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Author has written 15 stories for Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts, Prince of Persia, and Super Smash Brothers.

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In Memory of
George Carlin
May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008

"...and your spirit -- your IMMORTAL spirit -- shall live,
not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews
of those whose respect you have gained."
~Satanic Bible

You were one of the great ones, George, and you will be missed.

In Memory of


July 21, 2009 a valued family member died tragically of renal shut down. I know if may not mean much to others, but to me, he was more than just a pet. Rusty was a member of the family.

Maybe it was the sudden, dramatic way it happened that makes it difficult. He had lived to the ripe old age of 12 years, as most terriers are expected to. But considering our history with past dogs, we expected him to go a little farther.

The first thing we noticed was how hard he was breathing. Even though he felt cool, he continued to pant horrible as though he just couldn't catch his breath. Then, around 7:45, he threw up blood in the middle of the living room. We drove him to the hospital as quickly as we could, and all the while the poor thing kept trying to look out the window like he always loved too, but every time he would sit up, he would just crumple back down on the seat.

At approximately 9:30 pm, the vet came to us with the results of his blood work, and informed us that his kidneys had completely shut down, and his chances were very slim. With this news, and a heavy heart, we gave the verbal permission required to put him down. It was the only thing we could do.

This is really the first time I've experienced genuine loss. The household just isn't the same without Rusty sleeping on every piece of furniture in the house, and following us into whatever room we happen to gather in. There's no more constant exclamations of "poor puppy!" or "Rusty, get the kitty!" There's no more bulge behind the curtains where he liked to sleep, no more fuzzy butt to reach behind the arm chair and scratch. There's no more sound of his metallic food dish being pushed around the patio during dinner. There's no more territorial barking every time the doorbell rings, or someone passes by walking their own dog.

It's terrible. It's lonely.

Loss is terrible. It makes you go back and think "isn't there something I could've done differently?" and then recall each and every period of time that you could have done something different to make things better. And every memory weighs you down further and further with guilt.

I've always loved animals far more than people. I always thought that Rusty would be around for a while longer... perhaps through college. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. I loved that dog more than I could say, and I have many fond memories with him. I only hope that wherever he is at that big doghouse in the sky, that there are plenty of smaller creatures to chase, endless bushes to pee on, many long walks wherever he wants to go, and lots of doggie treats and fresh water.

You were a part of my family, Rusty. You will be missed.

Name: Kiriona

Age: 19

Nationality: American

Current Obsession: Prince of Persia / Jak and Daxter

Motto: 'You tell me what you think and I'll tell you what kind of idiot you are.' _

Biggest vice: Pride.

Biggest Virtue: Valor.

Favorite self quality: Easy! The fact that I am the Greatest Person in the World!

Favorite quotes: "Experience has taught me that wishful thinking only leads to disappointment." ~Prince of Persia
"Why is everyone so fucking stupid?" ~Kin Jong Il - Team America
"How about we staaay aquaintences and you leave me alone?" ~ Johnny Bravo
"You know why everything turned out wrong? Because you didn't take my advice and you're fucking stupid." ~ Foamy - Neurotically Yours
"Have you ever pictured what the planet will be like in forty to fifty years? It's going to be a big smoking ball of shit!" ~George Carlin
"Once again, I say to myself respectfully, 'What the fuck does that mean?'" ~George Carlin
"We're all fucked. It helps to remember that." ~George Carlin
"Cop didn't see it, I didn't do it!" ~George Carlin
"The public sucks, fuck hope!" ~George Carlin
"My brother says 'hello' so hooray for speech therapy!" ~Emo Philips


Dark Side of the Moon

Jak and Daxter have daughters: Jakie and Dawn (surprise surprise). when the two heroes suddenly vanish one day without a trace, along with all the others, the two girls build a time machine and go back to solve the mystery. Unfortunately, they end up in the time of Baron Praxis...

Complete! Although I'm planning to rewrite this once I finish my Prince of Persia series.

