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Author has written 10 stories for Mass Effect, Star Wars, Dragon Age, and Assassin's Creed.

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I mostly reblog game-related stuff and talk to myself a bit. But for those few reading my stories, I am always up for criticism and ideas so this would be a good place to let me know, well, whatever. :)


NEVER AGAIN: This story starts near the end of ME1. I assume that it might have been possible to at least flirt with Garrus and maybe begin establishing a romance then rather than having to wait until ME2 (and Kaidan's assholery). I fell in virtual love with Garrus the moment I picked up ME1 and after ME2 and his romance, I flailed like a fangirl and started writing this (thus, it is a bit old. I've edited it several times, but I'm sure there are still some errors and a few things that don't fit). Garrus is a bit out of character in this, but then I think that some room for that can be made since we don't know for sure how Garrus might've been if you HAD been able to romance him ME1. Also, I changed the events of the game a bit in this story as well in addition to cutting large chunks of ME2 out because, well, I assume anyone reading this had played the game and does not need a full synopsis from me. I'm rather proud of this story (despite its faults) and this is my official head-canon for the game.

HOW TO WIN A WAR: The conversation with Joker after you cure the genophage (or somewhere in that arc; I forget the exact moment) had me laughing myself out of my chair. When I saw the prompt on the kinkmeme to write a short fic about "teaching the Reapers to love," I couldn't resist. This story is complete crack (might have even been on crack when I wrote it, haha) and meant just to give some laughs. And I know that Cortez's first name is "Steve" and that it probably would've been better to use a different name for my Reaper, but I just didn't like anything else. "Steve the Reaper" just made (comic) sense and so I have no regrets.

CIN VHETIN: Honestly, I started playing a female bounty hunter JUST BECAUSE I wanted to romance Torian. Saw the videos on YouTube and decided "Ok, move over Andronikos. I have a Mandalorian to seduce." Unfortunately, there aren't many mini-stories about these two (except for a few very sweet ones on the kinkmeme concerning Mando'a lessons) and so I decided to start writing one from Torian's perspective. In a way, this story is very similar to "Never Again" in that I'll be changing the plot of the game a bit as well as the romance when it comes to these two. EDIT: My apologies to those of you who have read and reviewed this story (your words are deeply appreciated) but I will not continue from where the pair leave off. I had truly envisioned a much deeper, longer story for these two, but things being as they are, that is not likely to ever happen.

MASQUERADE: Normally I'm more of a fan of male Hawke and Anders, but when I wrote this, having female Hawke just fit better (couldn't imagine my dear Garret and his beard in a dress, and I wanted a dress like Sarah's from the movie I borrowed the idea and song from). Like the Author's Note says, this was originally meant for a kinkmeme prompt that wanted something Halloween-related, but then Labyrinth and David Bowie invaded my brain and that was that. I still rather like how it turned out (for a short little thing) and I ADORE the song in it. Every time I read the lyrics, Bowie's singing them to me in my mind. It's wonderful.

COMFORT: Well, this is probably the first time I've ever posted one of my more graphic pieces in a public forum (outside of I know this idea isn't very new, but I wrote the story a while back and decided to go ahead and post it since it's just sitting in my documents folder lookin' all lonely. This is a one-shot, GRAPHIC smut story that should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who considers homosexuality wrong or whatnot. If the latter is the case, just move on. The "back" button is quite accessible, believe it or not.

FAR BEHIND: Ok firstly, I suck at titles. I hate them and that is why I almost never do chapter titles. So instead of writing something really tacky or wracking my brain for some "ABSOLUTELY AWESOME" title, I just looked through my music library and nabbed a Candlebox song. I took a course on "The Emergence of Modern America" a while back and it focused mostly on the late nineteenth early twentieth centuries. One of the books we read for the class was called Gay New York by Geoffrey Chauncey. This book opened my mind to the social history of urban culture in America and Western Europe. I found the idea of the "gay subculture" fascinating and decided (since I also ship MHawke/Anders) to write a DA fanfic along the same lines. The story started out pretty strong (I think) and I want to finish it, just having some trouble planning out the political activities that take place later on. I'm currently working on my Senior thesis in Ancient History, so I hope that I will be able to finish this story before I become too swamped by my studies. Story in progress.

GOOD MORNING: Just a cutsie little MShepard/Kaidan prompt I wrote for the kinkmeme a while back.

I'LL MEET YOU...: (See "Far Behind" above for my mini rant on titles...) Another prompt for the ME kinkmeme. Or, rather, several different prompts that I smashed together into another cutsie MShep/Kaidan fill.

THE ASSASSIN: This is probably one of those pieces I had way too much fun writing. Alfred Noyes's poem The Highwayman is a work of art and when I saw a request on the AC kinkmeme for an Ezio/Leonardo spin-off, I could not resist. Frankly, I don't really care for poetry all that much and so I know there are probably a few errors throughout, but overall I think the poem flows smoothly enough. I wrote this with Noyes's poem sitting next to me and I would suggest having a copy of it for reference whilst reading.

(Oh, and for anyone who actually notices my "website," just ignore that. This account is quite old and even thought the site is obviosuly a failure, I have...personal reasons for not deleting it. I don't have a website, just a silly, nostalgic thing that I can't let go of.)

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