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Cinerea Mayia

I'm an angsty adolescent girl, that loves to watch cartoons, play video games, listen to music and write fanfiction. As a Dream Weaver, it is my honour to welcome you to my Realm of Fantasy! (...or at least, you know, my detailed Profile page)

Have you ever felt like no one around you shares your passion about things you love, or that they even find them childish or outlandish? If yes, then you probably know how I feel! Don't get me wrong here, I've got many interests, (from doll-collecting to voice-acting). It's just that I have a tendency towards more... unusual stuff.

An Inspirational Flashback:
As you might be suspecting, from my intro, I am a huge fan of a certain purple dragon. Having loved the original Spyro the Dragon games, as a kid, I couldn't help getting enthusiastic, when I came across The Legend of Spyro! This game charmed me from the very first moment: the story, the characters, the soundtrack, everything about it is just so exciting and epic, while dark and atmospheric at the same time. I could spend hours talking about what it means to me, but I can summarize it all in one single phrase: If Spyro the Dragon is part of my childhood, TLOS is my whole teenage.

I played A New Beginning and The Eternal Night and couldn't wait for the final part of the trilogy to come out! When I learnt that both Spyro and Cynder would be playable in it, I got even more excited and I was sure that the upcoming TLOS title would be the best game ever! In fact, during my online research for Spyro stuff, I discovered fanfiction. It was very intriguing, how people that actually liked the same thing as me, wrote their own stories about it. I was never a book-lover, yet I enjoyed Spyro stories and that was the first time I trully wanted to read something after-school.

Sadly, Dawn of the Dragon turned out to be wrong in so many ways. From the numerous plot holes, to the total lack of female characters and dragons. (seriously, why have a Dragon City that has no dragons at all? Why don't you call it the Mole City, or the Dragon City Where The Only Dragons Around Are Statues instead? Sure, it wouldn't sound good, but it would make slightly more sense!) Not to mention the OOCness. I really wanted to like this game and I did like a few parts of it (like the beautifully designed levels and awesome music), but the whole thing was a disappointment to me and I believe the series deserved a much better climax! And disappointment didn't stop there...

In 2009, a Spyro movie was about to come out. It was going to feature Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman and all our well-known actors. Its' title was The Legend of Spyro 3D and it would be loosely based on ANB. The plot summary was very promising and the fact that Spyro would hit the big screen was thrilling. But then, the movie got cancelled for no good reason and two years later, Activision presented to us something called Skylanders. (um, I prefer not to talk about this...) I still want to watch this movie!

I've been reading fanfiction since 2008. Having trouble fitting in and being mistreated by other people of my age, for being "different", I went through dark times and reading fanfiction became my comfort of some sort. Spyro the Dragon is my ultimate favorite fandom and the character I adore the most is Cynder. Yet I'm a fan of Krome Cynder (the one from ANB and TEN), not the sassy Mary-Sue she was turned into, in DotD. My favorite fanfic by far, is Cynder 100 (along with 101. Mourn) by Razzek Mecotl. The author has captured the original personality and feel of the young black dragoness, as well as her relationships with Spyro, Gaul and even Malefor himself, in a trully incomparable way. It's artists like her (and others as well), that have inspired me to join in and "unleash my imagination"! CYNDERFAN4EVER!

Other Facts About Me:

  • Well, I know I said I'm a Dream Weaver earlier, as I'm imaginative and I dream big, but I have an Artisan side too. I am a timid person, but art and performing fills me with life and confidence. I have tons of fun role-playing! I love to sing as well: when I joined the school chorus and got the chance to sing solo, the experience was sensational. I also like to draw: when I was little, I used to draw all the time. Now, it is more of a rare activity, but I still do it, every now and then.
  • I am deeply attached to my childhood and everything that reminds me of it. It's that time of innocence I cannot just leave behind. Whenever I'm down, playing PS1, reading children's books, viewing old drawings and generally reliving my childhood memories can always lift my mood - oh and inspire me too!
  • If I have to pick a style, I believe Emo suits my personality the most. (and if you are guessing I always wear black and I like to have my hair covering half of my face, you're correct)
  • I am a retromaniac: I love watching VHS tapes, listening to old school pop music and I even enjoy old commercials. I mean, they're all so fun and colorful! I'm especially fond of the 90s and early 2000s.
  • I've been going through a Crash Bandicoot phase lately. Crash, alongside Spyro, was my biggest hero, during my early gaming years. (Coco is my favorite character from the series) Now, I have discovered him again and with the release of the N. Sane Trilogy, excitement grows every passing day! So, I'm going to stick to this fandom for a while...
  • Favorite Music: Within Temptation, Secret Garden, Brick and Lace and anything that can grab my attention

