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Hiya! My name is Selphie. No really, it is. so don't get any ideas that i got it from final fantasy viii (which is my fav game by the way.). Well lets see, i guess you could say that i act like a squall and selphie mix (charachers from ff8).well here are all my fav. things:


Johnny Depp
Angelina Jolie
Chris Kattan
Jim Carry
Neve Campbell
Brenden Fraser
Sandra Bullock

Singers/bands:(a lot are japanese bands and singers.)

Gackt Camui
An Cafe
Alice Nine
Malice Mizer
System of a Down
Avril Lavinge
Lincoln Park
Marty Casey and the Lovehammers
(...there is way to many. Lets just say a lot of Japanese bands and a lot of Rock bands)


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (...I worship that movie)
All Tim Burton films (tim burton films are great)
The Grudge (yes i am aware that Ju-on and the grudge are the same thing, but ju-on is the japanese version)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
(Lets just say a lot of J-horror)


Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 10-2 (Only cause of Paine!)
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Devil May Cry 1, 2, and 3
Dead or Alive 1 & 2
Street Fighter
All sim games
All tomb raider games

FF8 pairings: (i will not write a Squall/Rinoa fic. i may start out with one, but it will most likely be a Squall/Selphie. I also dislike the way Rinoa is treating Squall, so I might not have her in my stories. If I do, then she not in it very much)

Squall/Selphie (I really don't like Squall with anyone else but Selphie...)

FF7 Pairings:

Yuffie/Cloud (Most favorite!)
Yuffie /Vincnet

FF7 and FF8 Crossovers: (Oh yes, I'm going to attempt to do this. Its gonna be great. Might not be my best, but I'll try to make it great!)

Quistis/Vincent (That'd be interesting...I might try that in my fic...)

I guess I have a thing for very hyperactive girls dating anti-social guys. They just seem cute together. Very cute!


Absolute Boyfriend (Night is sooo awesome!)
Spiral (Ayumu is awesome as well! Hehe, he reminds me of someone I know)
Ouran High School Host Club (The twins are great!)
Fruits Basket (for Akito spoilers, go to the bottom)
The Demon Ororon
Marmalade Boy
Sailor Moon
Rurouni Kenshin
Kill Me kiss Me
Ranma 1/2

kill me kiss me pairing:

Que-min/Ghoon-hahm (they are sooooo cute together!)

Sailor Moon pairings:

Serena/Allen (Doom Tree Series)
serena/Pupuran (Super S movie)

Fruits basket pairing:

Tohru/Akito (...only in the anime)


Upcoming Stories: I have no names for they yet, but I will tell you the game and anime/manga.

FF7 and FF8 crossover...this will becoming up first. I'm going to try and get MTF done first. I still haven't decided where to stop. I might stop it at 10 and have a sequel. That sound good?


Ok! As for Akito...Akito is a guy in the anime but is girl in the manga...you will find out later on in the manga. But I like Akito. I'm attracted to the male Akito in the anime. And Akito is still cool in the manga...so it all works out...I'm a fan of the "evil" ones in manga and anime. I have no idea why...oh wait, yah I do...but I can't tell you. You won't believe me.

...Thats it for now. Until I can think of something else. XD

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