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Name/Nome: Kari San

Colour/Cor: Purple/Roxo

Zodiac sign/Signo: Scorpio/Escorpião

Country/País: Portugal

Animes: Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, Nodame Cantabile, Death Note...

Music/Músicas: Zakuro, Glass Skin (Dir en Grey)


- Zorro (Isabel Allende)

- The Last Kingdom/O Último Reino, The Pale Horseman/O Cavaleiro da Morte, The Lords of the North/Senhores do Norte, Sword Song/Canção da Espada, The Burning Land/Terra em Chamas, Death of Kings, The Pagan Lord, The Empty Throne, The Warriors of the Storm (Bernard Cornwell)

- A Song of Ice and Fire Saga/Saga A Guerra dos Tronos (George R.R. Martin)

- Harry Potter Saga/Saga Harry Potter (JK Rowling)

- Lord of the Rings Saga/Saga Senhor dos Anéis (JR Tolkien)

- The Hunger Games Saga/Saga Os Jogos da Fome (Suzanne Collins)

Currently reading/A ler: --

Films/Filmes: Empire of the Sun/O Império do Sol; Despicable Me 1 and 2/Gru, o Maldisposto 1 e 2; Home Alone 1 and 2/Sozinho em Casa 1 e 2, Alien saga

Rock band/Banda de rock: Dir en Grey (JP) / Linkin Park (USA) / HIM (FIN)

Game/Jogo: Tekken Series/Série Tekken

TV Series/Séries de TV: MacGyver, SG-1, ER, Mission Impossible, Tropical Heat, Knight Rider, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Prison Break, Heroes, Lost, Flashpoint, Supernatural, Medium, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Bunheads, Vikings, Game of Thrones (I can't seem to recover from the Red Wedding's trauma), Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Americans, The Strain, Tut, Fear The Walking Dead, The Last Kingdom, The Magicians.

Okay, people, after ten years I feel I need to set a few things straight. I love to write but I’m not a professional writer (I’m not even close). I do have some imagination and that’s why I decided to post my own stories. I write mostly in Portuguese and English. I’m from Portugal, therefore, I feel more comfortable writing in my native language other than writing in English but when I translate my stories I work really hard.

What made me write fan fictions? That’s an easy one. Tekken. Yes, the Namco game. I loved it the first time I played Tekken 3. I loved the plot. I loved the idea of kicking someone’s ass and having a reason to do it. Hwoarang and Jin for instance. They’re rivals, and I began wondering what kind of story could there be between them. It was an addiction for many years. I wrote several stories about Tekken and as the games kept coming out, I got more and more frustrated with Namco. They ruined the story for me with Tekken 6. I’m conflicted now. I want to write more but in order to do it I need time, I need to rewrite my old stories, I need inspiration and I need Namco to get the plot right! Come on, I know it's only a video game but some character's stories seem like they were written by someone retarded! For now, all my Tekken projects are on standby until further notice.

And then there’s Twilight. I must be honest. I hate Twilight. I hate how S. Meyer ruined a potentially good story. I hate her empty characters and cliché ending. It’s good entertainment but it’s not my thing. So I’m not a fan of Stephenie Meyer. I’m a fan of Leah Clearwater though. I think she’s the only good character she created. At least she’s the only one who sounded real to me. I disliked Breaking Dawn so much I had no option but to imagine another ending for the saga for myself. And I started writing right away. Our Dawn was born, and then its sequels. And I’m not done yet because I fell in love with Jacob and Leah and the possibility of them to fall in love and have a happy ending with children and everything that comes along with kids. On my original script, Leah was supposed to die in Our Dawn 2. I’m happy I didn’t kill her though.

Why do I keep writing after all these years? No, it's not because I'm planning on becoming a writer or being famous. I just like to imagine a story and write it down. I respect my readers above all and I enjoy knowing there are people reading what I wrote. As long as I feel there are still things I want to tell about my stories, I’ll keep writing.

As any other author out there I also enjoy reviews. So far I received good reviews, bad reviews, and downright weird reviews. To all the people that took the time to write down a good review, thank you so much. Please know in your heart that I keep writing because of you.

