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Hey the names Molly =D, or xxDarkxWolfxx as you know me here. I like to write stories, any kind of story, but I tend to write Inuyasha fanfics most often. I have been a member of Fanfiction.net for about 4 years, though I stopped writing anything for awhile and hadn't been logged on for a year or 2. When I did come back I reread my old stories and decided they were complete crap that needed to be deleted. The only one that was spared is my story, "Days Go By" which is mostly about the life of Inuyasha and the gang once that damn Naraku is finally dead (that guy always pissed me off since he would never fucking die x_x). So I copy and pasted my original "Days Go By" to my word program and took it off my stories list. I am currently working on rewriting the whole thing, but I am enjoying the fact that I can improve my old work and make it better for anyone who may read it... cough-cough-read it-cough-cough lol. I am tryin to get the chapters done as soon as I can for those who are really into the story, but dont forget people o.o, I do have a life beyond Fanfiction.net, lol. After I finish "Days Go By" Im not really sure what I will write next, but if you have a suggestion, hey Im all ears. Sometimes when Im writing, I tend to get distracted by my sketch pad and pencil that seem to magically end up next to me. Yes I also LOVE to draw anime, in addition to writing it. But lucky me, I dont have photoshop or a scanner v.v so all my art is only on pieces of paper and you wont ever find my stuff on any of those drawing anime websites. So Im stuck taking pictures of it with my camera (bleh x.x) and posting it on my myspace, feel free to check it out at www.myspace.com/beyond_my_control obviously they would be in my pictures thingy under the "what I do when I get bored" album. And uh ya... Any questions, then jus ask. My AIM is xxDarkxWolfxx82 and the other one is xxAtrumLupus314 o.o. Yupp thats me =P

One of those random quiz thingys =P

1. Age: 16 bitchez =D
2. Full Name: Molly
3. Home town: wally world
4. Nicknames: Molleh, Molls, Shithead... gotta love that last one :)
5. Birthday: june 11
6. Zodiac: gemini
7. Hair Colour: light brown with occasional streaks of blue =D
8. Eye color: hazel but they like to change colors ranging from brown to light blue to deep green. no idea why they change but they do
9. Height: 5 foot 3 inches
10. Favourite Color: black and blue
11. Glasses, contacts: contacts
12. Favorite Music Type: metal, techno, and country. quite a mix huh?
13. Piercing/tattoos?: i wish, but im scared of needles x.x, i wants a tattoo real bad
14. Birthplace: born in Galveston, Texas. all my bloodlines are there. you mess with Texas then Texas is gonna mess with you ;P
15. Had a hangover?: ya, god those suck lik hell
16. Ever had a one night stand?: lol no, not yet in life
17. Cut your own hair?: once or twice
18. Skipped school?: course
19. Bungee jumped: i wish
20. Went to a concert?: not a fan of concerts
21. Kissed someone of the same sex not related to you?: ew, nope
22. Stared at the stars for hours?: yepp yepp yepp
23. TP'd someone's house?: nope
24. Won something?: mhm, a PS2 in 5th grade lol and i still have it 6 years later =p
25. Asked someone out?: yupp
26. Been to a funeral?: mhm =/
27. Used a lighter?: course, i love fire o.o
28. Been on stage?: ya, i was student director of a play my old skool was doin
29. Suspended From School?: nope
30. Involved with Police?: nah
31. Been Drunk?: yesh
32. Been High?: no way
33. Hooked up?: sure
34. Been in a porno?: lmfao no wayy in hell
35. Had a wet dream?: lol nah
36. Been in a fight?: plenty, cant help the texas blood in me
37. Gotten Dumped?: ya =/
38. Slap someone?: lol ya
39. Dumped someone else?: yupp
40. Ever swore at a teacher?: with one, not at one. teachers at my skool r pretty kickass and swear as much as us
41. Ever been at a wedding?: mhm

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