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Hello... Me name is Tenille... Yep Tenille

Age: Teenaged... yep.

Height: 5'10 (i've shrunk 1 inch since grade 5 -.- )

Hair: Blonde, in every way possible.

Eyes: Blue-green

Lives: Newfoundland, visits the Autobot bases in Arizona/Nevada a lot...

Okay anyways to start off, I am a Newfie which is well... the abused step-sibling of all the Canadian provinces. I hate Newfie jokes and Canadian jokes (blonde jokes rock tho) and if you even start with the "you live in igloos and kill baby seals" stuff I will hurt you. I have never even seen an igloo or seal before and its pointless to kill baby seals because there is no profit from it. And if you get on with the whole "Paul-McCartney-help-save-the-seals" boat, first learn your facts. He didn't. Hunting aduly seals is done even more humanely then the slaughter of most chickens!

I'm disgusted when a Canadian says they hate candian jokes and then proceeds to diss Newfoundland. I think thats hypocritical on soo many levels.

Anyways... I'm a shameless fangirl and a horrible writer (but i try) and I love animals. My dream is to one day own a animal rescue house and write novels... Ha! Yeah, i'm gunna be that old cat lady.

I hate Harry Potter fanfics! I hate em. I think HP and Twilight are OVERRATED! But the worse of it is, Harry Potter characters seem to seep into every other catagory on here. So please, if you are tempted to put Draco in another world, put it in the HP area...

I also hate when people forget to mention its a crossover... or when people have those terrible cliche "my-mary-sue-was-raped-by-the-bad-guy(s)" storyline. Rape is very bad, but there is only so many times it can be used in stories before its just a plot device. Notice how little its used in movies, books, and television? Thats for a reason.
I really love when people write VERY VERY unlikely rape plotlines. like Frieza ones (he is asexual aka no gender, aka what did he rape you with and why?).

I used to have a list of my favorite things here but well... I'm very open minded.

I hate most country music, ignorant people, and cabbage.

My true love is geeky stuff (especially Transformers and superheros)

I used to have a lisp but once I got rid of it, realized I had no future in speaking. That is to say... I usually mumble and mix up words. AKA I'll think the right words but say something completely different... just consult the quotes if you don't believe me.

Quotes: (Me and my pals)

Liz: "Hmm... Whats going on in may?"

Dez: "The Wolverine movie is coming out in May"

Me: (Almost the same time) "I'm coming out in May- no wait. I meant my birthday is in..."


K: "Who wants lollipops?" (hauls out a bunch from her purse"

Mel: grabs one "Oo... Its a cherry sucker."

B: "Your mom's a cherry sucker..."

Me & Dez: Burst out Laughing


Leo: "Well you can tell him too... (20 second pause) GO AWAY!"

Me: "Oooh, insulting."

Leo: "I'd like to see you do better, blondie."

Me: "You're blonde too idiot."


Leo: "I dunno how you can be related to that... thing."

Me: "You're related too."

Leo: "Only by blood."

Me: "As compared to...?"


Me: "Molly!! Come here!"

Molly: (our golden retriever, jumps on me)

Mom: "Are you okay."

Me: "Yeah... I just hurt my cat." (points at leg)


(Doorbell rings)

Me: "Mom, the phone's ringing."


Pizza hut Phone guy: "Hello Pizza Hut."

Bro: "Yeah, i'd like to order a pizza."

Pizza Hut: "Pick up or delivery."

Bro: "I'd like Pizza...?"

Me: "Delivery."

Bro: "Oh!"


Pizza Guy: "Okay, what do you want on your pizza."

Bro: "Garlic fingers."

Me: "Are you high?"


Me (doing shopping list.) "Dad, do you know what baby greens are?"

Dad: "Yeah they're like lettuce."

Dez: "They taste like grass..."

Dad: "I don't want to hear any more of that talk from you two..."

Me: "What... Oh! Dad we weren't talking about weed."


Me: "Okay its bad enough that it is a stereotypical roleplay... so we have to try and be original with it... like not doing the usual subplots."

Dez: "Like what?"

Me: "We must avoid the temptation of balls..."

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