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Hi my name's Victoria. But please call me Tori or Minxa.
I started my writing when i was 15 and a big fan of Harry Potter.

Now i'm ten years older but still no less of a fan

I, as you can tell by my screen name would be in Slytherin if i was at Hogwarts because i'm checky, sly, quite cunning and can be a LITTLE egotistical. But then again i'm smart, brave, loyal and my friends matter most to me so i could be in any of the other houses also.

Best couples:
Harry Potter

Hermione and Draco
Harry and Ginny
Ron and Pansy

When i was younger i started writing three stories. I am currently back in productions and ALL BECAUSE OF A POTIONS ACCIDENT will be my mine focus until it is finished. One chapter will be posted a week - and hopefully it has aged as well as i have !

In an enemy's heart (currently halted): Hermione is sweet, innocent and obssessed with books isn't she? NOPE!!! After a summer of heartbreak and a shocking revelation Hermione decides it's time to change her ways. And what better way than to become like her father. Sirius Black. With the help of her mother - Dumbeldore's daughter, Uncle Remmy and Silly Sev, Hermione plans to make her last year interesting and the best yet, even if she has to spend it with Draco Malfoy.

Other main characters
Blaise-Hermione's ex who 'cheated' on her with Draco's little sis, Tori.
Ginny-She decides that it's time she united the houses. Even if it means Hurting the Trio.
Victoria Malfoy (Own character)- Draco's little sister who has it bad for his brothers Enemy.

Read as they form two sides and take on Hogwarts.

All because of a potions accident:What happen's when your in potions class? Accidents. But most of these accident's don't change lives forever. Hermione and Draco are paired together to make a potion which makes them remember something but it all goes wrong and they end up reliving a moment of their life in front of the class. Memories that were best left forgotten break through. But will her friends stand by her when it's over or will they desert her, leaving her to find out what's happened? Why can't she remember a thing about the memory but Draco remembers all? That is until Dumbledore makes a 'little' confession and the memory charms are taken off her. Along with the personality and fake idenity charms. Who will she fight for when the time comes? When it counts. Will she take on a new life and true identity or keep her old one? Will it be Harry or her father who she fights for? The light or the dark? Her ex and bestfriend or her soulmate and everything she now holds dear? Will old friendships break through or will she discard them with a smirk?

Other Key Characters
Jennifer Riddle- Hermione or shall I say Amelia's Mother.
Uncle Sev- The only person who knows what Hermione's feeling and what to do about it.
Ginny-Hurt and betrayed by Harry, Drawn in by Draco's charm she joins the Deatheaters and teaches them a thing or two about being a fiesty redhead. Or say she says.

A Love as clear as glass but as simple as marble (Currently Halted)- When Hermione's heart is broken by someone who is meant to love her she goes to the Headquaters and sulks. But thats not all that happens. Somehow she's transported back in time and lands on her 'favourite' potions masters lap. Now she is faced with the challenging of not only keeping her identity hidden but also fitting in at a new school, with a new life and a whole new personality. This year she decides is all about having fun. But falling in love was never part of the deal, was it? Until it's time to go home that is? Then what will she decide?

To all my readers. I am sorry if I have removed a story you were reading from the board. They are not gone. I have just simply decided that I want to focus on one story at a time so that I can give you top quality. Please do not hate me!! Please read my curent story and tell me what you think.

Love you all
X0X Slytherin Ice Princess X0X

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