To all the ones who wrote down that my writing and my stories suck, well I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it but you have hundreds of other stories to read if mine are not of your liking. You do realize that you can write reviews saying you don’t like the story without being rude, right? Remember that education is something that most human beings learn at a young age, be sure to use it. I hated Breaking Dawn and didn’t call S. Meyer or write her telling her it sucked. She worked years on those books. She worked hard and many other people like it so I just have to suck it up. Do the same and remember that a writer always works hard and deserves your respect.

To all the people that write down weird reviews: what the hell? Write down things I can understand, okay? I mean what am I supposed to think when you write things like “potato salad goes well with mushrooms”??? Is that supposed to mean anything? Is it even related to my story or you just happened to be writing a recipe and posted it by mistake in the review box?

There are also some of you who try to make me write things you want to read instead of my stories. That’s not going to happen. I can accept some requests and ideas from many of my readers (I’ve actually done it a few times and I don’t regret it) but review a chapter telling me I should write down a story about Jacob ending up with a girl named Lana, who’s half-wolf and half-vampire, who had her parents killed by the Volturi and went to live with her aunt or whatever, and has blue eyes and white fur when she phases, is a little too much, don’t you think? If you want that to happen, write your own story. You clearly have your ideas, so use them. You don’t need me to do it for you, and you sure don’t need to tell me my story is stupid because I put Jake and Leah together. I’m a Blackwater fan, what were you expecting? I don't read anything else but Blackwater. There are many non-Blackwater fictions that are incredible but if it's not Jacob-Leah, I usually don't read them not because they're not good enough because they are, it's just that they don't focus on my favorite characters.

I wish you all a wonderful 2016. Take care, Karisan


1) Our Dawn Series/Série Nosso Amanhecer:


Our Dawn 1 (complete) - UNDER REVISION SINCE AUGUST 2015

Bella accepted to marry Edward and she believes everything is fine until she finds out that Jacob's missing. She feels guilty, especially when she's told that he thought about committing suicide several times. Bella starts to feel insecure although she knows in her heart that she made the right choice. On the wedding day, Alice has a vision and the Cullens realize that Irina is going to kill Jacob to revenge Laurent's death. The wedding is canceled and Sam is forced to accept the Cullen's help to find Jacob before Irina does although they don't succeed. Irina almost kills Jake and Edward saves his life with his venom. While Jacob's recovering at the Cullens, they go to La Push to avoid a war between Sam's pack and the Denali Clan, leaving Bella and Seth alone taking care of an injured Jake. Irina strikes again and she tries to kill Jacob, Bella, and Seth. Leah manages to help and in the end, Irina flees again. The Denali Clan returns to Alaska and Carlisle saves Seth while Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward. After that Jacob recovers and Sam gives him the alpha position which Jake accepts. He keeps the treaty with the Cullens and then Bella and Edward get married and finally have their honeymoon. In the end, friendship prevails and a new year begins with Leah and Jacob having to face the skeletons in the closet.

Our Dawn 2 (complete)

Being the only female wolf in history is hard and Leah is forced to cope with a lot of obstacles. After accepting Sue's marriage with Charlie Swan and the alliance with the Cullens, Leah finally sets her mind straight and decides to forget about Sam. After his wedding, Leah starts to feel close to Jacob and she slowly lets herself fall in love with him unaware that he feels the same. In the meantime, Alice has a vision and announces that the Volturi are coming to Forks with Irina to kill the pack and force the Cullens (Bella, Edward, and Alice) to join the Volturi Guard. The Cullens and the pack try to recruit witnesses to help them and when the Volturi arrive, Aro decides to let the pack live in return for having Bella, Edward, Alice and Jasper's powers at his service in the future. Irina attacks the pack but she then realizes she can't win and leaves. After the Volturi's departure from Forks, Jacob and Leah spend a night together but, scared that he might leave her when he imprints, Leah decides to leave La Push. They meet again for Thanksgiving, Leah ends up pregnant and she's forced to accept the Cullen's help to hide her pregnancy. When Jacob finds out the truth he manages to convince Leah that they should stay together and they go back to La Push. When she's six months pregnant, Leah is forced to phase to defend herself from Irina and she kills her. Her twins are born prematurely and Leah stays in a coma for two months, which puts Jacob under a lot of pressure. When they reunite, both have to decide what to do about the future and finally, they accept that they love each other and need to stay together, even if that means to face Bella, Sam, and the Council. Jacob asks Leah to marry him for the third time and she accepts. Then, on their wedding night, someone finally imprints.

