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Author has written 7 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!.

I generally dig pairings for which there is no really good fic, or at least very limited quantities of it.

Love the Sanzo/Goku, but my god why doesn't anyonewrite for this pairing? There are like three or four authors with characterization solid enough for me to read this pairing without going "WTF?" at either the horrible OOC-ness or the sheer child molestation factor. Just so we're all clear on this, Goku is eighteen, not eight. He's childish, yes, but he's not some bloody prepubescent poster boy for NAMBLA. Also, Sanzo is not a sexual predator. An abusive asshole, maybe, but not in that "Get in the van, little boy. I'm a friend of your mother's," sort of way. And sorry to say, this includes the whole Konzen/Goku pairing. It's creepy. Someone had to say it.

Love the Ban/Ginji goodness. There are somewhat more tolerable writers for this pairing, but no one writes long fics for it, it seems. They're all fluffy/angsty/sappy/sexy oneshots. Not that I'm complaining. But I miss the chaptered fics where you have to ~wait~ to get to the good parts. And why for the love of god do people pair Ban with Kazuki? Is it just because they're both TeH seXX0rz? Is it the "edgy" pairing that makes you so cool to write? Because I really don't buy it for one second. Besides the fact that they don't even really talk to each other in the anime much at all, they both have their own seperate love interest thing. Even if you don't think Ban and Ginji should be together, the whole Kazuki/Juubei dynamic is just too much to ignore.

Harry Potter
I'm a Harry/Snape fangirl. Now, before you people point out that I can't be all anti-shotacon about Saiyuki and then like this pairing, let me a-splain. I've never read a Harry/Snape fic where Harry was portrayed as a little boy. I know they're probably out there, but I don't read them. I read the fics that portray Harry as a young man, mature, and generally aged a bit up from the books. I find the dynamic between these two characters intriguing, much moreso than with Harry/Draco, though I don't mind that either.

Anywho. I'm kind of blunt. Sometimes rude. Ah, well, we all have our little foibles, don't we?

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