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Not much to say about me. I'm from the UK and live in the middle of no where (literally a farm in teh middle of no where) with not much to do haha.

Visit me at msn will ya...Oo...hehe
wolfofthesnow@ yahoo.co.uk or try .com
and also if you're part of xanga, look for under spider_bites! i'll be there!

Well talk to ya on msn, by now people!


My child from heaven (Beyblade)
Kai finds a small boy down teh dark black alleys of Moscow, annd decides to take him in. He never expects for things to be so hard taking care of a child, and all the problems over adopting and feeding, and reaching the child's needs. Luckily, he bumps into a girl who can help him solve this problem, and solve his own problem of not letting people in. KaiOC

Yeah i co-write for all,i know, so just ask and i'll write with you, i dont mind i do rather a lot of that now...hehe long story, short ending.

Charaters of mine

Name: Ghost. T. Alcazarnif.
Age: Anything from 14-19
Sex: female
Hair: Silver and green fame style
Eyes: Never anything realiztic
Personality: Cold, and filled with hatred, she only gets paired with people who i make softies on theise ficcies, just because if she was to be placed with a hot headed teen like Kai, i think she would pop himXD

Name: Rabbit (anything)
Sex: Female
Hair: white
Eyes: Bright green
Personality: Very quiet, but can be loud when upset. She's normally only in Zoids fictions, but when i run out of ideas i add her to a beyblade ficcy.

Name: Salem.C. Hiltz
Sex: female
Hair: Black with bright green tipping(i love green!)
Eyes: Purple with hints of gold
Personality: Angelic like, very shy and always scared of anything. She is how can i say, the cutest character and the softest one i've thought of so far, she says sorry for anything, and barley ever says no. She's always paired with the harder characters in fictions just because of the need for protection she seems to draw in.

Name: Norah (anything)
Age: 14-19
Sex: Female
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Emerald green
Personality: Boastful and loves her self, although she tends to be a motherhen on behalf of my weaker characters. She gets paired with anyone i wanna stick her with, and she normally amuses people with her odd love of horror movies, anything scary, she'll laugh.

Name: Nate
Sex: Male
Hair: Chocolate brown
Eyes: Huge green ovals/sometimes blue
Personality: He doesn't normally saymuch, but he cares so much for his older sisters, Spirit and Ghost that there isn't anything he can do bar stay with them.

Name: Sebastian
Sex; Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Soft green
Personality: Over protective of his little sister Salem, but loyal to all friends no matter what there trouble is.

meet Kanilla here if you havent heard of her, and you like yaoi, say hi to her for me!

Or a great friend of mine, more like best friend, FLUFFIE KITTEN AND ALLEY CAT! meet them here.Give her a hug from me!

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