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Time for an update in the bio section I guess. I am due.

I'm a 19 year old male from England, but with a bit of luck I'll be living elsewhere in a few years. I'm going through a bit of a shift in mindset at the moment, discovering what I want to do with my life, where I want to be. Traveling to all corners of the world is becoming one of my goals at the moment, even though I won't have much opportunity for it in the near future since it is a fairly recently discovered ambition! If anybody wants to contact me I'd be happy to chat on MSN or AIM. Email me :)

I used to really enjoy Anime (although my appetite for it has slimmed over the past year or so), mainly Pokèmon, which is what most of the fics I read are based on. I'm something of a casual writer and only really write when I'm truly in the mood. As a result I'm somewhat...slow...to update, apologies hehe ;;

Also apologies for the lack of material here. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, meaning you lot are protected from my chronic lack of talent for the most part since very little is shown to anyone. Most of it is either rewritten 5 or 6 times or just simply shoved away in a forgotten directory of my PC. I've got about 3 fics completed, 4 more in progress, and a further 2 all but finished...but none of these have ever been seen by anyone else, and they probably won't either. (NOTE: I'm going over and rewriting most of these so hopefully I'll like them enough to post them!) I've removed one of my fics (NOTE: That one is unlikely to come back!) because it's pathetic. So Alone is the only piece I have ever done that I quite like. There's nothing special about it, so I don't know why. Maybe because Ash is sad! XD

By the way, anyone waiting for me to update Wasting Love...will have a long wait! I've all but abandoned this fic now, I can't stand it. Well it was my first fic what d'ya expect:P It may reappear in some other form or rewrite in the future, but the chances of an actual update are very slim. (NOTE: HA! I proved myself wrong on this one then:D Wasting Love will be finished before the beginning of May 2006, i.e. the next 2 weeks) (NOTE 2: Or not..hehe _;;:;;; Exams proving tricky right now, next month or so max. Promise! )

Don't count on it though.

I can be found on Creativity Forums, which is an excellent place to browse fanfics, art, poetry, from a number of animes and original works. I highly recommend you join, a very friendly bunch of people - many of whom are extremely talented in thier various fields. That's Right, that's enough blatant advertising I think XD

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Wasting Love reviews
After yet another fight with Misty, Ash is forced to reconsider their friendship. The feelings he discovers inside are sure to change their relationship forever...
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