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Greetings from Lost Little Dreamers,

To those of your who formerly knew me as SugarBananaNutMonkey, I have now changed my name in hopes of a fresh start. When I first started this account I was only a Sophomore in high school and honestly didn't know the first thing about writing, let alone trying fanfiction. All I had were story idea's and my own interpretation of what I felt like was my writing style. That was years ago and a lot has happened since then. I went through many things, both good and bad, that changed my life for the better. I am now a person I'm proud of. I will admit there are still a few things I want to do, like finishing College, but one step at a time for me. For now, I've accomplished a lot since then and I'm quite happy with my tiny progress.

But enough with that. In the end, I have changed my name and I hope to start posting new stories here I have been writing recently, but first I need to address my current story here, Chrono, I'm pregnant. I know many of you are huge fans of the story and it was truthfully a shock to find so many reviews for it inside my old email address. I had completely forgotten about the story and I feel horrible about that because I know it's always sad when you start reading something only to find the author hasn't bothered with it in so long. That truthfully wasn't my intention with the story, I promise. However, I feel at the moment I can't write anymore of it as I am. So I'm thinking I'll go back and watch the anime again since that was what first inspired me to write it. I'll also review the old story notes I had on it as soon as I can find them and from there plot out where I would like to take it. After that I'll probably start writing some more, but for now I am sad to say that I must put the story on hiatus. It is not going to stay like that forever so look forward to new chapters or even the new edited form of old ones soon enough. I can't say how soon, but is is my hope to find my old inspiration for the story soon and begin writing again.

Now then, at the moment I do have ideas for a couple of one-shots, but I only have one major story I am working on at the moment. It's an Inuyasha fanfiction. I haven't gotten very far yet due to my current situation, but it's well on its way and soon enough I hope to post it. I hope everyone will find it enjoyable. Below is a small summary.

Inuyasha Fiction
-Kagome has left the group behind in order to face a destiny she never knew about. On her new adventures she will discover hidden secrets about herself, meet new people, garner powerful allies, and become a legend more mysterious then Midoriko herself.

So in between any one-shots I may finish first, the one above, when posted, will become my major story while I also try to work on editing my Chrono Crusade story. I'm not sure how people will receive it, but for the longest time, I've always wondered how it would be if Kagome was so much more then the series made her out to be. I feel she had so much more potential and it's a shame it was never touched upon. So for this story I'm going to be working on developing a Kagome much different then the anime and manga version of her. Yes, I will still show how Inuyasha and the gang are doing, but they will be more like side characters in this story. And no, I will not turn Kagome into a Mary Sue character. Far from it, I don't intend to make her like that at all. Kagome will still be very much human and far from perfect. I can not wait till I finally can post this story. I'm highly excited about it.

That's about it for it. Thank you for anyone who may read this. I hope to see everyone soon enough when I start posting my new works. I'm also looking forward to seeing plenty of reviews for it. Until then.

Thank you, Lost Little Dreamers

PS: While I don't have much to offer, concerning fiction I've written myself, please feel free to check out my favorites list. There plenty of wonderful reads in there and I'm sure you will not be disappointed by my selection. Enjoy!

Update - 3/21/12
-I'm so happy spring is almost here. I really do hate being stuck indoors during winter time. At any rate, thanks to my old laptop destroying itself, it's been extremely difficult to recreate my Inuyasha fanfiction from memory. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something important whenever I'm typing and it's quite annoying because I easily get fed up with how slow I'm going. It's also frustrating to have all of my inspiration dry up because I'm stuck at a stand still. I honestly didn't think it would be this hard to rewrite just a single chapter. Good news though is that I've managed to finish about eight chapters. Not bad considering how badly I've been struggling with them. In future though, once I'm caught up and typing anew, I'm hoping to find a good beta to do final edits and checks before posting anything. I should probably look into that soon. Also, for those interested, I have started to edit my Chrono Crusade story. I found my old story notes, and goodness me, I was horribly unorganized with what I wanted to do with it. Fear not though, I'm going through them now and deciding what to keep and what not to keep, so I feel like I can possibly plot out a decent story. I'm rather happy to have that in the works now so look forward to it.

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