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Name: OnTheCobb

Age: (Is there an infinity symbol?)

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Riddles, Chess and Writing.

Other Information: I finally figured out how to post stories. It took years of backbreaking research, but I've finally done it! So yeah. I'm posting a story about Minecraft. I'm no skilled writer, but it would make me feel great if people were to read it and lie and say I was good. And if you hate it I won't cry about your criticisms. (T_T)

Also, in case anyone was wondering, yes. My picture is a cob of corn.

My Craft

This is my first story. There were so many mediums of fanfiction to write for, but I felt I wouldn't do the characters of those mediums justice. Then I thought of Minecraft. It's pretty much a story about OCs. So I can write characters with personalities and not worry if those same personalities conflict because there's no limited characters. The idea for My Craft started out much like the game of Minecraft: Follow a Crafter through his/her adventures. Only this time, the Crafter is in a world where literally EVERYONE is more experienced than him.

I have challenges and villains all set up, and while character development isn't my strong point, I'm gonna try my best to make it as natural and sensical as it can be.

As for comedy, I hope I can deliver the laughs or at least some mild chuckles to the viewers taking the time to read it. And as always, I am open to criticism. Really. I can take it. No teary eyed faces this time.



I figured I'd put OC information on this profile page, since it's a pain for people to look at an individual chapter for certain information.

Anyway, Minecraftia has a bunch of Crafters living in it. Approximately one billion have spawned. While many of these Crafters have already met their end, I figure, since it's a story of OCs, that I can give you, the viewer, the chance to offer an OC.

Just leave a character description, name, number, appearance, background, possible interactions, etc. For appearance, the minimum I need is a wardobe, hair color, hair style, eye color, and belt and backpack color. You can leave your OC in a PM or a review. Just keep in mind that I have my own characters to develop. Not every character OC will be super important to the plot, and I won't accept an overpowered character that has all the answers. But if I like one, then I'll be happy to incorporate it into my story...just be patient though. I don't want to write in a whole lot of side-characters at once that don't contribute much to the plot (Example: Bleach).

Kingdoms (Name and Biome)

-Ringwood: Oak forest

-Nitebane: Rock Cliffs

-Daymonte: Chasm

-Jolin: Jungle

-Dover Plains: Plains

-Exter: Rocky Wasteland with Lava pools (Lacquerlands)

-Lazuli: Arctic

-Zeppil: Extreme Hills

-Akasha: Mesa (Dryrock Mesa)

-Oak Docks: Beach


A good friend of mine was kind enough to draw out a map of Minecraftia. Link below if you wanna check it out. (But since fanfiction has a thing against working links, just copy the link below and replace the spaces with dots). Thank you!

Map Link: http://onthecobb deviantart com/art/Minecraftia-Map-582484542

I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but someone liked my story enough to submit artwork for it. Actual 'My Craft' artwork! Which is super cool! It has a cartoony style but it's an amazing likeness of the character being depicted. All credit for the artwork goes to PinkPanther530 so check it out. Link below, just replace spaces with dots.

Artwork Link: http://unwelcomehugger deviantart com/art/My-Craft-Cobb-635272711

Forum: https://www fanfiction net/forum/The-CornCobb-Weekly/218218/

You heard right. I made an official forum for this story. The CornCobb Weekly. If you got questions or want to talk about how the story is progressing with other people (I hope) come check out the forum. Of course, since fanfiction dot net has trouble with forum searches, I'm leaving the URL up above. Copy and paste (and replace the spaces with dots).

Discord: https://discord gg/H6DKsPp

Thanks to some really cool guys, we got a Discord server. The above link should get you to the discord (just copy and paste and replace the spaces with dots). It's got artwork, spoilers without context on the latest chapters, and a lot of fellow fans discussing theories and whatnot. Check it out if you're a My Craft fan.

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