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Author has written 14 stories for MÄR, Neopets, Teen Titans, and Pokémon.

Hi there I'm Snow and I love writing fanfictions mostly about my favourite shows and pairings!

For those who want to know the characters in my profile picture: They are Alviss and Dorothy from the beautiful anime: MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance! Unfortunately they aren't a couple in the anime, but they are a couple in my heart! :) Alviss has a 'Zombie Tattoo Curse' Given to him by Phantom when he was ten. Watch the anime, I highly recommend it! I've been in love with the anime since '07!

To be honest, I don't read Manga. The only Manga's I've ever read were MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance and MAR Omega (I loved both of them!) Other then that, Manga doesn't interest me. I prefer to watch the series, it's more fun watching it!

I admit, I do love virtupet sites, though at the moment I want to focus more on my fanfictions! Pet sites I like:

Neopets (I'm taking a break from it for a while, I loved customizing my pets though -winks-!)
Subeta (New to that)
Marapets (Great place for roleplaying!)

Mythodreas, formally known as Zetapets, though it looks like it's abandoned, which is sad because the pets are so cute! I loved how when you make a pet it would start off as a baby then a week later it will grow up!
I think that's all the pet sites I like.

I have stopped watching Pokemon after the Advance Series finished, to be honest I'm not a big fan of the XY series. But I do

Future Fanfics:

MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance: Witch Napped!


Alviss and Dorothy had been secretly dating during the war games, after the war games had finished they announce to their team that they are dating. Three years later Alviss proposes to Dorothy, completely oblivious to the fact that the ring he gives her is actually an ARM that would transfer to the real world. The folks back in MAR Heaven believe Alviss had destroyed Dorothy by accident. Will Alviss get his beloved Dorothy back safely and prove the people back on MAR Heaven wrong?

Note: I have plans to revamp the current version I had, but that won't be until after my Pokemon XY: Remix and Retold has at least 20 chapters, so this fanfic is on hold at the moment.

Teen Titans: The Ultimate Betrayal Revamp!


Beast Boy is mourning the loss of his beloved Terra, oblivious to the fact that she is alive and working for Slade, who is still working on a way to destroy all the Titans. Raven helps him get over Terra, that is until Terra returns and wants to join the Titans, who are completely unaware that she's working for Slade still. Raven finds herself falling in love with Beast Boy as they spend time together, while he is getting over the loss of Terra, she tries to fight her emotions and refuses to let them win, that was until Terra returns and joins the team and claims Beast Boy's love once more, and slowly starts destroying each Titan one by one!

Note: Will be deleting it soon unless someone wants to adopt it! :)

Pokemon XY: Remix and Retold!

I'm currently working on reaching 5k words per chapter. I am revamping it from my old version. Same pairings inside but more detail and a better plot line!

Chapters I'm working on:

Three: From foes to friends!

Four: About Mega Evolution
Five: Chaos in Lumiose City and Ash's confession!
Six: On the road to Santalune City
Seven: Santalune City!
Eight: Max's first Gym Battle
Nine: Ash's first Gym Battle
Ten: Ash and May's contest part 1
Eleven: Ash and May's contest part 2!
Twelve: Brock's reunion with Professor Ivy!
Thirteen: Nurse Joy to the rescue!
Fourteen: Butch and Cassidy's plans
Fifteen: Who are Team Shadow?
Sixteen: Back to Lumiose City!
Seventeen: Camphrier Town!
Eighteen: Party at Parfum Palace!
Nineteen:Max and Snorlax!
Twenty: Lost in Connecting Cave!
Twenty One: Cyllage City
Twenty Two: Max's second gym battle
Twenty Three: Ash's second gym battle
Twenty Four: Ash and May's second contest!
Chapter Twenty Five: Brock's second encounter with Professor Ivy!
Chapter Twenty Six: Nurse Joy returns!
Chapter Twenty Seven: Brock finally tells all!
Chapter Twenty Eight: Butch and Cassidy strike!
Chapter Twenty Nine: TBA
Chapter Thirty: TBA!

Favourite Pairings:


Ash and May: Ash and May are like two peas in a pod, they really do make a great couple and I love the way they interact, the way they got along well and how they had that special bond. I loved how they got the chance to be Manaphy's 'parents'. I loved how Ash would treat May, and May was with him. Ash and May all the way!

Brock and OC: I do think Brock does deserve a girlfriend, I imagine after a while of getting used to dating someone he'd settle down, but would still travel with Ash and his friends. Brock is one of my top favourite characters, and I love him!

Max and Bonnie: Bonnie and Max would make a cute pair. I can imagine they'd get along very well and would become really close if they were to meet. I'm sure their siblings would help them get together when they're older ;)!

