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10/2/2006 – Well it’s been quite awhile since I updated my profile so I figured I would give anyone with the ambition to look here a little insight to my life. Things are finally settling down since the fire and I am beginning to see that my life really will go on and I will be okay. For awhile I was a basket case living in a shell that used to be me. It is hard to lose everything you ever had, everything you ever worked for all in one shot. The past few months we have been going back to the house and sifting through the rubble that was once my life. I would see something as stupid as a piece to my favorite coffee mug and I would lose what little progress I had made in acceptance and have to start all over. But we are done with that now so I can finally move on. I will never have to set foot in that house again, and I can put my energy back into things that make me happy like writing. ; )

Now I know in my latest chapter I said “review, good, bad or ugly” but I have one thing to say here. If you are going to put down my writing then please have the courage to at least sign the review. If I have questions about what is so “corny”, why do you feel that or how can I fix it? I would like a way to contact you. If all I get is one line of my story is “corny” rewrite it how I am really supposed to know how to make it better? And I don’t think that Draco saying he had to be who his father made him was corny at all. I tried to make Draco a bit more human so that he could have the human emotions needed for this story to work. And yes I can see my story going a bit mushy here and there after being trapped in a burning house with my 3 children I think I am at a point in my life where I can use a little mush once in awhile. If it bothers people that bad then don’t read it or converse with me to explain why you feel the way you do. I can’t please everybody all the time even JKR herself can’t, I for one was pissed when she killed off two key characters but Harry Potter is not my book to write it is hers. Just as some people like suspenseful dramas and others like romance novels, I happen to like both so write incorporating both. If it is something like you write “corny” then it’s your opinion and you can keep it to yourself but if you say “I can’t see Draco saying this, maybe you should include something in between that happens that would make him saying this more realistic” that is fine that is wonderful that is what I want out of writing on fanfiction. But please don’t tell me “so what if draco had a bad childhood, one line is corny and you should rewrite the story”. I hate the word “corny” and I hated it back when it was still in style too. Oh and just for the record, this review wasn’t even for the last chapter where I asked for the good the bad and the ugly it was for chapter 23 I think. Okay enough ranting, I’m sorry I just would prefer to know why my writing sucks so I can make it better, is that so bad.

Onto a brighter note, my kids. Joshua is 6 and just started 1st grade, he says it’s too much work. He’ll be fun in high school. Kyle who will be 5 this month, started Kindergarten, he loves it, he is so excited to be going to school with the big kids. And Miranda wow can you believe she is already over a year old, almost 16 months to be exact, I know many of my readers have been with this story since my pregnancy announcement. She started walking over the summer and is now up and running with her brothers. 100 monster child, but cute so she gets away with it. I have been doing two jobs one is selling Tastefully Simple if you want to check it out my website is and the other is babysitting. I have my friend’s nephew Mason and my neighbor’s kids Destiny and Dillon. I have fun with the kids but in the morning it’s just me and the baby she is really into Dora and Diego so I can get my writing done much faster now.

Oh and I have to credit slygal who cracked one of my secret plots, but don’t worry I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. On that note I shall end here as I’m sure you would rather that I work on the story, but every once in awhile someone will comment on my profile so I figured I should update in case anyone came across it. Thanks for reading!

12/20/2005 -- I am sorry to disappoint you all once again, but the chapter I had wanted to get up for x-mas will not be up as planned. I had a house fire over this past weekend we all got out of the house in time so nobody was hurtbut everything is gone. I am staying with my mother and using her computer now to type this. The prewritten chapters I had are all gone. I have told you before the story will go on, just with a slight delay. Thanks again for your loyalty. I am sorry I couldn't keep my word, but Happy Holidays to you all and please take a moment or two and really appreciate all you have in life, you really never know when it can all disappear.

I just set up a forum for Changing Hearts and Sides here on fanfiction. I will be posting there as often as possible. Please check it out and feel free to post any thoughts, ideas or recommendations there. I will be reading the posts every day. Just make sure you keep it clean because I am responsible for all messages in the forum. Thanks. Here is the link:

I am 25 years old. I have two little boys (Kyle)4 and (Joshua)5 years. And my 6 month baby girl (Miranda).

I have recently discovered fanfiction thanks to mugglenet. I became very quickly addicted to it all and have now decided to try my hand at writing. I am a Draco/Ginny shipper, if you know any good stories out there please feel free to suggest them to me. I am always open to reviews, constructive critisism or even ideas to be used in my story. Happy reading.

I can also be reached through AOL Instant Messanger screenname: LucindaLambert

12/8/2005 -- I know I am a horrid person, I have not updated in so long. What can I say life with three kids, homeschooling, trying to work from home, selling my life on ebay, playing with the baby who is doing very well now by the way thank you to everyone who wished her well. And then there is my biggest setback ... my husband. He has been playing with the computer, literaly all the parts that should be inside it have been all over the diningroom floor. Anyways I am going to try to get back into my writing right now I have the next three chapter already written out on paper I just have to type them up. So you may get a nice little group of them for the holidays. Just wanted to keep you updated on everything here. Check back every once in awhile to find out what is going on and when you can expect the next chapter. Thanks for reading and always always always review that's what keeps me writing.

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