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Hello peeps!

I finally decided to log on to and write sum fics. I want to become the greatest male author of!(I just know I can't beat the girls at it tche!)

//Name: My name is Kenneth (and that's all you need to know)

//Age: 54 (nah just kidding I'm 18)

//Country: right now I live in Canada, but I really come from Benin (a small country nobody knows about)

//Language: I speak French and English and a little spanish (Ugh! I hate it though)and tiny weenie little bit of my language (Pity I can't talk like my parents...)

P.S.: there's nothing really to say about me... Hmmm English is my second language... I learned it when I came in Canada actually. I remember the days when I used to try and speak English. I invented all those words...

//Favorite Pairings:





Touya&Nakuru(Yer Touya's a big pimp hehe!)

Ron & Hermione (Damn you sickos who pair her up with Snape and Malfoy! Where'd that come from!)

//Other favorite Stuff

I really like anime especially Gundam, CCS (kinda...It's weird but I think I liked CCS only because of the fics I read on it), Gungrave, Kenshin and yadadada (I could go on like this for hours)...I have recently started nodame cantabile and I must say I am hooked!!! Mukya!

My favorite manga artists are Clamp (Rayearth rocked!) Ken Akamatsu, Rumiko Takahashi (Sigh...Ranma...Inuyasha...), Nobuhiro Watsuki, And of course ze best of ze best Akira Toriyama( I grew up with Dragonball, its a part of me. Thx for the memories!)

My favorite authors are of course J.R.R Tolkien, Marc Levy, Andrei Makine, Richard Cornwell, Guy G. Kay and many others like Rowling or even Paolini... I'm not a really big reader but I certainly read more then your average teenager.

I like to play hockey (Of course since I grew up in Canada!), Football (The one you call soccer and the American one), Basketball (I suck at it even though I'm black...). I wanted to play hockey when I was little but my parents thought it was better for me to study...(We're a family of Doctors...)

I like poetry and drama too but I stopped writing poetry a while ago...I used to draw too and really well thank you!

My goal like I told you guys before is to become the greatest male author on and maybe get a fic with 10000 reviews lol (I don't know if its even possible) Heck a guy has the right to dream no?

//My Fics:

Up to now I wrote four stories...

A Baby for the Boss(Incomplete)I still can't believe the response I got for this story...I mean I seriously didn't think it'd be so popular...I'm still far away from my goal but with a enthusiastic bunch like you guys I know we'll get there in no time! Man I really should force myself to write more...This is moving too slowly...Where are we going with this anyways?

Status: Working on it right now...Won't be long I hope

Brotherhood of the Wolf(Incomplete)This was my first fic and it still is my little baby. However the response for this one was almost non-existant...And it kinda saddened me for a while, I reread it and I think that there are a couple of things that I could modify to make it more appealing to everyone(the girls...). I'm not sure if I should rewrite it or not but I'm not dropping this project yet! I mean I have so many ideas! This story really inspires me!

Status: Dunno what I'm going to do with this...

Chronicles of the Moon and Star(Incomplete) Eeesh the first chapter didn't turn out as I thought...The story I had in mind was so much better but unfortunately i didn't write it down immediately on paper and the inspiration just vanished...Oh well.

Status: Discontinued until further notice

Harry Potter and the Eastern Magic: I've been thinking about writing a HP fic for a while now... It'll be a HP/CCS crossover

Status: Working on it...

//My update policy...

I don't really know exactly when I'll update...But I think that up to now I updated once week or something like that...I update when I feel like it(I'm a real slob).

//Contacting me...

Well if you want to talk to me feel free to click on the email link on this profile page (It's my real address...) You can e-mail me or add me to your msn(For the chat just tell me who you are and why you added me cause I sometimes get lost with all the contacts... I'm on most of the time at night and sunday.) If you want to e-mail me feel free to do so (You could even send me and "howler" for updates God knows how I need those sometimes...). I luv meeting new people!

Ermmmm...Thats about it see you all soon!

2007 May 23

Holy it has been a year! Time sure flies!

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