Two Roads Diverged

Self insert to Jak and Daxter. Jack, Trina and Kiri are all put into Jak's world and chaos ensues.

I might have to redo this one... I was looking at it the other day, and it just doesn't work for me, anymore.

Stained Glass

Discontinued. Maybe some day, though...


The sequal to Dark Side of the Moon. Now four years older, Jakie and Dawn return to the time to the good Baron when Jak fall deathly ill. There, they search endlessly for the Eco stone, an artifact of pure green eco that can cure and heal anything, no matter how fatal. However, when Erol tricks Jakie into thinking he can get it for her...

Resurrected! Some writer's block, here, but hopefully I'll start on it again, soon. Like in the next century...

Moonlight Shadow

I think I'll probably be redoing this one...

I think I'll be redoing this one. Since I've been tossing up the idea of reworking Dark Side of the Moon, so i might end up working the two together somehow.


A revision of Dark Side of the Moon. After an accident with Jakie's latest invention, Her, Dawn, Leon and Truth are stranded in the time of Praxis' rule. They know they aren't supposed to fiddle with the time line, for the sake the the future they know and love...

No ideas. I'll get back it it some day, though.

Meadow Flower

A new addition is welcomed into the Smash Mansion. she seems to be enjoying herself, and Marth is really warming up to her. Too bad no one knows about her shady past and that someone who she thought long dead is seeking revenge on her...

I'm planning to take this one down and redo it,and I pretty much know what I want to do with it, now I just have to put it into words.

The Keybearer

A poem about the first Kingdom Hearts game. I can't believe I wrote it on a whim...

Eternity Can End Within Seconds

Another poem I wrote on a whim. This one sums up all three Prince of Persia games. There's also a new one up with it now called 'The Prince'.

In the Shadow of the Ravan

The only daughter of the Prince of Persia in now the only survivor of a brutal attack on the city of Babylon. While searching the ruins of the palace, she meets a stranger, everyone's favorite Dark Prince in the flesh. hving never known about her father's triffles with the Sands of Time, The Dark Prince tricks her into going out to the Island of Time, believing she can reverse what has happened, and make thing's right again. But the dark prince has other plans, that don't bode well for Ravan...

Definitely going to rework this one. Though I'm working on an original version of this story on

Warrior's Angel

I'm stuck in Sands of Time! Crap! But What's this? I get wings? Cool! Wait... they don't work?! Damn it all! This lil ficy was inspired by 'Dark Dreams' and 'Prince of Persia: Gamer Within'.

I'm happy to say that I have started writing part four. I haven't had many reviews, though. But anyways, I pretty much know what I'm going to do with it, and rest assured, there will be plenty more of what I've already introduced!

Rewritting progress:
-By the Light of the Moon - finished!
-By the Light of the Stars - finished with the exception of the first two chapters.
-By the Light of the Heavens - chapter 1 - 15 edited.

The Witch and the Warrior

Another Prince of Persia fic about one of the Prince's many trifles with the Dahaka. We all know that the Island of Time was his last ditch attempt at freeing himself, but what about the previous tries? This is one of them.

Currently on hold... I want to try and finish one thing at a time.

The Great Chase

A one-shot about a 'suspenseful' Dahaka chase in the back alleys of Babylon.


In the Dark of the Night

Another erm... 'heart pounding' Dahaka chase.


The Legend of the Headless Horseman

The Prince is confronted by a demon rider under a blood red moon. Who is this monstrous murderer? What does he want from the Prince?

On hold until Halloween.

Coming Soon (Maybe...)

Heaven of Flame - A Ratchet and Clank fic that is also still in the put-together process, but it'll be based on the third game, Up Your Arsenel.

Look for Me by Moonlight - A Dragon Ball Z fic about a past event in Vegeta's life.

The Other Prince - A spin-off story from Warrior's Angel about the Prince's angelic brother, Jericho.

The Outcast - Prince of Persia 2008, by popular demand.


Cool website with some neat sprite comics! Go to or die a terrible horrible death of hamsters and hot chocolate! Free virtual cookies to those to check it out!

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