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lol it was right under my nose when i was trying to figure how to write my profile well here goes

Hair: Red
Sex: I'm a virgin... oh you mean my gender? male
Eyes: I don't have eyes oh wait they're brown I'm confusing myself with Brock
Names:yes, more than one peopleuse this account, didn't expect that didja, well considering those huge measurements you probably did? Vega, John, andMelissa.

Future stories:

Another colosseum novelization because the first one stunk

my stories:

Fluffy Disturbing Fluff: Ash/Misty fluff, one shot, a bit gross...

Shadows and light(ning): title will be explained after a long time in the storynext chapter whenever i feel like it story a megaman battle network story will use the games plots but will use some things from the show when they fit my plot Came about from my obsession with light and darkness

The Elemental Mights: lame title but try and think of a better one its not easy... new chapter is 2 chapters fused together

The Ninth Millenium Item: not sure when the next chapter is sorry too bad

Song of Destruction: an incredibly dark fic that is also a rewriting of the pokemon series...

Favorite pairings: Ash and Misty, Yugi and Tea, Wes and Rui, Brendan and May, Lan and Maylu, Inuyasha and Kagome,Zero and Iris, Link and Saria.

Stupid pairings and why they are stupid:

Yugi and Rebecca: ummm hello yugi is 15 and Rebecca is 8, sheesh what a sickening pairing goes to vomit

Ash/Misty/May and Brock: First Ash is not gay, stupid, but not gay.Misty likes Ash and no one else, May would not like brock in the first place as she is too dumb to like anyone.

Ash and Pikachu: again Ash is not gay and anyone who thinks Pikachu is a girl needs to notice that Pikachu never shocks cute girls and was after all infatuated with Misty's sisters

Misty and any female character: Misty's not gay either.

Ash and Chikorita: think about it.

Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru: again think about it.

Inuyasha and Shippo: At the risk of being redundant,think about it.

Inuyasha and Kikyo: Kikyo is a bitch I've heard some people say that she is only hated because of Naraku's trick well if her and Inuyasha really were in love then their trust should not have been so easily broken so shove that up your butt

Okay now I'd like to make a shout out to all of you who have not yet played Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean... GET YOUR BIG BUTT TO A STORE AND BUY IT BECAUSE IT IS THE BESTESTEST GAME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AND ANY OTHER UNIVERSE THERE MAY BE AND SHALL BE FOR ALL ETERNITY OR UNTIL THE SEQUEL! thank you for your time.

I'm putting a disclaimer here because I'm sick of putting them in stories!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this crap!

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