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Author has written 2 stories for Warriors, and Fairy Tail.


Gender: female

Age: 13

hobies: reading, writing, bike riding, playing video games, spending time with family/ friends, and watching Turtle. (Turtle is a turtle. He is kind of funny and loving. He will swim up to you, sometimes)

Fandoms I am in (pretty much all of these I am that fan who just will talk about it)

Star Wars- there is no need, it is just really fun to watch.

My little pony- ya I'm a pegisister/brony. I don't care

Star Treck- I kind of like these kinds of things.

Fairy tail- I really enjoy the funny moments, epic battles, trust, and friendship on this.

Pokemon- It's just fun to watch, sometimes. It had its special moments. *cough*iblamebrockeventhoughheisacharacterthatisawesome*cough*

Attack on Titans- feels, the feels. It stabs you in the sadness part!

Warriors- my brother made me read the first book, you can thank him.

HunterxHunter (2011)- I haven't seen the original yet, i find it funny how some of the characters react to one another. It is sometime funny.

Sword Art Online- both seasons.

Wolves of the Beond- wolves, my favorite animal. I recomend it, it is somewhat like warriors, not totally.


"Life is like an ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful" -Pintest quotes.

"Life gets better"- quote from many different places

"I'm not here to be adverge, I'm here to be awesome"- school and most likely other places.

"Live life to the fullest."- Fairy Tail, and other places.

These are just quotes that you can find most likely almost every where. I have heard/read these quotes. Moral: life is rough, but with help from those close (friends, family) you can pull though. Err. Sorry if thats a quote and I didn't quote it.

Favorite Animals:

  1. Wolves- school project made me love them.
  2. Horses- loved them since forever.
  3. Turtles- pet turtle helped, he/she is awesome and fun to watch.
  4. Fish- idk, there just interesting.

Top 10 favorite Fairy Tail Chacters: WARNING: THERE WILL BE RANTING :)

1. Happy- A fellow shipper.

2. Erza- I just want to hug her, and for her to get with Jellal! You almost *spoiler if you aren't close to Grand Magic Games* kissed! You almost kissed!

3. Jellal- Idk even know what to say...

4. Natsu- He can be scary, but he is lovable goof ball that can destroy many things.

5. Lucy- Something.

6. Mira- Don't give her shipping ideas :).

7. Wendy- Keep being your self :)

8. Levy- Idk. She is just a fun character.

9. Gajeel- Something!

10. Freed- Just awesome :)

Favorite warriors:

  1. Tigerstar- yes I like a bad cat. I don't care.
  2. Bluestar- she was just a good leader.
  3. Crookedstar- I hate his mom. He is just amazing and is like a father with a depressing backstory. *cough*hismomwhoisabigjerk*cough*
  4. Snowfur- I don't know, I just like her.
  5. Mosskit- I wished she lived, ;(
  6. Spottedleaf- I miss u
  7. Whitestorm- why did he kill u? Why war, why?
  8. Squirrelflight- she the only cat on this list alive...
  9. Oakheart- something.
  10. Firestar- A brave leader.

Favorite book series:

1. Warriors- got me to do much more reading

2. Harry Potter- I know, my family got me to start to reading it.

3. Wolves of the beyond- I really enjoyed the series, it's also kind of the reason I love wolves.

4. Dairy of a Wimpy kid- it's just fun to read.

5. A gen 3 mlp book- I just have fun listening to it. Mlp has always been a big part if my life.

6. The Legend Novels- My Langues Arts teacher told us about the book. I finished all 3 books in about a month or a little over a month. Hehe... They are awesome :).

Top favorite anime:

  1. Pokemon the original series- The one with Misty. Childhood is all i have to say.
  2. Avatar the Last Air Bender- To me, it's an anime. I had a fun time watching the series, and watching my brother play the game. Sometimes even playing the game with him.
  3. Fairy Tail- This is what got me back into anime. It's just funny, sad, more sad, and happy.
  4. Ouran High School Host Club- This could be seen from a mile away. I found it quiet funny, and that is why it is so high up here.
  5. Inuyasha- No real reason. It's just fun to watch. Also I have been writing a fan-fiction in my notebook(s) about it.
  6. Sword Art Online 1- the first season was a ton of fun. So many feels! The feels!
  7. Sword Art Online 2- Again the FEELS! (Same anime, just 2 season)
  8. Attack on Titan- A close friend showed me it, it's awesome...

Top 10 Favorite anime characters:

  1. Yuuki Konno- She won the spot because despite having a sickness, she was always kind. Yuuki is from Sword Art Online Season 2.
  2. Happy- still a fellow shipper with "he/she loooooooves him/her."
  3. Inuyasha- it's more when he starts to care more about Kagome. He opens up a little. Even in the beginning of the anime he is in, he is a good character.
  4. Misty/May- They sure the spot due to a few reasons: Misty always was just was there. Kind of like a role model (aside from hurting Pokemon sometimes). May: She always made me smile. May was fun.
  5. Ash/Brock- Brock: Minius from freaking out when there is woman *Looks at Miroku with a death glare* he was kind and caring. He always cared for Pokemon. His antics were funny. Ash: Reasons. I don't know, he just is XD .
  6. Hikaru and Kaoru- I view them as two different people. When they are together, they are funny.
  7. Erza- Erza is different from most. She seems like a tom-boy but she can be a "girly-girl". She also has a way of just making me smile.
  8. Kagome- I didn't really like her until later in Inuyasha. She just would get in trouble somehow or have to go back to modern day. Now she still does go back, but doesn't get in too many fights with Inuyasha.
  9. Songo- Strong female character! YES!
  10. Lady Kaede- She is awesome. Also she is strong.

A lot of Inuyasha characters are on this list... I don't care.

Favorite Fairy tail couples:

Rolu (Rogue x Lucy) They seem like an awesome couple

Nalu (Natsu x Lucy) Do I even have to say anything?

Jerza (Jellal x Erza) Just sooooooo cute together. (My favorite ship, so I am kind of protective of it. Though I don't mind he other ships between the two.)

Gruvia (Gray x Juvia) SPOILER: if you have read some of the manga after the Tartest ark (I failed most likely at spelling that) just feels like it helps.

Elfgreen (Elf-man x Evergreen) Everyone knows you like each other!

Nali (Natsu x Lissanna) they feel kind of cute. Eh, fun moments between them.

Rowen (Romeo x Wendy) #shippingkidsfornoreason

Those are 7 of my favorite couples. Yes I ship Natsu and Lucy, but also Lissanna and Natsu. I do not care. These are just my opinions.

Least favorite Fairy Tail couples:

Ichyia x Erza. Ichyia is just creepy... (Run Erza. Your not the only one who finds him creepy)

I only have one. Sorry if you ship Ichyia and Erza and were offened.

(I will repost things, I do not care.)

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 4 - Words: 16,010 - Reviews: 577 - Favs: 331 - Follows: 327 - Updated: 9/27/2016 - Published: 9/24/2009 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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