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"I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."
- Unknown

Hellooo! You've managed to stumble across my strange and slightly distrubing profile... Yay for you... Errr, -_-'...You can call me Liizziioo, i'm sixteen years old (gasp0rz) and I love writing. I also love to read, make quizzes on quizilla, listen to music, talk online, draw anime, and annoy my friends until they want to slap me . My e-mail is and my aim screenname is BeLlAa x beHbi. Feel free to send me an e-mail because I am a mail hoor. Srsly.

Go visit my buddy xD... You'll be scarred...

(Oh and you really don't wanna know how Kiki and I found this...)

Personality? Hehe, well... I have drastic mood swings and can go from very happy to pissed off and angry. I guess this is why i'm so random. (Yay! Let's celebrate now...)

Me and my friends have made a msn club. The only thing you need is a hotmail account so please join The Anime Friends' Club. The manager of this club is Crystal, she has finally written some poems on fiction press. You can read them here: firestar90. Also, can some people join my C2 community: Xx Inuyasha Fanfiction xX? It would be much appreciated. Please check out the stories I listed there! All the authors worked really hard on them and they deserve to get lots of reviews!

Also if you want to read some awsome fanfiction check out TheeBycth's stories. TheeBycth has written three stories and they're all really great! We've been e-mailing each other for some time now and we've had some pretty weird times together, O.o. If you want to read an awsome original fiction essay, go look at Vana Alqua's. It's about Ancient Egypt through the eyes of a cat. She also has a fanfiction account (Vana Alqua), but she hasn't written anything as of yet. ((Nudges her)). Oh and before I forget read Dani's stories and poems, she writes for Inuyasha and other fandoms.

Please go read Kiki's story! Its an original fiction and it's very well written. Heres the link:! The story's called "All I could ever wish for" and the genre's are action and adventure, rated T for violence at the end:3 xD...

GO READ KIKI'S PR0N STORY. Nonotrly. ... It's Leon x computer... you know you want it...

- Current work -

Writing: The Transformation

Summary: Kagome has been protected from her demon side for years because of her father's spell. What would happen if Kagome became like Inuyasha? Does she want to be normal again?... Or as normal as she was... Inu/Kag...Mir/San

Latest information:

3/21/05: I promise i'll get the next chapter out soon! Schoolwork has been attacking me lately...Important: I revised chapters 1-9 of "The Transformation". I improved the writing style, punctuation, and grammer, but besides that everything is still the same. Except that I added a new scene to chapter four. O.o be scared... Be very scared... U.u

4/16/05: Ok! I am working on the next chapter! Bear with me here, highschool is hard. I'll be posting a recap with the next chapter if you don't remember what the story is about since I haven't updated in a long time. O.o. Chapter ten (Rescue, part one) should be out this week. A special thanks to Vana Alqua (Lauren) my Beta! She kills me since I have update issues~!

6/23/05: Yes! Woot, Woot! I updated! Go me! Err, ok you can ignore me now...

6/27/05: The next chapter of "The Transformation" should be out sometime in July. I'm still writing an outline for the chapter but I should be finished by next week, then I can start typing it up. Keep an eye out for it ~_~. Oh and My birthday's coming up! Yay!

-My Fandoms!-
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Yu Yu Hakusho
- Case Closed
- Kill me, Kiss me
- D.N.Angel
- Ravemaster
- Kingdom Hearts

- Moments -

What you are about to read may shock and/or disturb you. These are real moments, taken from my life.

Lauren, Crystal, and I ((afterschool in the computer room))

Lauren: Liz what should I put under "favorites" in my fanfiction profile?

Me: ((Updating my profile)) Dunno...

Crystal: ((Looking online for dresses)) I know! You have that weird obsession with cats right?

Lauren: It's not weird! I'm not obsessed!

Me: Then why do you keep a picture of your cat with you at all times?

Crystal: Yeah, that's freaky. ((Leans over and types something on Lauren's profile under "favorites"))

Profile: Weird pet fetish...

Lauren: That is so not true!

Me: ((Leans over and puts "weird pet fetish" under lifestyle))

Lauren: I hate you both. You should just die now.

Lauren, Crystal, and I

Lauren: I love Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...

Me: I would not know what this book is... Human.

Lauren: ((Gasp)) You're revealing secrets!

Me: Yes, that's right... I am... Batwoman!