    Favorite Video Games: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Tekken 2, Virtua Fighter 4, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, The Sims 3

    Favorite Movies: I'm a classic Disney lover! I think The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, A Bug's Life and Atlantis: The Lost Empire are among its' top masterpieces. My favorite era is the Disney Renaissance. Other movies I like include Ratchet & Clank, Bratz Desert Jewelz, My Little Pony: The Movie (1986), all Barbie movies from Nutcracker to Fairytopia, My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica, He-Man and She-ra: The Secret of the Sword, Tekken: The Motion Picture, The Emperor's Treasure (also known as The Secret Treasure of Machu Picchu), Bratz: The Movie, Le Petit Nicolas, View From The Top, Troy, Space Jam, Νύχτα Γάμου, Επιχείρηση Απόλλων

    Favorite TV Series: Recess, The Emperor's New School, American Dragon, The Weekenders, The Moomins, Watership Down, Princess Sissi, Starla and The Jewel Riders, Winx Club (seasons 1 to 3), Spaghetti Family, Virtua Fighter Anime, The Mojicons, The Little Prince (2010), Skylanders Academy (oddly enough, I actually liked this), Σαββατογεννημένες, Μαμά και Γιός, Χρυσά Κορίτσια, Είσαι το ταίρι μου

    Favorite Books: Το μοιρολόγι της φώκιας by Alexandros Papadiamantis, Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon by Lisa Papademetriou (now reading The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander)

    Favorite Poem: The Candles by Constantine Cavafy

    Favorite Play: Helen by Euripides

    Favorite Songs: I can't pick just one, so here are a few signature selections: This Broken Soul by Rebecca Kneubuhl, Sleepsong by Secret Garden, If I'm Not Dreaming by Ana Johnsson, Higher Love by Steve Winwood, Όλου του κόσμου η ελπίδα, by Kleopatra, Η γενιά μας by Poll

    Pairings I support: SpyroXCynder, CrashXTawna, CocoXN. Gin, HunterXBianca, JunXKazuya

    "Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. But sometimes fear clouds our vision. Sometimes, our strength gives out. And yet sometimes, when all seems lost, a light shines through the darkness and we are reminded that even the smallest amount of courage can turn the tides of war!" -Ignitus (TLOS DotD)

    "To establish an empire, you need force. To maintain it, you need kindness." -Woundwort (Watership Down season 3)

    "If a dog bites your hand, do you kill every dog?" -Powhatan (Jetlag Productions' Pocahontas)

    "Sweet flower, every morning, when I awake, I ask: what will I have today? Misery or joy? Love or hate? It is my choice, how I wish to live my life." -Alia's father (Bratz Desert Jewelz)

    "They say that art is nothing without talent, but talent is nothing without hard work" (I read this in an English course book)

    "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." -Oscar Wilde

    "What makes you different, makes you special." -Barbie

    "The blind is the only one that has learnt to find his way walking through darknes." (from the rap song Ποιά είμαι by Miss G)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller

    "I wanted my destiny, too, you know! I wanted to be a flight attendant, but NO! Eye exam! Eye exam! EYE EXAM!" -John Witney (View From The Top)

    Sparx: "Oh, yes, lovely! He always sends us to the nicest places!"

    Spyro: "Come on Sparx, it's not that bad..."

    Sparx: "Well, sure, if you ignore all the evil beasts and visions of doom and eternal darkness, which sounds lovely by the way. Oh and the fact that we now get to frolic through the magical creepy forest in search for some stupid tree! What's not to love!?" (TLOS TEN)

    "Τόσα χρόνια, δεν έχετε καταλάβει οτι είμαι γάτος; Πρέπει να νιαουρίσω για να το καταλάβετε; Νιάου λοιπόν!" -Περίανδρος Πώποτας (Το Καφέ της Χαράς)

    Stuff to Copy n' Paste:

    If you have your own little world, copy and Paste this into your Profile.

    90 of teens today would die if Myspace had a system failure and was completely destroyed. If you are one of the 10 that would be laughing, copy and paste this to your Profile.

