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I used to be known as The-Female-Inuyasha

If you want any of my old stories, they will be there until I finish this one.

Hello, and welcome!

If you're reading this, it probably means that A) You have nothing better to do and happened by my file, or B) You've read one of my stories and was on your way to see what else I have posted. Well, no matter how you came upon my file I'm very glad you did.

So what about me that I can say on here...? I like to write, but my talent isn't as good as it could be. Not yet, at least. Shockingly, I'm not aspiring to be an author, actually my dream profession is a Voice Actress, maybe making my own manga. Though, I do want to publish at least one book.

People say I'm really positive, so if you need cheering up or something feel free to add me at sure to tell me how you got this my eMail or I'll be scared) You can add me for the hell of it, if you want. I won't mind.

Tell me about yourself, 'cause I'm always interested in meeting new friends. I'll do my best to relate, in fact. Uhm, I'm not sure what else to say. People say I'm pretty happy all the time, and I can be a little immature but please don't let that scare you away. Sometimes I act my age (15) and sometimes I'm sad? Though I'd rather be happy, if it pleases you I can pretend to be upset?

Music, I like almost everything. It never depends on the band, but the song. My favorite, genre wise, is techno. It's so fun and catchy!

A fair warning, when I get grumpy I get really bitchy. If you happen to make me mad... Well, who knows what'll happen! But I'll apologize, 'Cause I'll be in the wrong.

Don't hate me.

No Goodbyes readers:

Good news, readers! I'm so happy to say that someone has claimed rights to the story! Her name is Kasaki-Chan and she finished it. Please, if you're a fan of the story go and see her exciting continuation of the story! All credit goes to her, so please review with lots of pleasant and juicy compliments! Thank you!

Tomorrow Bring readers:

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, I love you all! And to make sure this story continues to run smoothly, I officially announce 'Tomorrow Bring' has a Betta. A Betta called Luciver! Well, if our story transportation goes according to plan... I'm sure it will!

Be sure to check out her story: The Man Who Sold The WorldIt's so good! And I'm forcing her to update, so more goodness.

Lots of exciting things are planned for this story, and I can tell you it's not nearly close to it's finish. (And it's already passed 10 chapters, my longest story yet!)

Oh, a little fun fact. Originally the title was supposed to be 'Tomorrow Brings' but do to a typo, it lacks the s. I considered going back to change it but somehow the little has grown on me. I don't know, should I edit it?

Currently the chapter is at my Beta station. She has this habit of not doing it. It may have something to do with her lack of faith in the Gravitation fanfiction. I'm trying hard, oh so hard, to get it from her. BUT HEY! I know for a fact it's almost done. It'll be short, but then my fans will review. Because if they don't, I'll also lose all faith in the Gravitation fanficion genre. I've been dabbling in DN Angel, so don't try to call my bluff.

Oh, but anyways. It'll be coming soon, the all new exciting continuation of TOMORROW BRING

(I couldn't ever leave behind my love in Shuichi...)

This makes me laugh.

While many of you might be wondering, "What happened to that brilliant author of 'Tomorrow Bring' and when is she reviving herself with the newest chapter?" (And I respond with a loud giggle and say, "Isn't it horrible that I left you with such a climatic chapter and not update for months afterwards?")

So anyways. During the summer, the very talented author lost inspiration to write, and had suffered many failed stories. There was one, however, that was a big sucsess with my betta. We call it...SHUCHI GOES HARDXCORE

So before I post the hideous story keep in mind that I wasn't being serious when I wrote this, and it's a prime example of stories that both my Betta and I hate, but it's something to very much laugh at!

-Tomorrow Bring will be updated whenever my Betta decides to write the chapter. I'M HASSLING HER!-

-This is Shuichi going HARDXCORE-

(WARNING: Says fuck a lot, deals with cutting and cliches)

“Fuck you yuki you fucking fucker, you” shuichi said as he stormed out of the apartment building.

“Boohoo” he sobbed, sounding pathetic and hopeless. JUST LIKE HOW HE FELT!

“What am I going to do now?” he asked himself.

Suddenly, a beautiful girl named Danni came to him. “Come to American, you fucker you” she giggled, sounding looking, and being Shuichi’s twin! “I’m your long lost twin sister that was disowned for clichéd ideas and self insertion!”

“Sounds fun” Shu-Chan said and magically had his stuff. “Let me cut first though.”

He digged in his bags for a razor blade but suddenly Danni said, “Use mine” and handed hers to him, it was pink and had hearts on it. He liked it.

Shuichi had been cutting for a long time now so he did not feel the pain as he practically cut off his wrist.

“Done?” Danni giggled, throwing her pink locks around! “Kay” shuichi giggled and they were off to America!

“You need to change fucker!” said Danni.

So they hailed a New York taxi and were on their way to a hair salon. On the way they passed a billboard with Danni’s face on it saying “’GOOD LUCK’ WORLD TOUR!”

Shuichi laughed. It was ironic!

“The emo look k thanks” shuichi ordered and then he got new clothes and joined his sister’s band, which was emo, and then he returned to japan.

“yuki I’m a fucker too please let’s fuck together now.”

The end! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(Here's Lizzie's take on it.)

one day danni and lizzie were walking down the street and saw this like totally hot emo guy and he had on like the tightest jeans and lizzie was all like hey gay boy where'd ya get dem jeans and he was all, from hot topic, DUHHHH, and then danni looked at his hair and realized it used to be pink and put two and two together and was like OMGWTF UR SHUICHI SHINDOU, and he was like yeah actually my name is brokenhearted raindrop now. shuichi shindou was my slave name.

I'm still not too sure of this story. It might end up like haunted and fail. As long as reviews come in, and someone tells me my efforts aren't being wasted, It may do good...

On with the menu!

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