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Peppermint: Well, your clicking lead you to the page of this two bit author so you might as well read the little shit she has about her here and then read her shitty fan fiction. Honestly don’t you people have better things to do? Go read a book.

Phan: You know what Peppermint!? Fuck. You.

Peppermint: How rude.


Name: Phan

Muse: Peppermint

Age: None of your fucking biz

Status: Slacking

Ocupation: Part-time Student, Full-time bitch

Race/Sex: Hispanic/ Female

Hobbies: Reading, Chatting, Writing, Biking, T.V, Eating, Napping, Interneting

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde with grown out orangey bangs

Eye Colour: Green/Yellow

Favorite Food: Lots

Favorite Colour: Grey

Top 10

1. Friends

2. Anime & Manga

3. Music

4. Books

5. Food

6. Computer

7. Art of all kinds

8. Webcomics

9. Video Games

10. Walking

Bottom 10

1. Closeminded People

2. The Dark

3. Discrimination

4. Pop-ups about Pop-up Blockers

5. Chain Letters

6. Dogs

7. Spam/Spammers

8. Lablers

9. When My Computer Goes Haywire

10. Stupid Questions and the People Who Ask Them

I will write for the following

Naruto, Kingdom Hearts

Fave Couples

Naruto: SasuNaru, ShinoKiba, NejiHina, LeeSaku, ShikaIno, KurenaiAnko, TemTen

Kingdom Hearts: RikuSora, LeonCloud, KairiTidis, AxelRoxas


Phan: I'm Phan and I'm the author of these fan fiction that you see below. There isn't much there so you'll have to cut me a little slack since I do have a life too.

Peppermint: No you don't.

Phan: Quiet you ungrateful muse! Anyways chances are I'm probably working on something and the next thing you know something new will be up here. Now if you'll excuse me I have ot take some pill that will supress my little minty friend.

Peppermint: Who cares. I'll be back soon anyways.

Phan: My muse sucks.

Peppermint: But you love me!

Phan: No. I don't.