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Author has written 12 stories for Card Captor Sakura, Mega Man, Fire Emblem, D N Angel, Seven Deadly Sins/七つの大罪, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Persona Series, Fate/stay night, Bleach, Hakuōki/薄桜鬼, Magi/マギ, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Hunter X Hunter, and Code Geass.

~~~Welcome to My Profile!~~~

*Other Accounts*

I now have a Tumblr account! I will be posting all the fanfictions I've written on this site on that account as well as some drawings I did.

*Story Statistics*

Most Popular: My Little Sister

Most Words Written: The Three Worlds and the Heroes

Oldest Story: The Three Worlds and the Heroes

*Currently Writing*

The Three Worlds and the Heroes (Crossover of Magi and Cardcaptor Sakura)

My Little Sister (Nanatsu no Taizai/The Seven Deadly Sins [OC-centric])

The Twin Sister of Zero (Megaman Series [OC-centric])

Adventure into the Hunter’s World (Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura and HunterxHunter)

The Western Detective of the East (Detective Conan [OC-centric])

The Amnesiacs of Two Worlds (Crossover of Fire Emblem series, Rune Factory series, and Cardcaptor Sakura)

The Phantom Thief and the Guardian (Crossover of D.N. Angel, Code Geass, and Cardcaptor Sakura)

Persona: Twins of Fate (Persona 3)

A New Life (Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura, Code Geass, and D.N. Angel)

The Sun's Camellia (Fate Grand Order [OC-centric])

The Seasons of Reincarnation (Bleach [OC-centric])

*Rewrites in Progress*

All my stories will be undergoing some rewrites in the earlier chapters. The first ones that I plan to do are for The Three Worlds and the Heroes and My Little Sister.

*Future Projects*

As of now, I’m currently focused on my stories I already published. However, I plan to do a Danganronpa story in the future. There are some plans to do stories of Persona 4 and Persona 5 respectively after finishing my Persona 3 one. I’m also planning on doing some crossover stories to better explain the connections that my stories all have.

*Information in the World of the Goddess*

This is an account of the history I created for my multiple stories and how they all tie in with each other. This section features the original deity Aini and the events that led up to my stories. (Warning! There will be spoilers in this section! Please proceed with caution!)

The Origin of All

No one knows when or how Aini came to be, only that she existed. Aini, who became unbearably lonely in the dark void, tried to create things to keep her company. Her efforts led to multiple worlds and universes to be created, yet it did little to fill the emptiness in her heart. The Goddess finally found her companion when she took the Nothing and made another god--Oblivion and the two fell deeply in love.

Aini and Oblivion

Aini and Oblivion continued to create more worlds in which the former began to create life to live in these places. To help guide the newly developed species, Aini wanted to create a race of deities. Together with Oblivion, Aini birthed several children who eventually ruled over the several worlds/universes. Overtime, Aini began to see everything that she created, except her lover Oblivion, as her own children. The Goddess became distressed and upset when the life became more corrupt. However, she truly believed that they would return back to the way she originally made them. This caused her to become increasingly ill, yet she refused to do anything about it. Oblivion, who became increasingly tormented at seeing Aini on the verge of death, went insane and vowed to rid of everything that caused his love sorrow and thus decided to return of of creation into the Nothing. Aini, too weak and unable to fight her former love, was forced to send her deity children to fight against Oblivion in order to stop his carnage. Oblivion, in his madness, slaughtered all except the eldest daughter Evelyn who dealt the fatal blow to him. Aini and her daughter mourned the many deaths in their family.

Oblivion’s Vow:

Before Oblivion went made and attempted to end everything, the god was once a kind and caring deity who shared the same beliefs as his beloved. He was credited for creating some of the worlds with her. As he began to descend into madness, Oblivion made Aini promise to end him with her own hands. However, when the time came, Aini could not do so and thus unwittingly let Oblivion kill most of her children, the reigning deities of several worlds. Evelyn, the onky survivor, was forced to take the responsibility and ended her father. Because Aini did not keep her promise, Oblivion vowed to continue a perpetual cycle of hosts and reincarnations until he finally achieved his goal of total Nothingness before disappearing.

Aini’s Reincarnations:

Known as the reincarnations or the fragments of Aini, the First Goddess and Creator of all the universes. Aini split herself into several people after the demise of Alma Torran (Main story plot of Three Worlds and the Heroes), These people included—Sakura Kinomoto from The Three Worlds and the Heroes, Micah from My Little Sister, Manami Kimura from The Western Detective of the East, and Minako Arisato from Persona: Twins of Fate. Each reincarnations were responsible for a certain part of Aini, but besides Sakura being the main vessel, it is unknown what others had been tasked with. There may be more.

Oblivion’s Vessels

After his defeat, Oblivion subsequently split himself into several pieces to be reincarnated or find suitable hosts. He left a small part of his mind behind to watch Aini. This part was what influenced the events of Alma Torran and subsequently caused Aini to split herself. It is unknown who and where his vessels are, but Oblivion’s hosts will always become close to Aini’s reincarnations and fall in love. They are also susceptible to Oblivion’s desires and may become obsessed with their love, to the point where they are willing to destroy anything to keep them from being sad. It is unknown how Oblivion takes control, but some speculate that he offers his aid when the hosts are desperate.