Lauren: And I am catwoman!

Me: Follow me to the justice cave!

Crystal: ((Walks over)) Do I even want to know what you guys are talking about?

Me: And she is SATWOMAN! With the power to finish SATs in a flash!

Crystal: I'm just going to stay out of this conversation...

Me: Fine then... You are Ratwoman!

Kiki and I

Me: Look at all that snow! It's the end of the world!

Kiki: Yes. We shall all die horrible painful deaths.

Me: U.u

Kiki: Life is meaningless...

Crystal and me

Crystal: Liz you're so random!

Me: I had a burrito for breakfast.

Crystal: See? Like that. You had a burrito for breakfast?

French Class

French teacher: Okay, open your audiocassette workbook to page 23.

Me: J'ecoute le fromage.

Everyone in class: ((Looks at me))

French teacher: You listen to the cheese?

Lauren and I in French class (The sequal)

Lauren: You love the cheesemaster!

Me: No! You love the cheesemaster!

Lauren: Well, the cheesemaster loves you!


Lauren: Ok. Fine. I don't care. But... You don't get any cheese, 'cuz he's the master of cheese... and he hates you!

Me: Well, at least I don't have to kiss him every night!

Lauren: You still can't have any cheese!

Me: ((Makes sign and holds it up for all to see))

Sign: The cheesemaster love's Lauren

French Teacher: O.o

Lauren and I: U.u... Oops...

Crystal, Lauren, Jenny, and I :The assassination:

Me: Wasn't he the one who tried to get assassinated?

Jenny: He tried to get assassinated? Don't you mean he almost got assassinated?

Me: ...

Crystal: Oh yeah! Here! Here! Shoot me! ((Jumps around waving her arms))

French Class: The Triqual - Evil just resides in cheese

Me: OoO! I love French class!

Lauren: Do you still have that cheese sign?

Me: ...

Lauren: He will never allow you to "j'ecoute le fromage" again!

Random person: We're all going to die!

French teacher: X.X (We must really scare her)

French class: Same day

Lauren: Is not!

Me: Is too!

Lauren: Nooo!

Me: Pee is poop!

Alley: U.u

French Teacher: #o#

French class... again

Lauren: I found the word cow on my crossword puzzle!

Me: Cool. Too bad this is just a french crossword puzzle.

Alley: Cow? Cow's not a french word!

Me: ... Durr..

Alley: Cow's not a word!

Lauren: ...

Me: I feel the wind...

Dani & me - - English problems - -

Me: Please! Just let me edit your story!

Dani: No! I like my writing style!

Me: But you have terrible grammer!

Dani: It's not my fault, I hate grammer!

(English teacher): ((Randomly walks by)) Don't say that...It hurts...

Me: Hehehe! Your teacher won't like you now! (Unaudible to others)

Dani: (In whiny voice) But it's true, I don't! (whimpers)

Me: (Laughing at Dani's own expense)

Lauren and class -- Terror in L.A --

Lauren: (Giving a report about what a movie is like without music) I watched "The Day after Tommorrow" without sound. As L.A is being torn up by cyclones I felt kinda heartless... 'cuz I didn't really feel any emotion...

Class: U.u

Teacher: Well... Let's hope that if L.A is ever being destroyed by cyclones that music will be playing...

Lauren: Um... (Later in presentation) I also watched a man being mauled by a billboard. Without the music... It seemed... humerous...

Class: O.o

Lauren: (Even later in presentation) Then I watched these arctic wolves that were about to rampage and kill people. Without music I noticed how cute they were!

Class: J.j

Lauren: I was like, "Aww! Look at the little wolvies!"

Class: X.x

The way of the demon

Lauren: ((writing story)) Once there was a man...

Me: That's no way to start a story! You have to start it off with like a demon all evil and brooding-like. Then you have him kill someone and then the scene switches to a little girl and her parents gets murdered... Then she goes to the demon and ...

Crystal: ((Gets interested))

Me: Then he teaches her the way of the demon! ((Flaps hands))

Crystal: Idiot...

Bloods thicker than water

Dani: ((Looks at Melissa)) That looks like blood!

Melissa: It's ketchup...

Lauren: Yeah, because blood's thicker and darker...

Kiki: Well ya know, bloods thicker than water...

Lauren: A lot of things are thicker than water

Kiki: My finger's thicker than water...