Calem and Serena: Calem and Serena are so cute together in the games!

Jessie and James: It is obvious that these two really do care about each other!

Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum: I'm a huge fan of Eldershipping and I love the idea of these two being together! After all it's mentioned in an episode of Pokemon Chornicles that Delia thought the love Poem that Professor Oak wrote was for her, and in another episode, Professor Oak was getting her some chocolates! I think these two are so cute together!

Ash and Misty: I still have a soft spot for Pokeshipping!

Tracey and Misty?

MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance:

Alviss and Dorothy: What really got me liking the idea of Alviss and Dorothy being together as a couple is how similar they are in ways, and the fact that Dorothy said she'd go out with him in the episode 99? In episode 102 Belle gets jealous when Alviss walks up to Dorothy to ask her a favour, and that they are both my top favourite characters! In episode 72 (I think it was that episode) Alviss blushed seeing Dorothy in a bikini, and he offered to give her a massage! (Which made Belle jealous!)

Ginta and Snow or Koyuki: That accidental first kiss that Snow and Ginta shared was so cute! That's what got me into shipping the pairing!

Jack and Pano: Pano may have been a Chess Piece, but to this day I still find it amusing that Jack fell in love with her and she eventually decided to quit the Chess to be with him.

Alan and Chaton: Chaton is such a cute half cat girl, considering she is a Chess Piece! I still find it funny that Alan's allergic to cats yet one is in love with him!

Phantom and Candice (or Alma): Considering Candice and Phantom are Chess Pieces, I figured they deserve each other! PHANTOM DID have a wife called Alma! But sadly she passed! She was beautiful *sniffles*

Rolan and Candice: I'm happy to ship Candice with Rolan too! :) Rolan is a cutie pie! I love him! YES Rolan is a Chess Piece, and he loves Phantom (I believe as a father figure!)

Teen Titans:

Beast Boy and Raven: Blue and Green must be seen! Opposites attract! I love these two so much! They are the reason why I watch Teen Titans Go! In hopes to see them finally kiss! I've loved Beast Boy and Raven ever since Teen Titans began on Cartoon Network!

Robin and Starfire: These two were my first one true pairing for Teen Titans. I was delighted to see them finally share a kiss in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo! They make a perfect couple! I love how Robin is patient and calm with Starfire, teaching her new things! He's adorable!

Cyborg and Bumble Bee: These two are so cute together! (Don't tell Ember (My OC) that!)

Kid Flash and Jinx: Who knew Kid Flash would be the one who'd turn Jinx into a good girl? I only wish we could've seen more of them in the series! Kid Flash is so cute!

Josie and the Pussy Cats:

Alan and Josie: I love these two as a couple! Alan and Josie are so cute together, they remind me of Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo!

Alexander and Melody: Alex and Melody make a cute couple!

Valerie and OC:

Alexandra and OC

Scooby Doo:

Daphne and Fred: I love these two! I always figured they had feelings for each other!

Velma and Shaggy: Another cute couple to add onto my collection!


Journey to the Lost Isle Pairings:

Lilian and Roxton: Ever since the lost isle started in '07, I loved the idea of them being together, I'm sure a lot of Neopians thought the same way! Hopefully one day the lost isle will return! I still believe these two make a great pair!

The Faerie's Ruin:

Xandra and King Altador : Even though she's currently petrified -sniffles- I always thought Xandra would be a perfect wife for King Altador, I just found them so cute together!

Brynn and Hanso: Or as Brynn and Hanso fans called them "Brynsso" They made such a cute pair!

The Cyodrake Gaze Plot (Hope that's spelt right!)

Hoban and Linae: These two are just too cute together *sniffles*! They are the reason why I love the CG plot!

My OC's:

Ember for Teen Titans

Artemis for Pokemon (Brock's future girlfriend!)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Ash and May: Unova and Beyond by Gameroffortune reviews
Sequel to May, Ash, and the Return of Manaphy. Ash and May, now officially a couple, will continue their adventures through Unova and many other far-flung regions. Making friends and enemies alike, their love for their Pokémon, and for each other, will guide them. Rated T for some language and some suggestive stuff later on (nothing too graphic, though).
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Alviss and Dorothy had been secretly dating during the war games, after the war games had finished they announce to their team that they are dating. Three years later Alviss proposes to Dorothy, completely oblivious to the fact that the ring he gives her is actually an ARM that would transfer to the real world. Is T the right rating for this? :)
MÄR - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,415 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/11 - Published: 2/25 - [Alviss, Dorothy] [Ginta T., Snow]
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