The Children of Aini

Often called The Children of Aini, or the the New Deities, these gods and goddess are powerful beings said to rival the power of their own parents. Unlike all the other creations Aini and Oblivion created, The Children of Aini were naturally conceived. These deities, after growing and learning all they could from their parents, were then sent to various places to watch over and guide the species molded by the First Goddess and the God of Nothing. When Oblivion fell into madness, the deities return to aid their mother and tried to defend everything that she loved. In the end, only Evelyn remained. Originally, to maintain the balance, the children had been born in pairs and assigned a certain duty while they watched over the worlds. The eldest, whose original duty remained unknown, took over all of her fallen siblings' responsibility and titled herself the Guardian Goddess. Evelyn continued to watch over and protect everything, waiting for the time when her mother could reincarnate her and her twin brother together. If Oblivion ever returned, Evelyn would take it upon herself to end him once again.

The First Priest and Priestess

Lost and buried in the long legacy of Aini were the First Priest and the First Priestess. The First Priest and Priestess were originally the only survivors of Oblivion’s slaughter and were taken in by Aini and her daughter to maintain the little life that was left. Grateful for the Goddess, the two became the communicators of the heavenly realm and the universes and thus granted the title Grand Priest and Grand Priestess, or First Priest and First Priestess, respectively. These two, with the help of the eldest daughter, would eventually follow their Goddess into reincarnation and become close friends with her. They originally were reincarnated as Makhi and Sheba respectively but following the fall of Alma Torran and the several splits of Aini, the two reincarnations chose to do the same as the Goddess. In each reincarnation, the Priest and Priestess will always become close to Aini’s reincarnation and aid the fragments. The currently known reincarnations of the Priest, after Makhi, are Syaoran Li from The Three World and the Heroes and Zelophehad from My Little Sister. For the Priestess, the known reincarnations, after Sheba, are Tomoyo Daidouji from The Three Worlds and the Heroes, Seraphina from My Little Sister, and Kotori Simizu from The Western Detective of the East. There may be more to be discovered.

The Goddess’s Guardians

During the events of Alma Torran in the Magi world, Aini created several guardians to fight against Al-Thamen, an organization suspected to have been influenced by Oblivion. Four of the Guardians were considered the leaders and were made to resemble Solomon’s Magi, with each receiving a staff identical to their modeled person. One was Shadow who was modeled after Sheba. He was later split into two beings--Dark and Krad. Mystral was modeled after Arba before the Magi fell. Mystral's fraternal twin Ayako represents the emotions the former failed to develop. Mystral was later reincarnated as Lelouch and then Layla. Gayle was modeled after Ugo and was later reincarnated as Robin. These four helped protect the Alma Torran denizens and aided Aini in sealing Al-Thamen away. These Guardian Leaders, along with four other Guardians, later left to protect the other worlds/universes from Al-Thamen’s influence. However, they eventually passed away and were later reincarnated.

The Bloodline of the Goddess

Before she split and was reincarnated, Aini created several vessels that shared her blood and sent them to several worlds. This was to ensure that her reincarnations would easily be born into those worlds. These vessels did birth and sire long bloodlines, but the only known one was Clow Reed's family. Clow Reed, a powerful and wise magician, discovered his true origin and began to aid in Aini's plan by watching over the Guardians and the Goddess's reincarnations. Even after his death, Clow Reed manage to be reborn, albeit in two different bodies, to continue his ancestor's wish. Over the years he spent fighting against Oblivion's influence, several people joined in but it is unknown whether they are also of Aini's bloodline.

*Complete Universe/Worlds Connection*

As of right now, all my stories are connected in one way or another. In this section, I will group stories/people with large connections, small connections, or are occurring at the same time. (Warning! There will be spoilers in this section! Please proceed with caution!)

D.N. Angel, Detective Conan, and Cardcaptor Sakura

These series actually take place in the same world/universe. There is a major plot connection between D.N. Angel and Cardcaptor Sakura which is to be made relevant in the stories A New Life and The Phantom Thief and the Guardian. The Western Detective of the East makes little to no reference of the Cardcaptor Sakura world at first, but the connection becomes more prominent after the reveal of Aini which will be made later on. The Phantom Thief and the Guardian shares a direct connection to The Western Detective of the East as the characters in the former story sets up the events that will be played in the latter story. A New Life also takes place in the Cardcaptor Sakura World, but the majority of the story will eventually take place in the Code Geass World which is in its own world/universe. This story is considered a sister part to The Phantom Thief and the Guardian, and the latter story will also later take place in the Code Geass world. A crossover mini series will be made to address the connections of these stories.

Cardcaptor Sakura, Magi, D.N. Angel, HunterxHunter, Fire Emblem/Rune Factory, Code Geass, and Megaman

All these series take place at the same time. While the events of The Three Worlds and the Heroes are occurring, Adventure into the Hunter’s World, A New Life, The Twin Sister of Zero, and The Amnesiacs of Two Worlds are also happening. After Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and Kero disappear into the Magi world, Meilin and Rika are taken into the HunterxHunter World. Toya meets Layla, aka Lelouch’s reincarnation, around the same time Daisuke meets Aki. Yukito is eventually sent to the Fire Emblem World where he meets Robin and Lest. In the Megaman world, Cipher and Zero are awakened.

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