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I used to write as Nell-toooldforfanfic but I fancied a change! Laurentina is a character who appears (but I'm not going to tell you how, it'll ruin it) in that classic of Gothic The Mysteries of Udolpho.

I'm currently working on Echoes and Ashes, a multi-chaptered story about werewolves, Horcruxes, counter-espionage and murky Black family history. Strictly speaking I suppose Remus and Tonks are the main characters, but there's a fair bit from other points of view. Corrections is a post PoA story which I'm writing to get a clearer idea of how I envisage the friendship/relationship between the pair. Promises is the only really relevant one-shot at the moment, though I suppose Like Water might possibly be of vague interest to those who are old enough to read M. I'll be posting two other connected short stories soon; Elephants in the Corner, showing the remnants of the Black family spending a very awkward Christmas together just after the fall of Voldemort, and Photographs, in which Sirius and Tonks have a fight about Sirius's attitude to the family.

Lex talionis, which will eventually explain quite how Tonks ended up being friends with some questionable people, is on hold at the moment. Sub rosa needs some work to make it HBP-compliant. I'm sure I'll get round to it eventually.

BTW, if you haven't yet discovered her, I can only urge you to read Fernwithy's fantastic Remus/Tonks stories (just google the name and you'll get to her Livejournal). The rest of us can only bow down before her in awe.