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As you can see, around this site I'm known as BookRose, writer extraordinaire, (LOL I'm so kidding. That honor goes to all the people that have made my favorite's list) and unofficial beta-reader to close friends. In real life, I just go by Cathy, and I'm a regular college student who reads for both business and pleasure. I love reading so much in fact, that someday I hope it will be part of my job as a fiction editor somewhere. In the meantime I love to write as well even though I doubt I'll ever publish anything original. These are my stories.


Little Princess: I had planned to take this story down, but too many people objected to that, so it'll stand there complete until I make it so. I don't know if I'll ever have the inspiration to finish this, but one never knows what the future may hold.

Bitter Frost: I worked on this story for awhile and I actually enjoyed writing it more than Little Princess because of many reasons, but mainly the fact that I didn't really plan out LP very well and it being my first story, I overwhelmed myself with a story that required too much and it would have worked much better in the hands of a more experienced author. I find I like to write from the point of views of differing characters from movies or shows, mainly because you receive a point of reference from that character and its just a matter of taking it from there. Writing something completely original (as original as fanfiction can be!) takes a boatload of inspiration to start a story, and even more to maintain the story for the duration of its creative progress.

The Older and Wiser Man: This was pretty spontaneous and spur of the moment. I was pleasantly surprised when Music Man fans liked the rewritten version of this song, but it was fun to write and I even got a request to do possible re-writes of other Music Man songs. I hope I do another one someday! In the meantime, I'm very proud of this one.


Tybalt and Catherine: This is the story that truly holds my passion, my interest, and makes me really want to write. Shakespeare had a gift for writing about characters so diverse and so different from one another in country, ideals, gender...even race and religion. I hope that this story can convey a little of that. What it mostly needs is research, both into the time period and country as well as the characters themselves as Shakespeare created them. It's a story that will start out following Shakespeare's plot and follow it up to a point (see info in story summary for details) before it veers away into unexpected twists and turns. This story will go where no one ever expected, where no Shakespeare story has gone before! (dramatic music)No probably not, but I had you going for a minute didn't I?

The First Time I Loved Forever: When I found the Beauty and the Beast TV series (created in 1987) I knew someday I would write a story centered around it, but this particular hybrid I've come up with surprises even me. I also watch Cold Case and so that lead me me to write.. A CROSSOVER!! (Dramatic Music). I'm very excited because I've never done a crossover before and I'm extremely fond of both shows, so that'll be a big boost towards my motivation, which is sadly lacking. I encourage both Cold Case and Beauty and the Beast fans to check this story out, and to check out the shows too, particularly the Cold Case episode the entire story is going to go off of "Chinatown." I also strongly encourage reviews. When nobody reviews my stories, it leads me to believe that people don't think well of them. While I write for myself and no one else, Nevertheless, ENCOURAGEMENT goes a long way. Thank you and please read the story if BATB or Cold Case is familiar to you.


Supersized Love: This story follows Hagrid and Olympe Maxime's story in Harry Potter 4 (GOF). I've always wondered what the story would sound like from their point of view, and what kinds of things happened to them behind the scenes. If it's successful, I might try to write about their mission to the giants in Book 5 (OotP). After that, who knows?

I suppose that's about it for now. Happy reading all!

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