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Author has written 6 stories for Shaman King, and Tales of the Abyss.

Name: Nonghlee Yang

Age: 23

MSN: (Love talking to new people okayies?)

Personality: I'm usually very quiet. I use to love writing, but as of late (the pass two or so years), I've stopped. I'm normally just a lazy person, don't even go online anymore much either.

Currently working on: Nothing. I'm just a bum...who reads only now.


Games/Gaming couples/Characters:

Tales of the Abyss: Guy Cecil, Luke Fon Fabre, Asch the Bloody, Jade Curtiss, Tear Grants...GuyxAsch, LukexTear, JadexPeoneyxDist

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife, Red XIII, Zack, Sephiroth, Reno, Rude...CloudxZack, ZackxSephiroth, CloudxReno

Radiata Stories: Jack Russel, Ridely Silverlake, Ganz (can't remember his last name!!!!)...JackxRidely

Star Ocean: Fayt, Cliff, Neil, Maria, Miriage (spelled wrong...I know...)...No couples really, just a good game

Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts:Chain of memories/Kingdom Hearts 2: Roxas, Axel, Riku, Sora, Kairi, Namie, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Tifa Lockheart, Hanyer...RoxasxAxel, SoraxRiku, RoxasxHanyer

Final Fantast X: Tidus, Lulu, Wakka, Khimaria (error), Auron, Ject...TidusxYuna, WakkaxLulu

Tales of Legendia: Senel, Moses...No couples, it's an alrighties game though

Mainly SquareEnix games!!


No.6 (My latest obsession): Nezumi, Shion, Karen, Safu...NezumixShion

Kamui: Kojomaru, Shui, Hyde...HydexYanagi, I seriously hate everyone else besides these three characters, and none of them would make a really cute couples...

God Child: Cain, Riff, Jezable (spelling error)...CainxRiff

Descendants of Darkness: (First shonen-ai I've ever introduction to this world) Hisoka, Hijiri, KuriKara, Keijin...HisokaxHijiri, KuriKaraxKeijin...there's more, I think

Loveless: Ritsuka, Soubi, Semei, Guy Zeros...RitsukaxSoubi, Dude Zeros...

Hands off: Tatsuki, Yuuto, Kotaru, That one teacher dude...TatsukixKotaru

Diabolo: Ren and Rai...RenxRai

Only the ring finger knows: Can't remember the characters in there...haha

Beyond my touch: The black haired dude, can't remember their names either...but it's a cute one-shot manga!

II Gatto sul G: Really hot guys...but their names are a litle I can't remember...

La Esperanca: That one dude, Henri, and not so much the main character

One thousand and one nights: The two main characters...they make a cute couple too

Our kingdom: It was good, until the main characters got too comfortable with each other...

Yellow: The two main dudes...I should know the names...but please don't kill me because I don't...

Soul Rescue: Renji and Kaito...RenjixKaito

Kill me kiss me: Jun-(something) can't remember his name...but really no couples there

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Loki and couples

Sword of the Dark ones: The sword and the main dude, they make a cute couple

Shaman King: Ren, Horo, Hao, Chocolove, Bason, Kororo, Spirit of Fire...RenxHoro, YohxHao, RenxHao, HoroxHao

And many more...

Music: Christan, Kpop, Jpop, love sappy songs.

Bands: Lots of christan bands, Shinwha, H.O.T, Sechkies, old singers that not alot of people know...old as in 15 years ago.

Working on

Nothing. Maybe just working on my motivation to start working on something...


"Faith is not believing that God can; but knowing that He will" Unknown, yes...I am a Christian

"Faith is deaf to doubt, dumb to discouragement, blind to impossibilities, and knowing nothing but success in God." John Hambly

"Walking by faith means being prepared to trust where we are not permitted to see." Can't remember who said it...

"Blessed be the ones who believe without seeming me." John 20:27

"You can't move forward of you keep looking back, that's why you said that you didn't need a past" Gailardia Galan Gardios (TotA)

"You're you, and Asch is Asch, replica or not, you're real to me." Gailardia Galan Gardios (TotA)

"Education doesn't end with graduation" Someone...can't remember (But I graduated...and I really miss school)

"When you want everything, that's when you know you have nothing" Me

Let's live honestly" Kang Sung Hoon, from a Korean group that was called Sechskies but they broke up

Faith is the cornerstone on which all great lives are built.

When your mind is full of indecisions, try thinking with your heart.

The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do.

Don't regret what might have been. Accept what is and rejoice in what is yet to be.

Don't wait for your world to change, change it yourself.

Live today fully and you created a lifetime of meaningful memories.

There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what is possible.

It is in the company of a good friend that the heart finds a home.

The only true failure is the person who fails to try.

We cannot predict the inevitable. We can only accept it as our life unfolds

Potential is not something that you have to live up to, but it is something you must use.

To have a satisfying relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues, you must first have a satisfying relationship with yourself

You maybe disappointed if you fail, but you are certain to be disappointed if you never try.

Embrace change, and you've made a new friend for life

Only with understanding can you truly celebrate your life.

Do great things in your life, but do small things as well.

