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I guess it's about time I update this...Well its 7/11/18 and I'm active on here again for the first time in a while. I'll leave my old profile where it is, even if it makes me cringe, but I thought I'd at least give some update. I've escaped high school and made it to college. I'm studying theatre, work as a physical laborer and professional vocalist, and love to write, sew and listen to music (hard rock is my genre of choice but I sing classical). I plan on starting back up on here, as I have time in the summer, but I make no promises. That's all I've really got for now, I suppose...If you wanna chat about writing or books (my obsession with LOTR lore had expanded to a somewhat...troubling point) or just life in general, I'm here and I'd love to chat with you. Have a great day, friend.

Hmm. Guess I should probably put something here. Well, most people on this sight refer to me as MM. You can call me MoM too, if you want, but that might get weird. I'm a human (mostly) being, female, as you can probably guess, currently trapped in the vortex of misery and drama that is highschool. I've been steeped in fiction all of my life. I was watching the LOTR movies long before I was old enough to understand them at all, watching anime since I was seven and writing fanfic since I was eleven. I had an old account on here, but I try to remember the things written on there as little as possible. So...yep.

I like to try and review everything I read as honestly as possible, as I know that reviews are pretty much manna in the freaking desert to most writers, including me. My reviews might seem a little critical, but I am trying for constructive criticism, I swear.

Brain puke list of things I read/watch:

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Leviathan, Pandora Hearts, Death Note, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece Warriors, Song of the Lioness, Les Miserables, Wicked, Alice in Wonderland, Edgar Alan Poe...That's all I've got for now, but I swear I like other stuff. Will prolly update this later.

I am now open to beta! It's quite likely that I would be rather interested in editing your story, too. Yes, yours. PM me if you're interested, and we can talk.

A Few Things for You Authors to Remember (AKA Unless you're Legolas, Arwen, and even if they are the love interest)

1. It is possible to sleep in a bed with someone at night and not somehow accidentally end up cuddling with that person by the time morning rolls around. (Even if they are your love interest)

2. On a similar thread, not every hotel or tavern-keeper gives two clearly unrelated teenagers seeking separate rooms for the night a single room with only one double bed. (Even if they do seem like love interests)

3. First kisses are rarely beautiful and perfect with rays of bubblegum and the singing of unicorns.

4. Arrows can and will run out eventually. (Unless you're Legolas)

5. On the Legolas note, only .01% of anyone has hair like him. Anyone else's air loves to (and will) knot, tangle, matte, frizz, fray out of your lovely braided updo, catch on things, choke you, and otherwise be imperfect (Unless you're Legolas)

6. Not every knife is a throwing knife, and thus, not every knife can be thrown. (With accurate results)

7. Human skin contact rarely causes a "tingling burning sensation all the way up your arm" unless you have a skin condition (yes, even if this is your love interest brushing against you)

8. If anyone still smells like roses and sunshine after doing any of the following: [Running an ultra marathon; leading an army into war in full plate mail; wrestling with an octopus in a mud pit;having an epic show down in the Sahara desert in summer; ect.] They are not human, or do not have sweat glands. (Even if they are the love interest)

9. Real, actual, heartfelt crying is gross. Snot, choking, headaches, sniffling, running makeup, tear stains on clothing will most likely be involved. (Unless you're Arwen)

10. Have you ever actually seen a sleeping person look "calm and peaceful" or "like an angel?" Most actual people drool, frown, have their hair everywhere, grin like a Cheshire, or have their mouths gaping open horrifyingly. (Even if they are the love interest)

Reality is gross. That said, cute/funny/romantic clichés inevitably make the writing world go round. Just don't overdo it.

Copy this into your profile if the clichés really are just getting to be a bit too much.

My Writing Process (Because you totally cared.)

1. Rough outline-I like to set up a bullet point list of what I want/need to happen in each chapter. This helps stave off mid-chapter writer's block, and keeps me on track with my plot and story direction. I do this for a couple of chapters at a time, just so I know what's coming up and can work in some foreshadowing and anticipation

2. Writing-This usually happens really late at night when I'm too exhausted to overthink things or doubt myself. I use veeery loud music playing into my ears to keep the mood of the scene on track, and just sort of...type away

3. First edit- Straight out of the last step, the chapter usually looks like it was written by a drunk 8 year old. Thus, I rake it through the first stage of editing. This mostly just consists of a light read through to catch any large errors, and a run-through of spell check. Once this is done, I move on to writing the next chapter, and leave this to be finished editing on another day

4. Readthrough- By the time this rolls around, I'm getting ready to post the chapter. I've had a good amount of time away from it, and have a fresh, clear mind (ideally). I read the whole chapter out loud to myself, and listen and edit as I go. This is when I catch annoying word repetition, issues with flow, and clunky dialogue. This generally puts the chapter in the tone I like it to be, and makes it more of a smooth read for all of you.

5. Final edit- Just as it sounds, this is the very last thing I do before posting. I read the chapter to myself one more time, just to make sure I've caught everything, and to really polish it off. From there, I load it up onto this site, and Viola! An update!

Some Quick Writing Tips

Let the first draft suck. For your first draft, you should just sit down and write. Don't try to edit and write at the same time. No one's that good. Let terrible spelling mistakes, wrong names and other things slip by. For now, just worry about getting words on a page. Keep running notes. This connects back to the first point, but I always keep a word doc of running notes. It's a good place to jot down "add Gandalf" for when you just remembered he was there for that scene or "They're in the forest for 3 weeks" so you don't have to go back and calculate that out again. Keeping running notes on your laptop or phone helps you remember that sick burn you came up with so you can use it at the perfect point in the story. Talk to yourself. This is my go-to tool for conversations. I like to go on long walks and just talk out a conversation my characters are going to have. Hearing it out loud lets you iron out what will flow and move the way you want it to. Talk the conversation out a few times, and then pull out your phone and record that thing. Having a recording to reference back to later when you're trying to get it down on paper is endlessly useful. Awkward to listen to, but very helpful. Have a cue. This one is admittedly odd, but bear with me. What I mean, is having some sort of a ritual you do every time you're about to start writing, especially if its a story you're going to have to come back to day after day can be helpful. This can be a song you listen to, or if you're me, a certain scent of lotion you apply. Pick a song and/or smell that is somewhat reminiscent of the mood of your story can work wonders, I promise. When I smell bath and body work's twilight woods lotion and hear "I see Fire" I am instantly in writing mood. This can be very helpful if you suffer from a lack of motivation, especially on longer stories. It's weird as hell, but try it! You've got nothing to lose.

Well, that was a lot of random information I'm sure none of you cared about. Anyway...have a great life? Sure. Lets go with that. May the hair on your toes never fall out.

Look where we are, after so many years

After so many “sorrys” and so many tears

We think we’ve gone past it, we think we’ve gone far

But take a step back and look where we are

Too many lines were adjusted then crossed

Now we’ve got our own all-American holocaust


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