Our Dawn 3 (complete)

Jacob and Leah are now a couple. They're married for six years and go on vacations to Australia leaving their kids, Harry and William, with the Cullens. When they get back Edward and the twins are missing. Jacob and Leah find out that Edward and William were taken to Italy to the Volturi, and while Jacob, Bella, Jasper, Carlisle, and Alice fly to Europe to get them back, Leah and the packs search for Harry who is found in Anchorage. Aro takes an interest in William because he's a potential wolf and seems to have a mental power (telekinesis) so he decides to let the Cullens and William leave but he keeps Jacob as a prisoner. Jane tortures Jacob for a few days until he finally agrees on letting the Volturi take William after he turns fifteen. Back in La Push Jacob reunites with his family and learns that Leah is pregnant. After going to Canada to meet Carlisle for a medical appointment, the pack has to deal with a new enemy, Joham, who attacks Quil and manages to snatch Leah and Kim. He wants to create a hybrid to fulfill his plans of killing the Volturi and tell humans about the existence of vampires, using Leah. Leah and Kim are saved by the Cullens and the rejoined pack, under Jacob's leadership. Later Joham is captured by the Volturi. Aro goes to Forks again and tells everyone that a war between Vampires and the Children of the Moon is coming. He manages to get the pack on his side promising the Volturi will never enter the Quileute's lands without permission and will never attack a pack member or human in that territory. A few months later Leah gives birth to a baby boy, who they name Isaac and, unexpectedly, she gets pregnant again. After Sarah is born into the family, Leah and Jacob try to cope with raising four children on their own and then a stranger appears in La Push. Josh is also a wolf and he seems to have imprinted on Leah.

Our Dawn 4 (complete)

Things between Jacob and Leah aren’t well because Josh seems to have imprinted on Leah and to make things worse Fred comes to Forks to spy on the wolves. The Cullens return without Alice and Edward who are spending some time with the Denali coven. Bella thinks Edward is cheating on her with Tanya and tries to win Jacob back taking advantage on his marriage’s troubles. After a while, the wolves realize Josh didn’t imprint on Leah, he was just under the mating season’s effect and the problem is solved when he finally submits to Jacob’s leadership. Edward and Alice come back and Bella leaves because she realizes she made a mistake by not trusting her husband and causing trouble for Jake and Leah. A few weeks later the Quileutes finally meet a new pack from Canada. Led by Lance at first, the White pack seems to be a good ally but soon things change when another wolf, Jack Russell takes over the pack’s leadership. He tries to claim Leah as his alpha female and kidnaps Isaac to force her to submit to him. Later on, Jack’s past is revealed and Leah discovers he’s not only a Quileute but also Jacob’s ancestor. To save Harry, who had phased recently, Rosalie kills Jack and then the pack has to face Jane and Alec who bring bad news from Italy. The war between the Volturi and the Children of the Moon has started. Bella returns to help her friends and after setting things straight with the Volturi, Leah and Jacob have a few days off on vacation with their children. But then Alice has a disturbing vision.

Our Dawn 5 (complete)

Fifteen-year-old Harry and William Black join the pack and Jacob struggles to keep them in line. In the meantime, a new vampire arrives to spy on the wolves and the pack is surprised to know she is a Quileute turned by an old enemy. Leah finds out Jake might have a lost son from an old classmate, Milena Elliot who has simply disappeared, and the couple almost breaks up. For a while, Jake and Leah try to make things right for their kids but things aren't so easy since they're suddenly in the middle of an epic battle between vampires and werewolves. As Joham tries to initiate the hostilities, the werewolves attack La Push and the pack is forced to fight and choose a side. In Europe, the Volturi decide to travel once again to Forks to get rid of Joham and his army of Children of the Moon unaware that Joham had anticipated their moves and is actually waiting for them to arrive so his secret weapon, a vampire child named Scarlett can destroy the Italian coven. Right before the great battle begins, Leah is left behind when Jacob finds out she's expecting their fifth child, but later on, Leah miscarriages and things get even harder when they lose Edward, killed in an ambush by traitors Lisa and Fred. Wanting revenge, the Cullens summon the Denali and hope to intercept Scarlett before she can join Joham's army. The war comes to an end as the Volturi capture Scarlett and the Children of the Moon decide to abandon Joham who is forced to escape. As peace returns, the Cullens reunite and the pack welcomes Leah and Jake's new baby: Jacob Junior.

