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My name is Jenna and I am a fandomholic.I'm usually seen quoting, iconing, writing about, talking about, or sqealing over: Harry Potter, Sin City, LotR, Star Wars, ASOUE, Hamlet, ALIAS, Legend of Zelda, etc; Love caffeine in most its forms, coffee and Mountain Dew aremy favourite methods of consumption.

My AIM: phoenixblack711

The Harry Potter Fanatic Profile:

Fave character(s): The Trio always tops the list. (Harry, Ron, and/or Hermione bashers will fear my wrath.) I also love Sirius, Lucius, Luna, Ginny, Remus, etc; I'm rather fond of my own personal image of Lily, though I rarely see her in fan-fiction.
Character I'm most like: Hermione with a dash of Luna
House: Ravenclaw
Fave HP Book:GoF & OotP
Fave HP Movie: CoS
Pairings: In fanfiction, it's all about the rare pairs. Harry/Katie, Lucius/Lily, Sirius/Ginny, Hermione/Lupin are my current favorites. I no longer favour Ron & Hermione as the subject of romance stories, their plotlines have become tedious. I'm all up for reading them in canon, though, and as a background couple in fan-fic (including Year 7... my sudden dislike for them as a ff-pairing has nothing to do with their split.) Not a Lily/James fan in general, because it is usually, like R/Hr, H/Hr, H/G, etc, written badly - though I've seen a couple that I liked.

You can check out more of my writing on my fiction journal. One-shots, varying in length, for all my fandoms.

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Harry Potter seems like a very nice young fictional man. If I were in the habit of befriending fictional people, I'd be happy to make his acquaintance, but the trouble with fictional friendships is that you tend to find yourself sitting in a café talking excitedly to an empty chair. After several hours, the staff will probably force you to leave, even if there are still uneaten madeleines sitting on your plate, all ready to be covered in strawberry jam. Normally, if you were being treated unfairly, you could count on a friend to help you, but a fictional friend - even one with fictional magic powers - will probably just stand there with a confused and fictional look on his or her face.

~ Lemony Snicket, Authour of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', when asked what he thought of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter's Deepest Fears by Julia White reviews
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