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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, and Inuyasha.

Hi! I wonder what to say first? Oo I know!

Anime I like: Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho,Tenjou Tenge,DNAngel, Naruto, Getbackers, FLCL, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Samurai Champloo, Rorouni Kenshin, One Piece, Negima, Kill me Kiss me, W Juliet, Jing: King of Bandits, FMA and many more I just can't think of...

Favorite Character of All Time: HIEI! (yes...I'm obsessed with the guy...)

Minor Favorites: Hotaru, Negi, Sano, Satoshi, Daisuke, Gaara, Sesshomaru, Sango, Naota, Ninamori, Washu, Raven, Beastboy, uhhh I can't think of anything else...

Couple Time!

Couples I like and support:
Naota/Ninamori, Naota/Haruko
Sango/Sesshoumaru, Miroku/Kagome (Don't ask, trust me!), Rin/Kohaku
Tenchi/Ayeka, Tenchi/Ryoko
Hiei/Sango, Kurama/Kagome, Sesshomaru/Yukina (do not ask!), Hiei/Raven (you really do not want to ask!)

Couples that are just plain creepy...
Hiei/Kurama (I have nothing againstyaoi but... HIEI IS MINE! Kurama you hear that! HE'S MINE!), Kagome/Hiei (people say they're a good couple but... come on!), Hiei/Botan (she is waaaayyyy to jumpy and hyper for him and she really acts like my sister...) Sango/Inuyasha, Sango/Kohaku (ewwwwww...), Cyborg/ Starfire or Raven

Best Couple that beats all (my opinion...)


Why? Because they have a lot in common! Like what (lost-forgotten-alone) said,

Sango= quiet, her brother doesnt know who she is, smart, dont take stuff from anyone, skilled and alot more
Hiei= quiet. sister who doesnt know who he is, smart, likes to insult, doesnt take stuff from anyone, skilled and alot more
They're perfect for each other!

Hmm... Let's see... Things I really want to accomplish:

Get Hiei to go out with me... I asked him but all he said was "Why would I want to go out with a pathetic girl like you?" I got pissed and kicked his ass.

Keep Negi to myself but everytime I got near him, Ayaka kept pulling me away. Anyways, Asuna really got to him first.

Take Sesshoumaru's fluff away. Tried and failed because Jaken kept bugging me, I kicked him off a cliff... Poor little guy...

Steal Sango's Hiraikotsu. I wasn't even able to carry the damn heavy thing two inches without getting tired from dragging it.

Get Ryoko to stop drinking. I ended up drunk and woke up with Ryo-oh-ki in my mouth. She became scared of going anywhere near wet, smelly booze and chocolate nacho things.

Catch Dark. I ended up catching Wiz stealing my cookies when I wasn't looking. Dark got away because I beat the crap out of the poor little thing.

Get my own vespa. I was stopped by a cop that looked a lot like Haruko and got my vespa towed away. I never even took it for a joy ride.

Learn how to use a sword. I went to Kaoru's school and figured I was better off learning the hard way. That and cuz she scares me...

Become all chibi-like but Maya got to do that first. In the end, she got big boobs for that.

Try not to copy my friend's bio. I did anyways now look at the crap I wrote.

Things I've done that make me feel proud in a sorta freaky kind of way:

Started a battle royal between all the guys. Negi, Kurama, Miroku and Kenshin were the only one's not fighting over the last cookie. I broke it in half and gave it to Ryo-oh-ki and Wiz.

Bribed Hiei with a coupon for a freeice creamcone to kiss Sango. For some reason she didn't slap him but she kicked Miroku's ass saying it was his fault.Bothof themdidn't speak to me for a month.

Got Miroku to meet Benitora. Now they're peeping buddies. I watched Yuuya and Sango beat the living daylights out of the two. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Got Naruto, Inuyasha, and Ed into a Ramen eating contest. I was judge. I declared myself the winner. The guys couldn't do anything.

Trained with both Setsuna and Motoko. It was beneficial. Problem is that Kaoru found out and I never touched a sword again... (Ya right! XD but I won't say what she did to me)

Tricked Ed and Harry Potter in finding the same Philosopher's stone. They ended up fighting while I took it and gave it to Orochimaru. He and Voldemort got along pretty well...

Learned all of the Genjutsu skills. I made Miroku think I was Sango and groped him. He got scared of ever touching Sango again.

Told Kotaro that Inuyasha was his dad. He believed me and followed Inuyasha around. I felt bad afterwards when Inuyasha told him to get lost. Kotaro beat the crap out of him with his Inugami.

Joined the Akatsuki and became leader after I joined. You really don't want toknow what I had to do to run the joint.

Got everylittle detail on everyone from Kazumi Asakura. I was shocked to find out Shippou's little secret.

Kicked Souichiro's ass.

After I wrote this all and read my friends, I ended up writing ideas for a comic I'm working on. I'm just hoping I stick with the comic this time... Oh yeah... I gotta go!

-Runs off as everyone chases her- JA MATTE NE!

Me, a friend, Miroku, Sango and Miroku's brother. (Not the one in my story) I had this dream it was freaky.. it went like this...

I was just talking to Sango then some random guy pops up saying he was Miroku's brother. We go over to Miroku to see if it's true and he says yes. Wow.. they look a like go figure... I laughed cuz Sango stepped back. Two perverts and they're related. Which made me think so I stepped back with her. My friend came up and he was eating ramen. He asked what the hell was going on and I told him that Miroku has a twin brother. (While he wasn't looking.. I stole his ramen...Lets call my friend K) K introduces himself to Miroku's twin brother. What I figured out was that Miroku's twin brother was the complete opposite of Miroku. Which apparently scared me and Sango when we watch his brother grab K's cr- Hey I have the urge to play hop scotch at the moment...

-Reality- (This is what I think my friend would say if I told him)



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