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Author has written 5 stories for Teen Titans, Inuyasha, and Anime X-overs.

Updated: June 28th, 2007.

Vishia: OHMYGOD. IT'S BEEN AGESSSS. (Ran around in circles)
Sarah: (Sighs) You never kept your promise, you know...
Vishia: (Clasps a hand over Sarah's mouth) Shush! (Held up a finger from free hand) I've been busy with other things, you know.
Raven: (Walks in) Oh? Like Kingdom of Loathing?
Vishia: (Used her other hand over Raven's mouth) Both of you! Quiet! I've been keeping up with school and such. I have a life. (Hands on hips) Apparently, I have neglected my fans.
Sarah: But, you don't have--
Vishia: (Judo-kicks Sarah into a wall and clears throat) Please, forgive me. For I have forgotten. About all you lovely people who actually liked my stories! But now. I shall prove to all of you that I am ready!
Raven: But... Some of your stories got deleted..
Vishia: Oh, pish pash! Like I can't throw them back up here! Now then. Mr. Tadakitchi (My computer) and I will fix this story drought!
Sarah: (Stands, shaking her head) And I'm here to help!
Raven: (Smirks) I'll just make sure you stay away from humiliating me.
Vishia: (Evil laughter) Ohohoho, Raven! I HAVE MANY TRICKS UP MY SLEEVEEEE.
(Sarah and Raven exchange looks)
Vishia: (Cackles evilly while walking away)

I will get my REVENGEEEE! D!


Vishia. - The writer. She's the main part to the stories because without her.. We'll all die of boredom and explode. Something we've been doing for the past couple of months. Her likes include torture, humor, mysteries and totally hot anime guys.

Announcer Guy: (Stare)...Did I REALLY have to say that?
Vishia: (Hits him with a shoe) Go on!

Ow. Oh, where was I? Oh yeah. She dislikes loud people, vegetables and the entire educational system. She's a freshman at her high school and she is a very outgoing anime freak.

Vishia: (Kicks him) This isn't a dating show! Now stop messing it up or I'll feed you to the SHARKS.
Announcer Guy: (Gulps) Fine, fine.

Gah.. Her FF.Net appearence is a tall, native-american sugarized black goth-like teen with long violet hair with black highlights and emerald green eyes, them being covered with black rimmed glasses. (May seem VERY familiar in Revolutionary Girl Utena, but I assure you. She looked like this even before she knew about Anthy.) Her normal attire is a black skull short-sleeved tank and hoodie shirt, her arms covered with fishnet and a black skirt, her legs also covered with fishnet. She wears tall chained boots, her hands also being covered with black gloves she cut at the fingertips. Wherever you find Miroku, Kenshin, Kurama or any other "totally hot anime dudes", trust me. You'll see her.

InuGhost. - The King of Insanity. He's one cool, average, dorky adult who's just in it for the insanity. Master of deciete, plot holes and icky foods. Wherever you find trouble, he seems to be there. We have no clues as to whereabouts of him anymore, but Vishia sure enjoyed him around. InuGhost, wherever yo are, come back please for Vishia! She spends nights thinking about you and whispering your name throughout her tears! She's been--

Vishia: I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU! (Flares up)
Announcer Guy: (Stares and smirks) Ooo', someone's being nasty as if it were truuuuueee.
Vishia: ...(Walks off with a temper) Just don't mess up again!

Right. You shall see some of him in her stories. His FF.Net appearence (In Vishia's veiw) is a tall caucasian guy with light, meduim-length brown hair, just a bit messy. He has astonishing brown eyes which his hair covers just a bit of them at their corners and to his forehead. He wears collared white shirts and baggy jeans with sneakers and wears glasses. He may seem like a dork, but he's "hot" in Vishia's terms. One of those hot people like Sasame in Pretear; glasses on, dork. Glasses off, babe magnet. Oh, and he's behind the scenes with ladies.

Announcer Guy: (Pulls back curtain to see InuGhost making out with Raven, smirks) Oh yes, very behind the scenes.
InuGhost: (Snaps and the curtains are sealed closed)

Sarah. - Vishia's best friend. She's new to anime but Vishia helped her get hooked on it, and therefor, helps with random ideas for her stories. She's silly, crazy, and does outrageous stunts. She's very attractive, I must say.

Announcer Guy: (Cat calls to Sarah)
Sarah: (Evil death glare)

Ahem! And.. uh. Oh yeah. She's not much of a writer, but she's perfect for the job of utterly embarassing herself and the rest of the gang. Her appearence is a medium-hieght red-headed caucasian teen with pink and blonde highlights. She usually wears a powdered pink tank that says in white the word, "Sarahlicious." She wears long blue jeans that fits around her waist perfectly and also has a lip ring she licks occasionally for effect. She's the hyper, preppy part of the group. And you just gotta love her.

And that's the whole group of idiots you'll frequently see!

(Vishia, InuGhost and Sarah sneak behind the Announcer Guy, each holding weapons of their choices; Vishia with Now and Laters, InuGhost with plothole power and Sarah with a huge bazooka)
Announcer Guy: (Steps back nervously) Oh, c'mon guys! I was kidding! (Runs away with them chasing him)

And finally..

Vishia: (Sits back, drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Cheddar and Sour Cream chips) Ahh.. this is THEEEE life.
InuGhost: (Typing on a laptop) I'm about to level up! And I love this level!
(Vishia and Sarah look at the laptop screen, and stares with their mouths wide open)
Vishia: Uhm.. InuGhost.. What have I told you about going to Newgrounds to play porn games..?
InuGhost: Shh, Vishia! Kagome's getting naked if I answer this question right. (Stares and is shocked, blushing) W-what kind of question is this?!
Vishia: (Looks to the question and covers herself, blushing all over)
Sarah: (Smirks and reads the question) What color is Vishia's only bra and panty set?
InuGhost: (Stares at Vishia, smirking and reaching over to Vishia)
Vishia: (Yells and screams in terror) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

How it may end.. We'll never know.. Well, at least you won't! (Laughs evilly) My stories will be back soon! (Gives a wink and a peace sign)

Communicate With The V. C'mon, don't be afraid! I love meeting new people!:
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Neopets: Vishia10

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