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It was like that!

and she was gone

but it wasn't like anybody cared

for her kindness was hardly spared

she ran like the wind

her soul on fire

the only thought she kined

was to get away

alway from it all

for at home she felt like a lifeless doll

never a smile upon her troubled face

nor a song in her heart

she was alone her own scenic space

with everyone set apart

she wished she was fire

burning strong with desire

she wished to be a bird

at this her heart took wings

and soared into the sky

and she forgot the troubling things

but instead of being happy

the girl began to cry

she cried so that her shirt was soakin'

but she cared little, for her poor heart was broken

a mist soon surrounded her

and it was like that

and she was gone...

No, I'm not manic depressive, I just feel more comfortable writing about sad stuff and tragic things.


Well here is what there is to know about me:

Name: Shadow of the doubt

Age: like I'm telling you! (let's just say I did graduate high school)

Gender:Female...although I just about as tom boy as you can get...

Likes: Reviews, writting stories/poems, drawling, watching fav shows, making fanfiction friends, reading other peoples stories...(I could go on forever)

Dislikes: Being flamed, being pushed around (don't cross me or won't scratch you, I'll break your nose), and for the horrors of it all (at least to my mother) I hate shopping, make-up, dating, gossip, cheerleaders(at least the preps that annoy me), nail polish, doing anything with my hair 'cept leavin' it down and anything else even remotely girlish. (I did say I'm as tom boyish as you can get and I was right, wasn't I?)

Fav Food: Chizu (Japanese for Cheese)

Fav Movie(s): Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!! The League of Extraordinairy Gentleman, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie, The Pirate Movie (not pirates of the caribbean) and Homeward Bound I and II.

Fav TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese version, Sonic (pretty much anyone of them), and Zoids (mostly just Zoids CC)

Fav Actor: Sean Connery

Fav thing to do it spare time: Write fanfics, do fanpics, and I'm a poet too

Fav Color(s): Black and Blood Red

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