2) Our Dawn Special Episodes (in progress) UNDER REVISION SINCE JULY 2015

These episodes tell the story of how Jacob and Leah felt for each other during Our Dawn Series. They are mostly in Jacob's POV.

3) Alpha

Since I have a lot of characters (many of them OC's) I decided to make a list so the readers won't get too confused:

In Our Dawn Series / Na série Nosso Amanhecer:

Jacob's original pack / Alcateia original:

Jacob (alpha/alfa), Leah (alpha female/fêmea alfa), Sam (beta), Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil, Seth, Brady, Collin.

In Alpha / Em Alfa:

Jacob (alpha/alfa), Leah (alpha female/fêmea alfa), Seth (beta), Sam, Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil, Brady, Collin, Denis, Harry, William.

Pack members who joined after Bella's transformation / Membros que se transformaram depois de Bella se ter tornado vampira:

Justin, Caleb, Martin, Clayton, Sullivan, Shane, Denis, Rick, Gary, Ethan, Jason and Josh Spears (from the Makah Reservation). Some members stopped phasing after the battle with the Volturi (Our Dawn 2) / Alguns membros da alcateia pararam de se transformar depois da batalha com os Volturi (Nosso Amanhecer 2).

Families in La Push / Famílias de La Push:

Jacob Black & Leah Clearwater: Harrison, William (twins/gémeos), Isaac Seth, Sarah, JJ (Jacob Junior)

Sam Uley & Emily Young: Ella, Levi

Paul Lahote & Rachel Black: James Ephraim (EJ), Daniel James, Deborah

Embry Call & Rebecca Black: David, Denise, Dylan

Jared Cameron & Kim Connweller: Jeremiah; Julia, Jaelle (twins/gémeas)

Seth Clearwater & Gwendolyn Valens: Seth Junior, Lillian (twins/gémeos), Susan Leigh

Quil Ateara & Claire Young: Quil, Amber

Brady Fuller & Madeleine Cornish: Elijah, Amelia // Brady Fuller & Melissa Freeman: Casey

Collin Littlesea & Dawn Reeves: Kieran

Jason Morris & Milena Elliot: Jay // Jason Morris & Drew Beaumont: Jordan

Justin Henley & Jodi Mace: Maxine (Max)

Shane Davis & Theresa Armstrong: Evan

Martin Indigo & Naomi Bethany: Landon

Gary Groves & Skye Longtree: Madison (Madie)

Sullivan Longtree & Violet Ross: Ernest, Serena

Caleb Lowrey & Constance Dawson: Auris, Alan

Clayton Moon & Jaya Walton: Lavinia (Lavie)

Rick Groves & Esther Nawat: August

Ethan Raines & Hannah Starling: Theodore (Theo), Ebony

Denis Nawat & Meredith Cameron: Chloe, Connor

Josh Spears & Paige Brice: Quinn // Josh Spears & Cristine Groves: Aileen, Aimee

The White pack (Canada) / Alcateia Heiltsuk (Canadá):

Lance Dunne (alpha) & Jena Masters: Larkin, Rhett

Cody Greyson (beta) & Silvia Locklear: Asia, Colton

Dominic Valens & Julia Summers: Alexander (Alex) // Dominic Valens & Addison Locke: Adam // Dominic Valens & Nydia Reed: Trevor, Terence, Thalia // Dominic Valens & Elyse Clark: Talon // Dominic Valens & Angela Roberts: Thane

Kinley Burns & Erin Howard: Willow, Gage // Kinley Burns & Glenda Valens: Sean; Elana, Enzo, Emma (triplets/tri-gémeos)

Glenn Masters & Megan Brook: Miles, Mia

Gwendolyn Valens

Jack Russell (ex-alpha, deceased/ex-alfa, morto)


By the end of August 2017 I will have all of my stories in Portuguese deleted. I have decided to write only in English.

Thank you.


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