Melissa: Ya, it means family always comes first...

Me: Can we stop talking about blood?

Dani: Ya! Family's more important than hydration!

Me: -_-'

The evilness of brothers

Me: ((Walks into my brothers room randomly))

Alex (my brother, XD): I just want to rip my shirt off...

Me: ... x.x... ((leaves))

SPD emergency



The Cow ... .

Random girl: ((in Western Civ. class)) Cows eat grass!

Me: (wakes up) ? O.o ?

What happens when Kiki doesn't know the answers

Worksheet: Review the following term:
epic: long poem describing heroes and great events. What does the Latin word epos mean? --

Kiki: Uh... ((Writes)) Despicio te! (I despise you)

Me: V.V

How me & Sam met

Me: ((In class writing a description of a picture of a guy surrounded by sharks dying))

Sam: Well... the man looks like he's relaxing... and getting a tan... It seems peaceful...

Me: ? And the sharks... ?

Sam: Huh?

Me: The sharks... that are surrounding him and bloodying the water...

Sam: Oh! I thought that was kool aid!

Me: ... .

Sam: Thanks! ((Flicks hand and heavy pen accidentally flies at teacher))

Teacher: ((Pwned))

Class: O.O

Teacher: ((is on floor))My glasses! My eyes! CALL THE NURSES OFFICE!

Two hours later

Me & Sam: ((In principals office))

Me: . ... Sooo...

Sam: . You like cheese?

Me: T.T

Principal: J.J

The Crucible is evil...

Girl: ((Is pretending to be a judge in front of the class)) So, how can you cure witchcraft?

Kiki: ((Is pretending to be Reverend Hale)) Uh... The power of God resides within me!

Never study the ancient Greeks...

((Is raining and thundering outside))

Teacher: The Greeks had many religions... ((Thunders))

Class: o.o

Teacher: THE GODS! THE GODS! ((Blinks lights on and off))

Class: O.O

Me & Kiki: XD!

The boyfriend

Kiki's sister: Let me see your agenda planner!

Kiki: ((Is alarmed)) No! ((Pulls away))

Me: ((innocently)) What? You don't want her to see your boyfriend?

Kiki's sister: You have a boyfriend?

Me: ((Very innocently)) Oh yeah! He's all over the pages!

Kiki: NO!It's not true! Liz you are evil! You're making it-

Kiki's sister: ((Grabs for agenda planner)) Who's your boyfriend?

Kiki: No! It's just her! ((Points to me))

Kiki's sister: She's your boyfriend?

Kiki: X.X

Me & Lauren: xD! ((Fall on floor laughing))

Umm... Uterus... .

Me: So you didn't go out with her even after she drew you a uterus?

Random girl:

x.x ... This is awkward...


Proof that my friends are... EVIL!

((in lunchroom))

Dani: Do you remember that picture of Satoshi and Daisuke that you have as your background?

Me: Don't start this again! They are just friends!

Melissa: "friends"

Lauren: "friends"

Me: ARGH! They are not gay! ... Although Satoshi has that nasty habit of pushing Daisuke against the nearest available surface... GEH!

Dani: What about the 'we're just huddling for warmth' thing?

Me: That was self preservation! ... Or the 'Mouth to Mouth' thing from Satoshi... ACK! They're BEST friends, ok? Daisuke just didn't want to die!

Dani: He didn't want to die... alone...

Melissa: "Friends for a life time"

Me: - is getting pissed off at air quotations- You're really enjoying this, aren't you Kiki?

Kiki: -smirks-

Me: -sweatdrops-

Dani & Melissa: "friends"

- Ten minutes later -

Me: ((is on way to class with Lauren)) I AM SO GETTING RID OF THAT DAMN BACKGROUND, GRRR... Next time I'll make a Sasuke and Naruto background!

Random People: ((Stop walking to look at me))

Lauren: ((Looks at me questionablly)) Sasuke ... and Naruto?

Me: -dies-

Never sit next to Dani

Dani: Look! It's a crotch!

Me: X.X ((slouches down in seat))

Crystal: I don't even want to know what you guys were talking about this time.

Me: .

Random senior: ((looks at me and Dani))

Class: ((is looking at us))

French teacher: err... Donc... T.T (I think we're going to scare away this french teacher too)


Are you scared yet...?

"Yeah that's Liz over there,

the one talking about cheese."

- Sammiissaa


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