    I remember cheering on Simba when he fought Scar.
    I remember booing at Ursula when she took Ariel's voice.
    I remember fighting the Huns with Mulan.
    I remember the wind through my hair, running by Pocahontas.
    I remember being locked in the Beast's castle.
    I remember laughing and having fun with Mickey and his friends.
    I don't remember watching teen drama on stupid Disney channel

    Grεεk Sεctιοn:
    Γειά χαρά σε όλους! Όπως καταλάβατε, είμαι κι εγώ Ελληνίδα. Ασχολούμαι εδώ και καιρό με το fanfiction (προσωπικά, δεν χρησιμοποιώ τον όρο "οπαδογραφία"), μα παρατηρώ πως οι ιστορίες στη γλώσσα μας είναι ελάχιστες, πράγμα που θα ήθελα ν' αλλάξω. Κοντολογίς, σκοπεύω να είμαι ενεργή εδώ, στο site, γράφοντας και ελληνικά fanfics! Ξέρω τι σκέφτεστε: ζόρικο να γράφεις με πληκτρολόγιο στα ελληνικά. Ειδικά ο τονισμός. Που να πατάς όλη την ώρα αυτό που είναι δίπλα στο λ! Έτσι είναι, μα αγαπώ πολύ την Ελληνική γλώσσα και θεωρώ οτι μπορεί να "ντύσει" με τα πιό όμορφα στολίδια τη φαντασία μου και τις ιστορίες που βγάζω απ' το μυαλό μου. Κι όπως και να το κάνουμε, στη μητρική μου γλώσσα μπορώ να εκφραστώ με μεγαλύτερη άνεση.

    Τώρα, δεν ξέρω πόσοι θα διαβάσουν αυτά που γράφω (ή αν θα τα διαβάσει κανείς...), αλλά όσοι κι αν είστε, καλώς ορίσατε στο ελληνικό τμήμα του προφίλ μου! Εδώ θα βρείτε πληθώρα ελληνικών ιστοριών, απο το "Crash Bandicoot", μέχρι το αγαπημένο μας "Στο Παρα 5"! Ιστορίες για κινούμενα σχέδια και όχι μόνο! Ιστορίες για πράγματα που αγαπάμε και μας έχουν σημαδέψει! Ιστορίες γέλιου, συγκίνησης... καλά, μην υπερβάλλω κιόλας...

    Η αλήθεια είναι πως δεν είμαι σίγουρη για το αν θα πάει μακριά η βαλίτσα. Γνωρίζω οτι αυτό που κάνω είναι ασυνήθιστο και για πολλούς μπορεί να μην σημαίνει τίποτα, αλλά έχω μάθει οτι το να τολμάς να κάνεις τη διαφορά είναι κάτι που πραγματικά αξίζει! (και δεν νομίζω να είμαι η μόνη που το πιστεύει αυτό) Δεν ξέρω αν είμαι καλή συγγραφέας, ή όχι. Αυτό τ' αφήνω σ' εσάς. Ένα είναι σίγουρο: αν μιλάτε ελληνικά και σας αρέσουν τα fanfiction, είστε ευπρόσδεκτοι να διαβάσετε τις ιστορίες μου, να μου πείτε τη γνώμη σας, μέσω review κι αν θέλετε ακόμη, να μοιραστείτε τις σκέψεις σας, επικοινωνώντας μαζί μου με PM! Η στήριξη σας, μου είναι πολύτιμη.

    Α και για να αποφύγουμε το σοκ, σας ενημερώνω πως τα ονόματα των ηρώων και των τοποθεσιών θα είναι γραμμένα με ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες. Αν τυχόν έχετε κάποιο πρόβλημα με την προφορά, ή την ορθογραφία των ονομάτων, τα παράπονα σας στο Studio SPK Video Film Television, που ανέλαβε τη μεταγλώττιση.

    Cast Corner:
    Here, you can find lists of voice-actrors, which I would like to portray the characters, in my stories.

    Crash Bandicoot series (Greek Version)
    Crash Bandicoot - Αργύρης Παυλίδης
    Coco Bandicoot - Χρύσα Σαμαρά
    Aku Aku - Φώτης Πετρίδης
    Dr. Neo Cortex - Τάσος Κωστής
    Tawna - Μαίρη Σταυρακέλλη
    Uka Uka - Γιώργος Μάζης
    Dr. N. Gin - Σταύρος Μαυρίδης
    Dr. Nitrus Brio - Περικλής Λιανός
    Dr. Nefarious Tropy - Μάνος Βενιέρης
    Ripper Roo - Σπύρος Μπιμπίλας
    Tiny Tiger - Θέμης Ψυχογιός
    Dingodile - Γιάννης Παπαϊωάννου
    Papu Papu - Μανώλης Γιούργος
    Pinstripe Potoroo - Τηλέμαχος Κρεβάικας
    Koala Kong - Ντίνος Σούτης
    Komodo Joe - Φώτης Πετρίδης
    Komodo Moe - Ντίνος Σούτης
    Fake Crash - Χάρης Γρηγορόπουλος
    Ami - Κλεοπάτρα Ροντίρη
    Liz - Ρένα Καζάκου
    Megumi - Μιχαέλα Αντωνίου
    Isabella - Μαρία Πλακίδη
    Nitros Oxide - Λουκάς Φραγκούλης
    Rilla Roo - Ηλίας Πλακίδης
    Penta Penguin - Μαρία Μπονίκου

