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Hi there!!

I really don't write any fanfictions... I love reading them, but I can't write... I prefer to write original fiction...

I made an account here so I could review, fav and put in alert my favorite stories...

I'm working on my own stories (no fanfiction) and I think I'll be uploading them soon... When I do I'll post the link here...

I do like doing fanart, I have a gallery at deviant -

You can also visit me in Gaia at -
I honestly don't check it very often

I like both Shounen Ai and Shoujo Ai (depends on the parings but I guess I'm more inclined to make Shounen Ai paring... I like Yaoi but not really Yuri)

Pairings I like:

[EDIT] been a while, though I'd update the List...

Dean/Cas (Supernatural) Quickly becoming my favorite paring ever!! (I also ship Sam/Gabriel, but if it's well written it can be also with Balthazar or even Lucifer)

Sherlock/John (BBC's Sherlock... because it'd just perfect)

Erik/Charles (I always kinda thought of it, but after X-Men First Class, it was inevitable) This is one of the few series when I also ship the IRL, which I generally never do, but what can I say, except McFassy4ever!!

Gene/Sam (from Life on Mars UK, the better one...) There's just too much tension there

Nick/Monroe (Grimm) just started watching it and fell in love with the peing right away, It's just fun

Arthur/Eames (Inception) LOVe the movie and pairing (No Ariadne, the character was cool, just not breaking up my pairing, they are just too cute to break up)

Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG1) Wasn't planning on making this paring, but it just happened... I have yet to see the full Stargate Atlantis, but I'm already making Sheppard/McKay

Balthazar/Dave (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) I honestly want' expecting anything from this movie, but I actually loved it and made a nice pairing...

Arthur/Merlin (Merlin) I haven't watched the whole series yet, but I'm already making the pairing, do not like Gwen getting in the way, I actually prefer to pair her (and not just to get her out of the way, with Lancelot or sometimes Morgana, although I know that last one can't end up well)

Ian/Emily (Criminal Minds) I know how messed up this pairing is, but Timothy V. Murophy is so hot and I actually loved his character... so there it is...


KakaIru (Naruto)
SiriusxRemus (Harry Potter)
HousexWilson (House MD) NO CUDDY or others!!
JordanxShawn (The 4400) NO KYLE or Others!!
Clex (Smalville) That's actually new... _
AnakinxObi-Wan... and Qui-GonxObi-Wan... (Star Wars) My newest Obsesssion I know there's a big age difference, but I can't help myself... it's the first time I make 2 pairings with the same character (I love Obi-Wan) but I justify it but telling that they happen in two different moments (Older master Kenobi and young-padawan Kenobi)
AdamxPeter (Heroes) After Vol 02 I couldn't help myself... NO Claire, Hiro, Sylar, Elle or anyone else!!
KuramaxHiei (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)
DoumekixWatanuki (XxxHolic)
SeijirouxSubaru (X/1999)
FuumaxKamui (X/1999) Not always... but...
SasuNaru (Naruto)
ZoroxLuffy (One Piece)
FujixTezuka (Tennis no Oujisama)
MomoxRyoma (Tennis no Oujisama)
InuixKaidoh (Tennis no Oujisama)
KikumaruxOishi (Tennis no Oujisama)
HokutoxShizuki ( Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
PeterxHoward (In & Out)
CopperxJosh (Dead Men on Campus)
HoroxRen (Shaman King)
TouyaxYue/Yukito (card Captor Sakura)
KuroganexFai (Tsubasa Reserivoir Chronicles)
HiwatarixNiwa (D.N.Angel)
LxRaito (Death Note)
RoyxEd (FullMetal Alchemist)... I know it's shota but I can't help myself... It's all my friends fault... NO RIZA/HAVOC/HUGES!!
YukixShuichi (Gravitation)
TatsuhaxRyuichi (Gravitation)
HiroxK (Gravitation)
ToumaxSakano (Gravitation)
KilluaxGon (HunterxHunter)
KurapicaxLeorio (HunterxHunter)
YuurixWolfram (Kyou Kara Maou) There are more pairing I like here but I haven't finish watching the anime so I'll wait to put them
SoubixRitsuka (Loveless)
ZeroxZero (Loveless)
YoujixNatsuo (Loveless)
KouyaxYamato (Loveless) I really haven't decided who to put kio with..._
TresxAbel (Trinity Blood) NO Cain!!
HijikataxOkita (PeaceMaker Kurogane)
SanosukexShimpachi (PeaceMaker Kurogane) And nothing else!!
DxLeon (Pet Shop of Horrors) Maybe ChrisxTetsu too... not sure yet...
MugenxJin (Samurai Champloo)
NatsukixShizuru (Mai-HiME)
MaixMikoto (Mai-HiME)
AlissaxMiyu (Mai-HiME)
AkiraxTakumi (Mai-HiME)
KazuxKazu (Mai-HiME)
HarukaxYukino (Mai-HiME) There are many more Mai-HiMe couples I like but I don't pay them much attention...
AlucardxSeras (Hellsing) NO INTEGRA!!
SesshoumaruxRin (InuYasha) I know it's kinda shota but the ff that I read that are more rated Rin is older... NO KAGURA!!
InuyashaxKagome (InuYasha) It feels good to be canon from time to time... _
WashxZoe (Firefly) Again with the canon... nothing against it if it's good...
JiraiyaxTsunade (Naruto) I like it but I also read OrochimaruxJiraiya and ShizunexTsunade... weird isn't it...
RuHana (Slam Dunk) but I love the triangle with Sendo... NO AKAGI GIRL!!
MitsuixKogure (Slam Dunk) There are others but I really don't pay that much attention
ArashixSorata (X/ 1999)

And many many more But I don't really have the energy to put them... Like you can see I prefer shounen ai but not exclusively (I did write most of shounen ai couples because there are generally not cannon but fanon) and in some series I just don't do any pairing at all)

There are also relationships I really like that are NOT Romantic;

Zeto & Mokuba (I Love overprotector mean big brothers)
Nathan & Peter Petrelli (Ditto)
Claire & Peter (It's very sweet, but NO parings!!)
Mr. Bennett & Claire (He's a very cool Dad!!) Among others...

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