There's nothing wrong with being realistic-as long as you create your own reality .

Don't strive to be better than others, strive to be better than yourself.

Taking charge of your life takes time-and a bit of faith and courage.

Embrace love. The light it brings will illuminate your feelings

The words you choose to tell the truth are as important as the decision to be truthful.

The key to happiness will never become apparent if you have not previously considered that happiness is worth having

Strength is measured by restraint.

Making life less difficult for others is to be encouraged, creating happiness for others is to be rewarded. Knowledge can be captured by the mind; faith must be apprehended by the soul.

The key to life unlocks beauty to all things.

"To comprehend the value of one month, just ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. To comprehend the value of one week, just ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. To comprehend the value of one hour, jsut ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To comprehend the value of one minute, just ask the people who missed their stop on the train. To comprehend the value of one second, just ask the person who managed to avoid an accident just in time. To comprehend the value of one tenth of a second, just ask the person who ended with the silver medal at the olympics. The hands of the clock will continue ticking, therefore, treasure every moment you have and treat today as the utmost gift you'll have." - Yukki, from the Japanese drama 'Yukki' which was inspired from an actual story. Only one hour and ten minutes long.

Life is a book and you are its author. Believing in your own intuition and instincts is key. Asking yourself new and empowering questions and writing your thoughts and observations will allow you the freedom to take both small steps and great strides. There is not one way to accomplish this. There is not one name for happiness, contentment, or caring. Let the words that you write serve as your key to life.

Every little girl knows the fable without ever being told. She dreams one day her prince will come. Little boys rehearse their part with wooden swords and cardboard shields. And one day the boy, now a young man, realizes that he wants to be the one to win the beauty. The theme of a strong man coming to rescue a beautiful woman is universal to human nature. It is written in our hearts, one of the core desires of every man and every woman. So many couples wake one day to find they no longer love each other. Why do most of us get lost somewhere between "once upon a time" and "happily ever after"?

Kino's Journey:

These are just sayings from this novel, it's also an Anime, and I think everyone should watch/read it because it's really good and very life like!

"I sometimes wonder if I'm really just a terrible person. Sometimes I feel like I am. Sometimes, it actually makes sense that I am. Because I can't change things; or worse-I just tell myself I can't, so I don't. But whenever I get like that-feeling terrible, I mean-everything else-the world, the people I meet-it all becomes incredibly beautiful to me. I fall in love with it. That's why I keep traveling-because I want to experience more. Because sometimes, I get to see some good. Maybe even do some good."

"Then we realized that knowing each other's thoughts was not a blessing, but a curse. Not evolution, but chaos."

"What about the Tatana people you kill? Don't they have lives and families? Children as innocent and as beautiful and as full of promise as your sons?" "I imagine they do. But there is a cost for peace. There must be some sacrifice, or true peace can never be reached. In the past, the sacrifice was my precious children. Young soldiers would fight on the hellish battlefield, and die to protect their country. But things are different now. The Tatana people are unable to fight back. Our children no longer need to die on the battlefield. This is a wonderful thing. If we did not sacrifice the Tatana, Kino, Veldeval and Relsumia would go to war with each other again, and the number of victims would be far greater than the number of Tatana who die now."

Poem that I wrote

Those without wings

An angel without wings
A life without understanding
Crowns without kings
People still withstanding
The pain without gain
The love without intimacy
You and I are just like Cain
Cold heartless and icy
This life that we live
Is meant to be shared
So that we may one day thrive
And be prepared
These angels without wings
Are the people you and I see
Each and every will bring
One single key
To unlock the heart
Of one special other
For this is the start
Of childhood sisters and brothers
For understanding is part of life
Without it we cannot live
Some may choose the way of the knife
Others may try to strive and strive
Kings without crowns
Are just like powerless humans
We all have our ups and downs
Though some may have cushions
Intimacy without love
Is scorn and hated
Despised from above
Since it was falsely created
Angels that cannot fly
Was sent from Him above
To tell us to try
So one day we may fly like a dove
Worriless and free
To deliver His message
Maybe just to three
But at least we've shown our courage
To not take the knife
We must stand side by side
Through all this pain and strife
It's about time you decide
Will you stand here next to me
Or hide behind another
Sometimes I may agree
That standing next to someone is a bother
But God gave me the gift
To stand for those who can't stand for themselves
He gave me the strength to lift
Both me and yourself
To fly like a dove
Is to live without fear
It's something we'd all love
But there are times with tears
And that's when the pain starts again
That's when the fear begins to arise
It starts to feel like we're walking in rain
Like it's far away...our goal our prize
Just like how Cain killed his own
Marked as the first sinner
For he was well known
Though just a beginner
We all have a Cain
Deep within our hearts
That's how we bring sorrow and pain
To each other from the very start
Though it may not be the same action
A sin is a sin nonetheless
It brings us all distraction
And tangles up our success
The only way to truly live
Is to use that one special gift
Maybe it's to forgive
Maybe you just need to drift
There are so many gifts to unwrap
So many that's still hiding
Some found in just a snap
While others leave you deciding
Angels that won't fly
Is giving us a try
So that we can sore high
Along with them in the sky

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