU’RE THE HALFA! -fangirl squeal- I’m like, your totally biggest fan!
Danny: 0o
Pointdexter: Ahem. I mean, I shall now take over your body and use your powers to become popular!

Tucker: Now that Dead Teacher is sold out, I'll watch Ponies! Ponies! Ponies! What an awesome movie! I mean, this movie sucks. I shall now do something that affects the whole episode. I want ghost powers so I can kick Danny's butt. (This one wasn't actually written by me, but by Jazzeh. Yeah.)

Random Surfer Dude: There is currently a chicken upon my scalp.

Danny: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Not sure what that has to do with the plot, though...

Sam: you just naturally suck, or do you work at it?

Spectra: You know, there's only an 'i' in misery if you spell it that way!
Danny: But if I don't spell it that way, Lancer will kill me!
Spectra: Exactly! So be miserable! Now go out there and be a better you!

Danny: Problem solved! Time for lame puns!

Danny: Anyways, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Valerie’s dad is the guard.

Tucker: What’s the good news?
Danny: I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.
Sam: don’t have a car.

Sam: Arg! I’ve got no choice, then...c’mere, Dash! KISSYKISSYLOVEYDOVEY
Danny Phantom Fans: THE HORROR!
Danny/Sam Shippers: Not that kind of D/S!
Dash/Sam Shippers: Yay!
Everyone Else: You suck.
Dash/Sam Shippers: Don’t kill us...

Danny: Stupid Fenton whatever-its-called gave me hat hair.
Danny Fangirls: Thank God it’s only hat hair. We thought it was permanent!
Technus: You have released me! Er...again!
Danny: Aw, crap. Well, at least my hair’s better.
Danny Fangirls: Much better. Flat hair is bad hair!

Danny: Oh, I'm fine. Even though life sucks, Mom and Dad are at school, and I just swallowed my spork. So I'll just reach into my stomach and pull it out.
GH: Even though that looks nasty, I still printed out this scene and pasted the pictures on my binder. Danny...spork...awesomeness.

Sam: How about you give the rose to the shallow bitch? Even though I want you to give it to me?
Danny: Paulina can buy her own freakin rose.

Jazz: But Vlad’s just a rich nice rich old rich guy! And rich.

Fright Knight: I will –foreshadowing- have my –foreshadowing- revenge!
GH: If that wasn’t major foreshadowing, then he was more clichéd than I thought.

Hornets: FREEDOM!
Trevor: Again, I'm being chased by a hornet! When will the madness end?!

Sam: Thanks to a random invention that was completely hidden but I knew exactly where it was, we have contained the super hyper Danny.

Tucker: How did you know where that was?
Sam: I haven’t installed cameras in Danny’s house to watch his every move!

Box: Well, you could forget about me and kill your dentist, but then this would be way too much of a parody.

Danny: Why are you here?
Vlad: To give you candy.
Danny: Okay.
Vlad: And sweet hot kisses!
Danny: 00 HOLY CRAP!

Danny: It's not easy being green.

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