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Author has written 5 stories for Gravitation, Slam Dunk, and Fruits Basket.

A 17-year-old moron who now knows the difference between baby blue and sky blue-- one of the mysteries of life.

Mc-88: ((pops-out of nowhere)) Of course there is... ((maniac grin))

Jwei Lih: I really hate being called Babe (kill the cousin who thought of it)-- makes me think of pigs! My childhood bestfriend calls me "love"... it's actually better by a mile...

L Jil (alter ego): I finally figured out how to do this thing.

Jwei Lih: Go away... this is my account... go make your own...

L Jil: I already made one... but people hate my story! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Jwei Lih: That's because I've got the creative genes...

L Jil: But I'm a better singer... Mary had a little lamb... little lamb... little lamb... Mary had a little lamb...

Jwei Lih: Whatever... I would like to thank Cory for beta-reading my fics...

L Jil: Pocky!

Jwei Lih: and um... Tiara...

L Jil: Pocky!

Jwei Lih: And my mother...


Jwei Lih: Okay... You better stop that... And of course to my favorite author of all time... YUKI EIRI...

L Jil: I haven't read a book by Yuki Eiri.

Jwei Lih: Shut it.

L Jil: ((sticks out tongue)) Bleh... Thank me... Thank me!


Jwei Lih & L Jil: EH...? ((looks at Mc-88 with wide eyes))

Mc-88: ((huffs)) I said... ((deeply inhales')) SHUT UP!

Jwei Lih & L Jil: ((thrown across the room))

Mc-88: Much better! ((grins)) Anywayz guys, don't mind those two! ((sweet smile))

Jwei Lih: ((glare of DEATH)) ((hisses)) Why yooooouuuu...

L Jil: KILL HER! ((takes out an AXE out of nowhere))

Mc-88: ((wide eyes)) Eeeeep...! ((runs))

Jwei Lih: Well that's all folks! ((wide grin)) ((looks behind her)) ((sweatdrop)) ...err...

L Jil: MUST KILL! ((chases Mc-88 w/ an AXE))

Mc-88: ((runs for dear life)) OH COME ON! JWEI! HEEEEEEEELLP!

Jwei Lih: ((sigh)) ((turns back to viewers)) ((shrugs)) ...and thus...is a life... ((grins))

Mc-88: ((run's around the room)) NOOOOOOOO! I'm too young to DIIIIEEE!

L Jil: ((glaring at Mc-88)) COME BACK HEEEEEERE! ((swings the AXE))

Jwei Lih: ((pulls out popcorn and sits on a beanbag chair and watches "The SHOW"))

Another girl suddenly comes out of nowhere.-

Girl: Looks like they're having fun... ((smirks))

Jwei Lih: HEY THERE! ((grins)) Didn't know you're here... ((offers popcorn)) Popcorn?

Girl: ((shakes her head)) Naaah... ((grins)) Pocky is much better! ((takes Pocky out of nowhere)) ((sits next to Jwei))

Jwei Lih: ((munching on popcorn)) Sooooooo... why are you here, Cory?

Cory: ((looks at Jwei then back at Mc-88 & L Jil who's still running around the room)) She's here... ((nods at the direction of Mc-88)) ((sigh)) Need to look out for my other...self. ((amused smile)) I dare say she's a fast runner. ((munches on Pocky))

Jwei Lih: ((laughs)) Yeah, she is... ((blinks innocently)) I wonder how you all got here though...? (dun dun dunnnnnn)

Jwei Lih: yup... so there you have it... a short... err... play about me and my strangeness ... :D

L Jil: I didn't like it...

Jwei Lih: ((raises eyebrow)) Really?

L Jil: I can do better... Wait! I've got an idea! Why don't I... ((rubs hands together greedily, with a sly grin on her face))

Jwei Lih: No... Don't tell me... ((eyes widen in horror)) You wouldn't dare...

L Jil: ((laughs like a maniac)) I would! Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm making my own account! ((runs around the room with the deadly axe in hand))

Jwei Lih: ((restrains Jil)) Oh no... I've done it this time...

L Jil: Wahahahah! ((swings the axe))


L Jil: And she's not afraid to use it!

Mc-88: ((pops-out of nowhere... again)) I thought you all ready have? ((scratches head))

Jwei Lih & L Jil: ((blink))

L Jil: Where in the HELL are you coming from anyway! ((glares at Mc-88)) And STOP doing that!

Mc-88: ((mock innocent look)) Stop doing what...?

L Jil: ((shrieks)) ACK!

Jwei Lih: ((nervous laugh)) Ahehehe... hehe... he... ((sweatdrops)) Oo; Anyone wanna play with me?

L Jil: ((stares)) play?

Jwei Lih: ((narrows eyes)) You dirty minded alter ego...

Pepper: tsk...tsk... tsk... surely Jil, you should have learned your lesson by now... ((walks toward Jil))

L Jil: ((eyes widen in horror and shock)) What the...! You're not supposed to be HERE!

Pepper: ((smirk)) Jwei called. ((shrugs)) I love her so I came to help...

L Jil: ((eyes widen even more)) You... ((points)) and Jwei...?

Pepper: ((shrugs)) I'm just a muse... not a lover...dirty-minded alter ego... ((glares))

L Jil: ((sighs)) But there's two of you... that's UNFAIR...

Pepper: ((yawns)) Uh-huh... sure. ((pulls Jil's hair)) C'mon...

L Jil: ((wails)) Waah! Kuristin! Heeelp meeee!

Kuristin: ((takes Jil away from Pepper's grasp and disappears with Jil))

Jwei Lih: ((blinks)) How did she get here?

Pepper: ((sighs)) Allow me to explain... you unplugged your sanity connection...

Jwei Lih: ((nods)) I see... so that's why all these people came rushing out...

Pepper: ((nods))

Jwei Lih: so... I can make Cameron appear!

Pepper: ((glares))

Jwei Lih: kidding... kidding... sheesh... you guys don't know how to take a joke! Besides... everyone knows that Keith is really the only person I care for...

Pepper: ((smirks)) Everyone knows the name of the person you really care for...

Jwei Lih: ((plugs Sanity Wire))

Pepper: ((disappears))

I have an original fiction in fictionpress people! it's entitled "This is No Romeo and Juliet..." find it! READ IT!

> Jwei is a well-mannered being whose only wish is to RULE the WORLD... just kidding...

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Gravitation - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 14 - Words: 20,043 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 1/3/2005 - Published: 11/25/2004
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