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RL is taking up a bunch of my time. I'm almost done with my 6th Inu Yasha story, though more than half aren't posted here. As most of you know, I used to write under the penname Sailor Scribe, until I was censored. Trying to give this a second try because I missed the people here. My current story, Beautiful Miscommunications (the public demanded, I wrote it) is almost complete. It also looks like it was a success with all the possitive feedback I got. I might write The Lady of the Crimson Land next, but if I do, I'm not sure if I'll post it here. It's a war fic with lots of drama, action and realistic battle scenes. It would be a multi-layered work that would stand for more than just a Romance Novel. It would be something I would love to get published.

Anyhow, I am reposting Through the Rose Colored Lenses, the corrected version. What does that mean? I'm reviewing it as I post it. So, it WILL NOT be posted all at once. I'm proof reading my own work, and hopefully, I will catch most of the mistakes I missed last time.

If you would like to view my other workscheck the media miner link above. I know you guys loved my trailers, so I decided to repost them as well:

The Lady of the Crimson Land (R/NC-17)
Ten years after the defeat of Naraku a new evil arises in the Eastern Lands of Japan.
“Sesshomaru-sama, the Neko lord is powerful and great…his armies are compose of youkai and the strongest humans…they are raiding the countryside and devastating our forces!”
“How is that possible?” Sesshomaru banged his desk.
“The sheer number of their forces is enough to make us retreat!”
“There must be a way to increase our forces!”
In hopes of strengthening his army, Sesshomaru makes the most difficult decision of his life.
“I never thought I would call you brother, but I am no hypocrite. If I take a human bride, then I must accept my father’s and their son.”
Two brothers will unite in the fight against the force unification of Japan under one demon lord, and one demon lord must learn that not all women are carved from the same mold.
“You are a foreigner?” He questioned the young beauty with onyx eyes and dark raven curls.
“My father and I arrived in this country ten years ago. Before then, we lived in China, India, Egypt and Spain. We conquered all in our path.”
A marriage arranged in order to win a war, a matrimony at constant war…
“I have been leading my father’s armies since I was ten years old! I have led men to their deaths, and fought the battle by their sides. I know the suffering of war and the sweet taste of victory! I have never lost a battle, much less a war. Stop treating me like a child and start treating me like the woman I am!”
“I’ll start treating you like a woman in public when you start acting a woman in our bedroom!”
Will love survive the spoils of wars?
“I, for one, am grateful you were born a woman, for how else would I find a mate in this world…”
Warning this fic contain violence, war, blood, and lots of suffering. Not for the weak of heart.

Beautiful Miscommunications (R/NC-17)
“In other news, an attempted assassination on Inu Yasha Takahashi, the youngest of the Takahashi brothers, failed earlier this afternoon. According to witnesses, Mr. Takahashi’s life was saved by the famous tabloid reported of the ‘Morning Scoop,’ Kagome Higurashi.”
In a city where nothing is what it seems…
“Old Miko, did you see the news…yes it looks like our best assassin has been shot.”
“Take care of it.”
A young girl walks the streets of Tokyo with one goal in mind.
“My father was the best assassin there was, Miroku, and I have trouble believing he’s dead, but I know better than to believe that he is the one that is trying to kill Inu Yasha!”
“What do you intend to do?”
“Naraku is responsible for my family’s death and my father’s predicament…I can’t let him get away with it.”
Now with an unlikely ally…
“Inu Yasha, helping me could mean the demise of your company…the loss of all your money…”
“Keh, wench, you are going to get yourself killed if I don’t help you!”
She will face the government, the police and International Business.

The Ad
After years of dating the wrong man, Kagome Higurashi is finally free.
“I plan to do the single thing for a while…and enjoy it.”
But fate had other plans…
“Ji-chan…what do you mean you are dying?”
“I’m old Kagome…death is bound to come, but fear not, I pray to the God’s tree to let me walk you down the aisle before my time comes.” The old man reassure.
In hopes to ensure her grandfather’s happiness, she will stop at nothing to find a husband.
“My grandfather has less than a year to live, and his only wish is to walk me down the aisle, and I had to break up with Hojo! I’m a bad granddaughter.”
“No you’re not.” Sango reassured.
“Why don’t you hire a husband…take out an ad in the local paper requesting an actor to play the part…I’m sure there are plenty of starving actors in Tokyo!” Miroku suggested.
With a meddling grandfather…
“Yes, the ad placed today by Kagome Higurashi…it should say ‘Desperate Woman seeking husband. Willing to pay.”
“Hello, Inu Yasha Takahashi? Have your read the classifieds today?”
In a race against time…
“I can’t believe there are so many weirdoes in Tokyo!” Kagome gasped.
“You are lucky this wasn’t a full moon.” Inu Yasha smirked as he entered her office.
“Didn’t I send you away?”
“Listen wench, you need a husband to make your grandfather happy, and I need a wife to unlock my inheritance. What do you say?”
Wedding Bells are on the horizon…
“I can’t believe I’m married to you.”
“I can. I always wanted a feisty wife.”
“Remind me to kill you after this arrangement is over!”
And love is just around the corner.
“I’ve never met anyone quite like you Inu Yasha.” He leans down and kisses her softly.
“And I’ll make sure you’ll never meet anyone else like me.”
But when the truth is out…
“You knew my grandfather was faking his illness! Why didn’t you tell me?”
“We only had five more months to go!”
“The money…that’s all that matters to you, isn’t it?”
Can love conquer all?
“The way I see it, Yasha, you can keep Kagome, or you can keep the money. Which one will keep your bed warmer at night?” Miroku asked.

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