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Nicknames: Annie (only my little cousin), Gothic Moron (Danielle only), Freakshow (Kelsey only), Astwood, Empress of Angels (Inside Joke), Demented Angel (Inside Joke), Morbid (Deanna, you're mean. o.o)

Best Friends: Dani (Small Fry), Danielle (Gorman the Morman) , Kelsey (Keruseyu), Ann Marie (Freakae), Deidre (Idi-ott), Shelby (Neese Meese), Jasmine (Freakishly Tall Person) , Deanna (Burnt Curly Fry), Emily (Mily) , Daniel (Danielle), andRyan (Moose-Man.)

Hair Color: Dark brunette, two streaks of red

Religon: Agnostic

Maritial Status: Single, and frightened to start dating again

Enjoys: Toasters, Monkies, Gray Angels, Roses (Black Roses especially), Felix (the cat, not the character), colons, typing, internet, moose, moths, water, Pop Rocks, critiscizing society, plotting against politics, Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Filler Bunny, I Feel Sick, Squee, R.A. Salvatore books, writing, reading, drawing, HTML, miscellaneous images, creativity, thinking, daydreaming, pointing at people, mechanical pencils, being alone with my drawing/writing notebook, people like me, All of the Alien Movies, Donnie Darko, all Johnny depp movies, scaring people away, pliers, screwdrivers, toast, Lord of the Rings, Joss Whedon's work, fellow Agnostics, cynicism, glasses, small knives (they're shiny), Pinball, Converse Shoes, All of Tim Burton's Work (especially Oyster Boy), Foamy, pants, Z? Products, Hoodies, candles, necklaces, collars, learning Japanese, learning something new, drawing people getting tortured (exactly how I release my anger), hanging out with friends (sometimes), hanging out at my dad's friend's house, listening to Beethoven, babysitting dad's friend's kids, Japanese Music (V6, Do As Infinity, Hitomi, etc.), cutting things randomly, talking to stuffed animals when lonely and society is too cruel to spill your heart out too, puppets, rag dolls, sewing mouths on rag dolls together.

Favorite Animal: Moose

Favorite Comic: Writhe and Shine

Favorite Manga: Inu Yasha

Favorite Anime Show: .hack//DUSK

Favorite Color: Grey

Favorite Number: 13

Favorite Letter: X

Currently Reading: Wuthering Heights, by Emma Bronte

Book of the Month: The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

I Dare You Edward Scissorhands General It's about twenty or twenty-five years after the whole incident back down in the happy neighborhood, after that "cripple" was supposedly "killed." Now, years later, it's thought to be haunted. And, well, teenagers are stupid, and as a dare they all go travel up to the house. A young girl learns more about the house and the ghost that inhabits it... or, is it a ghost? Dun dun dun dun...
Status: Not yet written

Favorite Quotes:


"Tell me, what infuriates you more: the fact that you do indeed love someone, or the fact that the thing that you love you can never recieve?" Anatha herself

"I have no eternal clue..." Deanna, friend

"Uck... that's not good..." Anatha, herself

"Hey hey hey hey! The fries might suck, but the French's toast kicks ass!" Adam, friend

"Yea, when I play the game, I like to use my imagination to visualize things as the game goes on. It was really cool, until the mental image of Shelob devouring Frodo came to mind... that was slightly scarring." Josh, friend

"Have you noticed most things that are shiny and pointy, I'm not allowed to touch?" Anatha, herself

"Fwee Fwee!" Generally everyone who is linked to Anatha

"I no die!" Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

"Oh my!" Anne Marie, friend

"Either Armageddon is dawning upon little San Antonio, or squirrels are cussing you out." Anatha

"THAT'S BETTER... I guess." Zim

"Baloney!" Dib

"Mushrooms!" Pippin

"Who cares?" Ron Weasely and Harry Potter

"You can't help what you feel... if you didn't have these emotions, you would just be hollow. Hollow like an Easter Chocolate Bunny your aunt keeps shoving down your throat every year." Anatha, herself

"Damn it, Janet!"Dyah, can't remember his name, but, he was from Rocky Horror Picture Show

"I'm going home to sleep with my wife!" Mr. Green

"I thought you killed it!"
"I did kill it!"
"Kill it again, kill it again!" Kelsey, Anatha, Kelsey

"Dude, he almost saw you!"
"I know, but I am sly... sly like a moose..." Daniel (friend), Anatha

"Be happy I'm not a vampire, because your neck would be SO screwed right now!" Anatha

"You have looks past your desires and have seen the truth! Now, I must pick your scab." Anatha

"DAH!" Daniel

"Is he dead?"
"That's the problem; he was dead to begin with." Young Masbeth, Ichabod Crane

"The one whom I desire is nothing but air; he's always around me, he is my reason of living and he is the cause of my survival in this ludicrous reality, yet I cannot touch him... ironic, ain't it?" Anatha

"The sands of time ebb and flow like water and it is all that we can do to not be swept away and lost witout a thought or a single memory..." Dylan, friend.

"This is the link to the Agnostic siteinformation about an Anti-Christ religon is only a psycho-boyfriend away!" Dylan, friend.

"I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet. I asked God for a minute, and he gave me a day. I asked God for true love, he gave that to me too. I asked for an angel and he gave me you. But the bouquet is dying and the day gave is gone, the true love is fading and my angel has passed on." Kohaku, friend

(is racing at large amount of miles per hour on a sleigh) " Neka, I think this might have been a mistaaaaaaaaake!" Anatha, me

(is playing video games) "Damn, I don't know who I am!"
"The cadaver in my closet for all you know!" Cassie (sibling), Anatha (me)

"Omigod, are you alright?"
"I think so..."
"Quick! How many fingers does a normal human have?"
"No, only eight! There's somethin' wrong with you!" Anatha, Ryan, Anatha, Ryan, and so on... etc.

"Then you're foolish. For I am naught but an idea, an ideal. A strange, selfish ideal, which means only to follow one's own desires, one's own strengths... To become happy, at the cost of others. I am almost Asmodan, in the way I am so selfish."
"Perhaps it's the foolishness that causes your figment to be so blessed... if it is indeed foolish to not want to depart, then perhaps folly is the wisest thing for me now." Dylan (friend), Anatha, (me)

"I don't want to be a figment of your imagination..." Anatha (me)

"Children are criminally insane and must be destroyed." Jhonen Vasquez

"Oh, come on... you should feel special. Afterall, you're the only person that can make me smile and laugh and make me feel like putting a gun at my temple at the same time..." Anatha, (me)


No, humans, I have not given up hope on my JTHM fic, it's just that I've been restricted from the computer for the past two months! I'm sooooooooooooooooo so so so sorry, please forgive me! The story will start immediately next week again, I promise!

- AnathA

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