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Name: Crazy Inu Girl (my friends just call me Crazy)

Age: Just turned 15

Other: I have brown hair and brown eyes. I love anime. I love burning buildings and laughing for no reason. No mental institution can hold me. hahahahaha. Just kidding. But beware of getting too close in a room full of sharp objects. = )

My Favorite Animes:

Inuyasha (of course)

Wolf's Rain

Zatch Bell

One Piece

Kill Me Kiss Me

Yu Yu Hakusho

Gundam Seed

Samurai Champloo

and many more... _ I love Anime.

Name: Dozen Roses (They call me Roses)

Age: 15

Other: Dark Blue hair, honey colored eyes. And I get stuck with the job of chasing the little demon around as she burns or blows up buildings.Not the best paying job, but she's my friend (and mental institutions don't accept her any more). But when she's not running around like a physco, we watch animes.

Quote:Jung-Woo: Whee!Wearing a dress is fun!(Not some thing I said but a line from the vol.1 of Kill Me Kiss Me. I like it. It's pretty funny.)

Favorite Animes:

Zatch Bell

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Gi Oh

Full Metal Alchemist

One Piece

Code Lyoko


Wolf's Rain

Samurai Champloo

Dozen Roses: Well, we've got one fic so far which so far from your opinions is pretty good.

CrazyInuGirl: Thanks For the Reviews. OO, look at the pretty butterflies. (jumps up and down trying to catch one

Dozen Roses: Now where the hell did those come from.

CrazyInuGirl: Pretty Pretty Pretty butterflies. Thank u for reading our profile. Even if there's not much interesting stuffs. _

Dozen Roses: See Ya Later Folks. We're working on our current fic and a new one. So keep an eye out for it.

Both: Bye Bye

Current work: Memory Lost (4 CH.)

Petals In The Wind (Not Yet Posted Because We Are Still Writing It Up. It's A K2 FanFic. Summary Not Yet Available)

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