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Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie but you can call me Stephanie or Stephie either one works!

I have read tons of fanfiction so I decided to write my own stories here so you can see them. I am not saying I am the best writer or the worse writer, I do have problems with writing and speaking English but I will do my best to make the stories interesting and fun!

I do not own any characters from Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Vampire Knight, Prince of Tennis, Ace of Diamond, Gakuen Heaven, Air Gear, Black Blood Brothers, Diabolik Lovers, K Series Anime, and Initial D. I do not get paid for any of this it is for fun only and to improve my writing. Plots and OOC characters are mine.

Criticism is accepted!

Update: I know it has been awhile and I am sorry because so many things had happened that is why I am looking through my stories and revamping them. Please bare with me... I will be back soon. All stories are going through major editing and will be on Hiatus until further notice.

Black Blood Brothers Character:

Zelmon Clock

Diabolik Lovers Characters:

Ayato Sakamaki

Subaru Sakamaki

Gakuen Heaven Characters:

Kakeru Ozawa

Wataru Ozawa

K Series Anime Characters:

Misaki Yata

Mikoto Suoh

Yu Gi Oh! – GX Characters:

Chazz Princeton

Zane Truesdale

Prince of Tennis Characters:

Ryoma Echizen

Shusuke Fuji

Eiji Kikumaru

Air Gear Characters:

Itsuki Minami aka Ikki

Agito Wanijima

Akito Wanijima

Ace of Diamond Characters:

Eijun Sawamura

Satoru Furuya

Kazuya Miyuki

Haruichi Kominato

Initial D Characters:

Itsuki Takeuchi

Takumi Fujiwara

Keisuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi

Vampire Knight Characters:

Zero Kiryu

Ichiru Kiryu

Kaname Cross

Kaname Kuran

Hanabusa Aido

Yuki Cross

Yuki Kuran

Yu Gi Oh! Characters:

Pharaoh Atem Sennen

Yami Mutou

Sugoroku Mutou

Yugi Muto

Solomon Muto

Ryo Bakura

Bakura Phoenix

Akefia aka Thief King

Marik Ishtar (Good)

Malik Ishtar (Good)

Melvin Ish (In between)

Mariku Ish (Evil)

Maliku Ish (Evil)

Ishizu Ishtar

Isis Ish

Seto Kaiba

Priest Seto

Mokuba Kaiba

Moki Kaiba

Duke Devlin

Ryuji Otogi

Joey Wheeler

Katsuya Jonouchi aka Jono

Tea Gardner

Anzu Mazaki

Tristan Taylor

Hiroto Honda



OOC Characters:


Anthony Garg

Sandwich Shops:

Stephie's Sandwiches

Wich Way

Completed Story:

Red Riding Hood

Summary: A.N.: My first One - Shot.

This was written for a class assignment and that it is what I came up with a short of period of time. A little plot twist. Minor death. Nothing messy or gory. One - Shot.

Upcoming Stories:

Tutu's Coffee Café

Summary: This will portray a background story of how Grandpa Solomon met his wife and how they end up having a daughter before his wife passes on.

What was Earth Liked Before?

Summary: Backstory

Short - Backstory


Dangerous Workforce

Summary: A.N.: This is based on a true story, however, names were change to protect myself and other people who were effected by this event that happened. I love Yu Gi Oh so I made it into a fanfiction story thinking it would be good and this will be my first fanfiction story. (Yaya!!!)

Yugi graduates from Domino High School and gets a phone call from a store he applied to work for while going to Domino College. After, working for this company seven years he was wrongfully terminated because of a Loss Prevention Manager assumptions made about him were very negative. Life for him had a turn for the worse but will there be something good at the end of all this?

Short - Story


Three Merman, Three Magical Creatures, and Three Humans

Summary: Three Merman were born in the ocean and three Warlocks were born by a far distant place that is not from Earth what happens when their worlds collide and when humans start showing up?

Short - Story


Troubling Education

Summary: While Yugi is in slumps he has procrastinated for very long time to go back to Domino College with everything happening from his job loss and almost losing his grandfather three times. What can he do and will he go back to Domino College? Is his education in trouble?

Short - Story


Day Dreams

Summary: Isabella is one weird child she always talks to herself whether at work, school, outside, and other places where you think no one will talk to themselves because it is embarrassing. She has no problems talking to herself since she always feel alone and that no one can relate to what she is going through. One day at school, she lays her head down on the table and falls asleep all of the sudden she saw vampires attacking her school. Demons were coming left to right what will happened to her, her classmates, and her school itself? Minor deaths.

Short - Story


Parallel Worlds

Summary: Meanwhile, Isabella is in another world and vampires lives amongst humans on Earth in peace. Now things are not balancing out between light and darkness from the other worlds that exist so the other worlds that could have not been seen from humans are now crashing to Earth. What is the role for Isabella in this story? Minor deaths.

Long - Story


Spiritual World

Summary: This is the point of view from Spirits that are from Earth and the Parallel Worlds. The spirits talks about what is happening to the Parallel Worlds that are crashing onto Earth and why it came down to them colliding with Earth.

Long - Story


Hotel Sharks

Summary: This came to me all of sudden because I was watching different types of Sci - fi Shark movies like Sand Sharks, Three - Headed Shark, Sharknado, and other ones that was on that day. So, I decided to write a story on Sharks and that they are in a Hotel in Las Vegas NV. Yugi and his friends are about to embark a journey where Sin is a blessing but something strange happened during their trip in the hotel they are staying at. Are they able to survive or will it be to late for them?

Short - Story


Fairy Tale: Red Riding Hood reviews
This was written for class as an assignment and that it is what I came up with a short of period of time. Minor death. Nothing messy or gory. Yugi goes to grandmas. One - Shot.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 658 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 8/5/2015 - Yūgi M., Yami Yūgi, Atem - Complete