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Ahhh..Hello people, Sesshomaru'sChildMaria here. You can all just call me Maria or Mari.Good to be back for a bit after a very, very long break (No it's not a break...I've just had horrible Writers Block). Soooo...with that being said...I'll probably introduce you all to my Orginal Characters and maybe throw out some idea's of what I may post on here...MAYBE I am a college student after all (Oh my god...College...damn you middle school and taking away ALL my creativity in writing!*points to the sky*)

Oringal Characters(plus family line):

Hikara Sytos(Human)

Drake Sytos: Twin Brother/Love

Hikari Saito(Human)

Maria Fair (Two Winged Angel) -Note: Sephiroth's Polar opposite-

Kazuya Fair: Elder brother

Kazuyo Fair: Twin Brother

Zeke Fair: Cousin

Aeris Fair: Mother (Final Fantasy 7)

Zack Fair: Father (Final Fantasy 7: Crisis core)

Note: DO NOT...and I repeat very...very...VERY..CLEARLY DO...NOT tell me that it is impossible for Zack and have children. Unless you are a true Fanfiction writer and believe in Pairings like I do, do not tell me in a review it is impossible for these two to have children. If you do I will report your review as spam. I mean it and this is a CLEAR warning.

Ten (Reploid) -Note: Ten comes from the MMXZ era now but she is sent back to the past((MMX)) by her mother-

Zero: Father (MMX and MMXZ)

Levaithian: Mother (SP? and MMXZ)



Minnie( A Mini verison of Maria Fair) -Note: The name came from a roleplay I was doing I must thank that person *bow*-

Ai Ootori
Kyouya Ootori: Older brother/Love interest (Ouran High School Host Club)

Okie Dokie now that that's out of the way...*looks at people shaking*Oh come on I'm not that vicious...just thought I'd post it up there that I don't play around.I've come too far from constructive critism so I thought I'd beat them to the punch and tell them I'd chew out their comment and spit it in the trash if they tell me something that couldn't be impossible. Anyway...Where was I...Oh yes Idea's!


Absolute Boyfriend (After Story) - On Hold

Final Fantasy 7 (I may do something...just haven't thought of WHAT yet)

Harvest Moon Animal Parade (...>.> Shhhh...Me likey God and Wizard...)

Vampire Knight (After Story from the ANIME not the MANGA as it is still ON GOING)

Vocaloid (If it's even a topic on here)

RomeoxJuliet/Vampire Knight Cross Over (Alternate Story where Vampire's and Human's coexsist happily but like RxJ, there will be Two Families against each other and the children of those familes fall in love)

Co-op Story

Pokemon - Back in Progress but slowly.

As of late I've been thinking more about Cross overs. Oh hi people.I've been in college so I haven't really put anything new up.

Harvest Moon - Beginning

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Harvest Moon reviews
This story is about 2 shy characters who mett in Mineral town.But with a Rival can these 2 get to know each other even more?Warning In one Chapter there is a scence with birth in it.It's concerned out a little bit though.
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