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So walking to class last week I was attacked by this pink-haired assasin. He jumped out of the air and tackled me to the grould then he threw a series of throwing stars at me which I dodged only by using my neighbor's sweaty gym socks. But he came up behimd me and blindfolded me. Unable to see, ran around like a madwoman and eventually a tree jumped in front of me and knocked me unconsious. While unconsious the assasin tied me up and threw me on a old fashoned train. I had no idea where we were going but a tingley feeling in my kidney told me that we weren't in Kansas anymore. While on the train (still tied up and blindfolded mind you) I began talking to a hobo that had hitched a ride as well. I tried to persuade him to untie me but he must not have spoken English because he picked me up and threw me off the train into some quicksand. I began freaking out but luck was on my side that day. A pair of Rhinos came out from the jungle and rescued me. They were even kind enough to take off my blindfold! It turns out that they were from a super race of rhinos that were way more advanced than humans. They spent years teaching me their ways of farming and building fire. Filled with this knowledge I began my quest to return to human civilization and tell them all I have learned. I traveled for days in blistering heat and the freezing the same time! I finally came upon what I thought was human civilization but was really only New York. So my Quest continued. I ended up all the way in Colorado but the people there mistook my knowledge for witchcraft and sold me to the circus. I became one of the best lion tamers you ever did see! I even got so good that they promoted me to being an actual lion! Filled with hope and Joy I hitched a ride back on a plane which as it turns out was heading right to my home in Florida. But I got bored in good ol' FL so I let myself get kidnapped by a different assasin and Now I am currently living with my good friend, Hobo Jenkins in the Super Rhino Colony and I have to walk 200 miles to get to school each day. You bellieve me don't you? ...My teacher didn't believe me either ;)
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There will be no further updates. No amount of asking is going to change this. My cousin died while the final parts of this story were in draft, and any attempt at going back to this story brings me back to losing Ryan. Please stop asking me to update.
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Boarding School Hell by Vash Typh00n Storm reviews
Sango and Kaome cause too much trouble and get sent to a preppy boarding school same thing for Inu-yasha and Miroku. The 4 are room-mates i know it's a boring summary but please just try it.
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