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Author has written 9 stories for Naruto, Grim and Evil, and Total Drama series.

I dedicate all my Naruto Work to this site:

If you are a NarutoxSakura lover, that is site is for you!

Now if you actually want to know a bit about me, which are probably most likely the pairings I like for certain series of anime and cartoons that I will most likely write about.

TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND: Cody x Gwen all the way! That is my absolute favorite pairing. Cody is a cool average teen guy who doesn't let anything take his spirits down to much. He is reasonable guy and if you watch certain episodes he does care for Gwen and would take a hit in the jewels for her. If you're a guy, you know that means allot! He also had a few good chances to sabotage Gwen's and Trent's relationship but did not and decided to help them. Yeah he losses the girl but I just think it shows he really cares for Gwen and chooses her over his own needs, though it won't stop him from making some ridiculous request.

POKEMON: Ash x May Yes, for some reason i like this pairing allot! Plus I never liked Misty when i was young and May looks better then Misty! Also i was being lazy one day on the couch and saw one of the movies and saw how May and Ash are with each other, with trust, Ash making sure May is safe while his own life is risked. It was some Ranger movie or something dealing with underwater, so i have to give it some props even though the villain was a annoying character.

Naruto: NarutoxSakura I love NarutoxSakura alot.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Billy x Mandy (I love this pairing.)

Digimon: T.K.xKari (I like the pairing a lot! I am going to only make 1 fic of this)

Evangelion: ShinjixAsuka (Yeah I know there are people who do hate this series and then many who like it, so for those who hate it, please do not look down on my work for liking a certain anime, it is just a matter of opinion/ So when I do post it, you don't not have to read it.) (1 Fic of this and no more!)

Justice League: FlashxHawkgirl (yeah I like the pairing, they remind me of NarutoxSakura and they both are cool and funny. Sorry guys, but I don't like the green lantern in the new justice league, his personality sucks no offense, but he is always crumy, depressed, and a hard ass (In a bad way, not like batman who is a hard ass in a bad ass way). Pluse Flash and Shayera interact with each other in a cute way! Yeah I know Flash has Linda, but from what I can muster up from the web, John and Hawkgirl were not meant to be, so the new series cartoon which even doesnt show the right way of things happening is just an altertnet universe in a way of one way things could happen!) (I may come up with a few of these, but since I plan doing this, it means I do have an idea for 1 fic of this at least!)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: BillyxKimberly (I loved this pairing as a kid and always wanted to read fanfics about it when i learned of fanfictions. I dont care for any other pairings when it came to the series, but I do love this one the most and I think it should have happend, but Tommy had to come into the series and take all the main girls away, aka kimberly and Kat, and if you recall the Christmas special he marries Kat, but if he didn't get a major part i bet Billy and Kimberly could have a good chance of happening. I do really love this pairing and if anyone knows any fics i can read about this one, please send me a link. I plan to try my best to make good fics for this pairing and I do encourage people who likes, liked, or at one time liked the pairing to write fanfics about that pairing. It is a really great pairing cause how the characters were with each other and how they were involved with so many things together when it came to most of the episodes. Anyways Tommy has Kat, so shouldn't Billy have Kim?

I do watch other television shows and anime when I have the time. I stopped playing World of Warcraft and I personally had my account hacked before. Lets see what else would you possibly actually would like to know about me? Well just ask me, if i get enough of a similar question ill put it up on my profile!

Don't be hesintante to send me tells or emails! I enjoy reviews and hearing what you have to say, I do check my email and Fanfiction.net on a regular baises and I do plan to be more proactive on FF.net with my fics, i just slow down cause i really want my fics to be editied by friends that have time to check it for me! Anyways don't be afriad to send me PM's and stuff! Also expect PM's through Fanfiction back from me. As far as why I only now started doing this now is because I finished with my final sequal of Painfulbirthday, a Naruto Fiction I have wrote, and I decided to start emailing all the people who reviewed me, also I have the time ;) Reviews are nice, but its always nice to hear the author talk back to you!

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