    The Legend of Spyro series (English Version)
    Spyro - Elijah Wood
    Cynder - Mae Whitman (a difficult choice between her and Cree Summer)
    Sparx - Billy West
    Ignitus - Gary Oldman
    Volteer - Corey Burton
    Cyril - Jeff Bennett
    Terrador - Kevin Michael Richardson
    Malefor - a voice similar to Tony Jay (Paracelsus from "The Beauty and the Beast")
    Gaul - Kevin Michael Richardson
    Hunter - Blair Underwood
    Flash - Jeff Bennett
    Nina - Vanessa Marshall
    Chronicler - Martin Jarvis

    A Storyteller's POV:
    I always made up stories in my mind, but after getting familiarized with fanfiction, a whole new world was brought to me: a world where the sky's the limit and creativity's the key. For me, writing is a release of thoughts and emotions, which comes mostly out of instinct. I'm not very organized, or even experienced, for that matter. I just try to properly express my ideas and I let myself get lost in the scenes I imagine. I like to try new things and combine the uncominable, so while reading my stories, you must "expect the unexpected and prepare for what's not there."

    I write for pleasure, but I try my best, therefore feedback is highly appreciated. I do not intend to leave any of my stories incomplete, yet I might take a while to update them, since I am a perfectionist and that makes me an easy prey for writer's block. However, If I do discontinue a project, I will make it clear as soon as possible and I won't let you fruitlessly waiting for an update. It's a pity, when good stories are left "In Progress" forever.

    Completed Works:

    Crazy!: an unexpected parody, inspired by Disney's Moana. A special song performed by the one and only Ripper Roo. Look out Crash! This straightjacket-wearing kangaroo isn't joking! Especially when it comes to singing about himself, his love for explosions and his desire for revenge...

    Honest Fanfic: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon: What better way to express my opinion on DotD, than writing a satirical one-shot, in the form of Honest Trailers? This is how we got 'Honest Fanfic'!

    I'm The One!: another Crash Bandicoot song parody, inspired by the Cheetah Girls' song by the same name.

    Currently Working On:

    Κρας Μπάντικουτ: my first Greek fanfic. After escaping Cortex Castle, the rejected mutant Crash Bandicoot realizes that his girlfriend Tawna was left behind. With help from the ancient spirit of Aku Aku, Crash will do whatever it takes to save his love, restore peace to the Wumpa Islands and stop his evil creator, Dr. Neo Cortex, from taking over the world. A story inspired by childhood memories and what I imagined Crash Bandicoot 1 would be like, as an animated movie. First of three fanfics to cover Naughty Dog's original trilogy.

    Kaycee-cool: a Bratz fanfic, inspired by the Recess episode "Randal's Reform".

    Side Projects:

    Παγωμένο Μυστικό: a Moomins fanfic about Groke and how she was cursed to be the monster everyone thinks she is. Can the Moomins help her? (second Greek story)

    Paused/On Hiatus:

    Talking Kitty Cat to the Rescue: a fanfic about the famous YouTube series, Talking Kitty Cat. Sylvester was scheming on getting rid of Random Kitty and her son, but little did he know that his plans would be drastically changed, by higher power. Now, he's got a rescue mission to accomplish and a friend he thought was a goner to help him. But is this enough to save the other cats, as well as himself from the clutches a certain psycho cat owner?

    Coming Soon:

    Απο τη Ζωή στο Θάνατο και Πάλι Πίσω: a Greek Στο Παρά 5 one-shot. What impact did Venetopoulos' death have on Fotis' soul? Can he ever recover from the shock of seeing an innocent man being murdered in front of his eyes? Set the night after the train incident.

    Translation Note:
    English and Greek are two very different languages, so do not use automated translating websites to read my stories in your language, as you'll probably get "lost in translation". All my Greek stories can be available in English and the other way around and I'd be glad to rewrite any of them in English, or Greek respectively. If you are interested, PM me, or review your desired story to let me know. In order for me to start working on such projects, I need at least three requests, so I can be sure that some people will actually read what I'll work for.

    Woah! You actually read through my entire profile!? (or, you simply scrolled down a little...) Please, read and review my stories! Thanks for coming! C U l8r!


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    A very special day in Kaycee's life turns from best to worst, when she's kicked out of Your Thing and then from worst back to best, when she comes across... her enemies? Can she find friendship in the Bratz girls? Can they trust her and let her join them? Can she find her true colors and be Kaycee-cool? Read and find out! R&R!
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