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Hi all!

My current fanfiction work is Angels & Demons, a Harry Potter fanfic featuring yours truly, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a fantasy, romantic setting. Why am I telling you this here... it is a yaoi (boy x boy) fanfiction. It means that for some people aren't going to enjoy that pairing, depending on their taste. I'm just warning you right off the bat. If you ain't into that stuff, don't read it. You probably won't enjoy it.

I have so many stories I want to write, but as I'm not the best writer who can just spew things out perfectly the first time around, and seeing how long it's taking me to finish the story that I've started writing since I was in college(?) or high school(??)... I'm assuming I shouldn't start on too many things and never end up finishing any of them.

I work in a burst of energy; so sometimes, I'll be able to update, 2, 3 chapters within a month, and then I'll lose the spark and not be able to bring myself to do anything for years on end... this fic's definitely experienced both of that... lol.

That being said, the plot that had been playing on my mind for the better part of its life has been solidifying in my mind and took some form of shape, so I'm on a roll (albeit, an extremely slow one). Although I can't guarantee "definitive deadline" like other authors on since I don't really operate on such thing (this is purely my hobby after all...), I can guarantee that it'll finish. That's the only thing I can guarantee, and I must ask everyone for patience... and to continue enjoying my story (as there's only one at the moment) and to leave me lots of comments! They always make me encouraged enough to continue on when I really felt like just leaving it the way it is.

Thanks for visiting!

EDIT: I'm back, and I am finally ready to update. Thanks for anyone who might have wanted to read it, and those of you who got sick of me and left, sorry about not updating for so long... ^^

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