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Author has written 13 stories for Sailor Moon, Xenosaga, Mai HiME, iCarly, Teen Titans, Peter Pan, Naruto, Batman, Final Fantasy X-2, Hyakko, Final Fantasy I-VI, Legend of Korra, and Life is Strange.

My stories also appear on http:// archiveofourown. org/users/SilviMasters with better formatting.

Heya, name's Silvi.

I'm just a simple woman with a love for reading and writing stories about the love shared between girls and women.

I do have a wife, five kids, and work 50 hours a week so I don't always have the free time to write... but when I do lose myself in the words I think the results are pretty good. Thank you for reading my stories, I hope they bring you as much joy as they do for me.

Current Focus: Finishing Awakening.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

I had watched Book 1 back when it first came out and... was not impressed. The 1st episode made so many promises that the rest of the Book failed miserably to keep. I wanted to see the confident, badass, headstrong babe Avatar kicking ass and going on adventures... not the unsure of herself, boyfriend stealing (seriously, bitch move!), character she ended up being. Oh how I utterly despised every second of the cookie cutter tween drama love triangle plotline and how much focus was put on it so much that it left me wanting nothing to do with the show. Recently though, I lucked out and saw a spoiler pic of the finale on Imgur and, with renewed hope, marathoned Book 2-4. Book 2 was nearly as disappointing with Korra being bitchy and unpleasant for the first half and all the problems I had from Book 1 being dredged along with it. Apart from the bits about the history of the Avatar it was another letdown... but I managed to power through with hopes of what was to come.

Book 3, with its so aptly titled first episode "Breath of Fresh Air", and all that follow however, are simply amazing! Avatar at its best and with the beginnings of their relationship expertly woven in! To me, Books 3 and 4 feel so different from the rest of the series in tone, quality of plot points, characters, villains, and of course the non-cookie cutter romance. It really makes me wish it'd been like this from the beginning... But that's why we have fanfiction _

I hope all of you enjoy this journey with me through the good times and the hard times as I chronicle the continued adventures of Avatar Korra and the love of her life, Asami Sato.

Book Five: Love - It started out as a cute little story about Korra and Asami reflecting on how they got together after the finale but will be expanded into a full "13 Episode Series". I try to weave a few little extra bits into the cannon telling and will mostly ignore a few things I didn't like. This is turning out to be some of my better work, I hope you like it.

Peter Pan

Definitely one of my favorite fairy tales growing up but I always found myself a little disappointed at the lack of strong female characters outside of Tinker Bell (who's one of my favorite of all time!). Wendy was always cast as a mother figure and Tiger Lilly was barely cast at all! As I've grown older, so to, have my tastes. While reading the story to my little ones I found myself adding little bits here and there and by the time I was done I realized I'd created an almost entirely new story which I now share with you. My only concern is that it's not being shared very much as Peter Pan doesn't seem to be a very popular category so if you're reading this, please give it a looksie as it really is some of my best work!

Forever In Neverland - Hands down this is some of my best work! My female take on the title role is a girl named Petra, a down on her luck orphan with a good heart and a strong will who's life is changed in unimaginable ways when she comes across Wendy Darling. Wendy too, has undergone a change, giving her the fire I've always found missing from the character though she's still as sweet as ever. The story will travel back and forth between Neverland and the Real World as the two characters are brought to life in their own ways. Petra, of course, will have Tinker Bell at her side and I'm really quite proud of the homage I've paid to my Tinker Bell and I really think I've got her personality down perfectly. The story will shift regularly from gloomy to bright and fun in order to keep it from tipping the balance one way or the other. It really is beautiful work and I hope to see a lot more people enjoying it in the future.


Well, Naruto's probably my least favorite of the Big Three (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto) but the manga/non-filler anime aren't too bad and there's just so many cuties to choose from!

