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Hi it's The Gothic Girl Over There. Here's my profile. And does anybody besides Moonsnow Neko and me read other people's profile?

name: Chelsea

nicknames: C to the G Dawgy, C-Dawg, Chuck, Gothic Girl, Chels, Chels-Bels, Lemon, Wolfy, Kanashimi, Kana, Shadow, the-devil-witchcraft-lady (only if you are mad at me), the girl with the Likin Park writband, that Gothic chic over there, and much much more...

b-day: I'm a Pisces.

age: somewhere between 10-15

hair: long 'n black

eyes: brown

height: 5' 4" I used to be 5' 3" but I grew an inch!! Yay for me!!

location: Southern Cali., were there's the sun, surf, and ^ ^U Dude, has anybody noticed that like most of the people who have pennames here are mostly from Texas? Nobody's a Californian with me. -sniff- I feel so alone...


AIM SN: Gothic Rose093

Here are some really cool sites you should check out!

if you guys know any other really cool sites then please tell me!

more to come soon!!


anime/manga: Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Yugioh, Wolf's Rain, Naruto , anything .hack//, Fruits Basket, Gravitation, InuYasha, Witch Hunter Robin, Full Metal Alchemist, the list goes on and on...^-^

bishie: Jin (YYH), Marik (YGO), Ryuuichi (Gravitation), Spike (CB), Naraku (IY), Kakashi (Naruto), Kiba (WR)

pairing: anybodyxoc, InuyashaxKagome, SpikexFaye, YukixTohruxKyo

bands: Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Seether, Green Day, Likin Park, Blink-182, The Ataris, Nirvana...

songs: "Broken"- Seether feat. Amy Lee, "Just Lose It"- Eminem, "Angel In My Nightmare"- Blink-182, "I Miss You"- Blink-182 "Lithium"- Nirvana, "Predictable"- Good Charlotte, "Ciggarette"- Seether

instrument to play: electric guitar and sometimes my clarinet (even though I hate tonguing!!)

colors: black and blue

movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Head Over Heels (the best romantic comedy ever!), 10 Things I Hate About You (I'm a sucker for romantic comedies ^ ^U)

non-anmie show: South Park, Passions (the old eps though; the one's with Timmy and Tabitha)

animals: puppies, kitties, dragons, wolves

store: Hot Topic!!

food: pastrami

subject: English

quote: "School prepares you for the real world which also sucks."-Happy Bunny

"Geminis are usually on some form of medication. This medication is not always legal..."-?

"Kevin's not the brightest crayon in the box."-Amanda,

"But I'm not a Crayola."-Kevin,

"I'm gonna beat your ass."-Parker,

"Ouch, I have a thorn in my ass."-Maddy,

"Since I'm a pimp, do you wannna be my hoe?"-James,

"It wouldn't matter if I died right now coz without you, I'm already dead."-me

"I hate the people I love the most coz they're the one's who end up hurting me the most."-me

"He doesn't even know how much pain he's causing me. Instead, he laughs and jokes around not even knowing how I feel."-me

"He lied to me. How could he even try and let me live, not even knowing that he,himself, is the one causing me pain."-me

"I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory."-?,

"There's nothing sexy about skin and bone, urgh, you gotta have some junk in the trunk."-Amy Lee,

teacher: My science teachers!! They rock!!!

name: Parker and Ret!! Such odd yet cool names!!

person to talk to: Katie!!

person over all: Parker, a good friend of mine

Not Favorites

color: any bright happy color

animals: lizards, worms, snails/slugs, fish, ducks...

food: calliflower, any kind of fish other than salmon

store: The Limited Too -cringe- -shudder-

subject: math -yawn- and history -double yawn-

teacher: My art teacher, a crazy old weirdo who can't tell jokes for crap...

kind of people: stupid girls who wear those sssssssssuuuupper short skirts that are only 3" long


people who think they're all that but really they aren't, people who hate other people just coz they're different, guys (it's a generalization) who only like girls coz they have a pretty face (there's more to love than a prety face. It makes me sad when I meet guys like that coz I end up bitch slapping them for that.), unfairness, when my friends slap me (I feel so unloved by them -sniffle-)

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READING EGYPTIAN SUNSHINE, THERE WILL ALSO BE A RYOUXOC PAIRING ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there also might be an OCXYamiBakuraXOC love triangle too, but I'm not sure.
I'm going to be really busy next week. I've gotta catch up on my Z's.

Parker hates me!!! And I'm trying to get him outta my head but I can't!! He says he doesn't like me to other people but he says he does when I ask him. He's been lying to me! Parker's gonna end up like him! He'll hate me forever. Parker will hate me as much as he does. But what was meant to be was meant to be. I can't change Fate. And that's what makes me sad...

I'm sorry you guys that I'm getting stressed out over some guy you probably don't even know. But just knowing that his very presence is there with me makes me want to cry. I've never felt this way. It's agonizing. They say love bears thorns, just like a rose. But what happens when your rose withers?

In December, I'm having a Christmas party. I'll update all my stories at least twice that month though. Oh, and my parents are divorced which is another reason why I won't be able to update like every other week. It would be trouble so I hope you guys understand.

I still need oc's for Wings of the Fallen. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I'll accept basically anything.

I ONLY HAVE 10 BUDDIES ON MY AIM BUDDY LIST!!!!! ISN'T THAT SAD????????!!!!!!!!!!!! SO if ya wanna be my buddy then just IM me on my AIM SN ( Gothic Rose093 ) or email me at


My profile will be updated weekly with the latest news on my stories and other junk. So be aware that some stuff my not be here next week.
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