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Author has written 7 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Elisabeth.

--The FAQ--

You have somehow stumbled onto my page! Since you're here, I suppose this opportunity is as good as any for me to introduce myself. When it comes to writing, I'm a bit of a dabbler. Fanfiction tends to be my writing muse's favorite type- though I do have some originals in the works and a scattering of poems here and there.

While I have been known to write shorts for other fandoms, you'll find most of my fics based on Phantom.

Feel free to contact me through pm, email, or reviews. I also frequent the PFN board, so you may just catch me there, too. Just look for Lamanai. ;)


In Progress:

Pomegranate Seeds-- PotO Back in progress by popular demand. A series of connected one-shots defining the fine line which existsbetween love and hate. Only about 3 more in the series, including ch4 which doesn't want to be written.


Vigil-- PotO Written for the PFN Secret Santa, December 2005. Not my best work, but the requester seemed to enjoy it.
Ebony Doors-- PotO My first ever entry into one of the infamous Morbidity Contests. Won 3rd place, amazingly=D Completed October 2005
The Free Fall-- PotO A Kay-based fic. Simply an alternate ending to the rooftop scene. The thought occured to me while reading Kay and it nagged at the back of my mind until it got written. I'm fairly happy with this. Completed July 2005.
Faded Moonbeams-- PotO My very first Phantom fic. Inspired by Nightwish's "Astral Romance," which is quoted at the beginning as a means of giving credit where credit is due (not in an effort to look "profound" or anything =P). A short, 5 chapter story which was rather well recieved, giving me confidence to continue writing for this ficdom. For some reason, says this fic was completed recently, but it was actually Completed June 15, 2005.
When the Siren Sings-- VH A one-shot, songfic inspired by Inkubus Sukkubus' "When the Siren Sings." A look at the vampiress opera singer.
Who Should I Be?-- Labyrinth My first attempt at fanfic ever. A short fic set to Fefe Dobson's "Kiss Me Fool."

On Hold:

Softly Sighs the Soul-- PotO On hold until Pomegranates is finished. I'm honestly not sure I even want to continue this.


On Golden Wings (labyrinth) and Death of the Rising Sun (VH) have been deleted due to lack of interest. My deepest apologies and gratitude to any who enjoyed these tales while they lasted.

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