Kunoichi Love - This story is actually a group of six or seven Parts with each Part having a few chapters and featuring a different pairing. The Parts will blend together through interactions between the characters to form one big storyline. I know it sounds complicated but it's really not, you'll see. This'll also be my first gender swap story because the show practically hands it to you on a silver platter with the Henge/Transformation Justsu's, I simply make it a permanent change out of personal taste. It's a fun little story so be sure to check it out and drop me a review!

Teen Titans

Going to keep this one short and sweet. I'm obviously not a fan of the stock, generic pairings the show foisted on us so I'm going to be doing things a little differently. Seeing as how it's pretty much impossible to write out the male Titans (who I actually don't mind very much at all, just the relationships) I'll do my best to keep things tasteful and civil while still keeping the girl love strong.

Awakening - I must say I'm having a lot of fun with this one. It basically centers around Raven being able to set her emotions free with the unfortunate side effect of awakening the demon half of her heritage. We follow her along as she discovers and copes with these new and often exhilarating emotions with the help of the tender and caring Starfire with some bumps added in by a certain pink-haired witch. This one's sort of a mix a sweet and spice because there's a fair amount of sexuality (tasteful and fitting with the story, NOT smut) mixed in with the drama.

Mai Hime/Otome

Although you won't notice it in the first part of my project for these series I will stray quite a ways from the anime and use bits of the manga version as well as my own little personal touches here and there. The most notable changes from the show being that Erstin is still alive and Sergei doesn't exist so no disgusting pedophile love triangle! Hooray! I'll never understand why they felt the need to add that to the anime version... just the thought of it makes my skin crawl... ANYWAYS each Part will focus on a different pairing in any number of their reincarnations and branching across all the genres so be expecting a decent variety of sweet sweet girl love to feast your eyes on!

Hime/Otome Love Series

--Part One: As They Should Be - COMPLETE! Arika x Mashiro pairing. Arika was great because there's just so many things you can do with 'sweet and stupid' so I really opened up and had a lot of fun with her. Mashiro was a bit trickier because you just know she's a sweetie underneath all that fussiness so it was all about gradually peeling off the layers to get to the tasty Otome loving lesbian center of her character.

--Part Two: Generations - COMPLETE! Mai x Mikoto pairing. This one is a little darker in places and really tested my abilities in order to successfully mesh these two highly opposite yet strangely compatible girls into a working couple. This is my first real attempt at writing something fairly angsty so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out!

--Part Three: In Your Embrace - Concept only so far. Nina and Erstin trying to overcome their past and forge a beautiful future.

Sailor Moon

Not only are there so many potential pairings and story types but the very nature of the SailorMooniverse just seems to hand the girl love to you on a silver platter. I plan to do a bit of experimenting with the pairs although I don't think I'll ever be able to stray from my favorite of Rei x Usagi, even if they're not the primary focus I just love them too much. I'm also a little hesitant to swap Ami x Makoto around but I'll see what I can do with that one.

In Her Burning Eyes - COMPLETE! Was originally intended to be a one shot but I just fell in love with it. It tells the story of Rei getting her deepest wish granted and realizing that living the dream is never as easy as imagining it. I've never laughed or cried so much reading or writing anything in my life. I love this story.


What can I say, Sam and Carly are just plain adorable together and a very compatible match to boot. My oldest daughter is absolutely in love with this show so the inspiration is bound to keep sparking every once in a while for more Sam x Carly goodness.

iLove You - COMPLETE! A simple and sweet little story about the two of them realizing the depths of their feelings and systematically outing themselves at the same time. A little drama, a little lighthearted fluff, and a whole lot of just plain good stuff.


Why the game designers felt the need to tease us with a Shion x KOS-MOS relationship across three games, an anime series, interviews with the developer, advertisements for the game, concept art, etc.. only to slap us in the face during that craptastic ending I'll never understand. The whole series just leaves me feeling empty inside when I think about it now...

Heart - My attempt to alter the series enough that I could enjoy it. Many characters have been drastically changed or written out entirely. Basically the whole thing centers around KOS-MOS realizing she has emotions and learning to use them.

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