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Author has written 10 stories for MÄR, Neopets, and Teen Titans.

Hi there I'm Snow and I love writing fanfictions mostly about my favourite shows and pairings!

My favourite cartoons are:

Teen Titans (Both series), Danny Phantom, Futurama and more.

Favourite episodes of Teen Titans Go: Terra-ized, Matched, Colors of Raven and Be Mine.. is the best site EVER to watch Teen Titans on! And other shows! *smiles* It also has the newer version to the Titans!

My favourite anime:

MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance, InuYasha, Pokemon, Hayate no Gotoku. Though honestly I haven't seen anime for ages!

Favourite TV Shows:

Arrow: One of my online friends got me into watching Arrow and I love it!

Ghost Whisper (I miss this series)

And more to come if any catch my eye!

My favourite Teen Titans Pairings(couples):

Raven and Beast Boy: I've always loved this pair they are so cute together.

Starfire and Robin: Robin and Starfire were my first favourite couple! I loved the kiss they shared in Trouble in Tokyo, they are so cute together.

Terra X OC?: She's better with an OC! Since Beast Boy and Raven belong together ;)

Jinx and Kid Flash:

Cyborg and Bumble Bee (Or OC)

Speedy x OC

Pairings I don't like:

Terra/Beast Boy
Starfire/Beast Boy

I only support Male and Female pairings! :)

Marchen Awakens Romance Pairings I like:

Alviss and Dorothy: Being my favourite two characters from the series, Alviss and Dorothy do make a cute couple too in my view.

Ginta and Snow (or Koyuki):

Jack and Pano

Alan and Chaton:

Bell and Saru (Saru is my OC Fairy for Bell!)

I love Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go and the comics!

Future fanfics: Josie and the Pussycats, Danny Phantom, MAR, Scooby Doo and more Teen Titans ones!

I am currently working on my Teen Titans fanfic: Trouble Returns, I'm currently working on the last chapter. It will be out soon. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about it! I am also working on my other Teen Titans fanfictions too and watching Arrow!

I have plans to write a Pokemon Fanfiction _

My favourite Pokemon pairings are Ash and May! Those two are so cute together!

My Teen Titans OC's are:

Ember Flame:

She's a sixteen year old girl with fire powers, which she can't seem to control with out wearing special gloves to help her control them. IF she's not wearing gloves what ever she touches catches on fire. She meets up with Cyborg after her mother kicks her out of the house when she sets the place on fire by accident.

What she looks like: She has shoulder length red hair in a pony tail, she wears a navy blue pair of jeans, a red T-Shirt with flames printed on it and a pair of sneakers.

Personality: She's rather out spoken and protective over the ones she's the closest to. She looks up to Raven a lot when she has issues, and once Raven accepts her as a member of the team.

Dislikes: School, and bad guys.

Crushes: Cyborg, Aqualad and Speedy.


Seth is a half ghost half Boy, I actually got his power idea from Danny Phantom. He is a fifteen year old boy He met the Teen Titans when Raven and Beast Boy were out on a date, he was framed for a crime he did not commit, but thanks to Raven and Beast Boy his name quickly got cleared.

Age: 15

What he looks like: He has white short spiky hair, he wears a black pair of shorts, sneakers and a plain light blue T-shirt. He also wears a hat on backwards.

Personality: He's a fun loving person with Ghost Powers, sometimes he likes to play pranks on the other Titans much to Raven's annoyance.

Crush: Former crush, Terra. New Crush: ???

Dislikes: Being blamed for something he didn't do, and being mistaken for a bad guy! He's the good guy's side.


Zeth is a villain, a member of a new and mysterious group of bad guys in my Teen Titans fanfictions. Not much is known about Zeth's past.

Age: Unknown.

Powers: Unknown at this stage by the other Titans.

Personality: He's loyal to his bosses, and would do anything to get 'good' praises from them.

Relationship: Kimi, his girlfriend.

Likes: Attempting to defeat the Teen Titans, thinking that he's more powerful then his bosses.

Dislikes: Being defeated by the Titans and being told off if he does something wrong!


Damian is a villain, he has joined Zeth's group of bad guys in my Teen Titans fanfictions.

Age: Around 18-19 years old.

Powers: Electric

Personality: For a bad guy, Damian is a daydreamer and doesn't pay much attention when plans are made!

Likes: Day dreaming, being useful and helping his team mates 'defeat' the Teen Titans.

Dislikes: Being defeated by the Titans, spiders, ghosts and more!


Kimi is a girly girl for a villain, she's very loyal to Zeth and would do just anything for him. She has joined his bad guy's team which is yet to be named.

Age: Unknown

Powers: None.

Personality: Coming soon

Relationship: Zeth is her boyfriend.

Likes: Being with Zeth, helping planning out the next 'attack' on the Teen Titans.

Dislikes: Being defeated by the Titans, being told that she's annoying, being left behind.


Age: Around Slade's age

Powers: Ice

Personality: Unknown

Relationship: Slade's wife.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Sibling: Sami (Twin brother)

Age: 2 and a half in trouble returns (In another fic I plan to write she will be 7!)

Personality: Unknown

Powers: Can turn into animals and has telekinesis.

Parents: Raven and Beast Boy


Age: 2 and a half years in Trouble Returns (In another fic I plan to write he will be 7!)

Personality: Unknown

Powers: Can turn into animals and has telekinesis.

Parents: Raven and Beast Boy


Powers: Starbolts and strength.

Age: 3 in Trouble Returns.

Parents: Robin and Starfire

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