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Fave Characters

Sirius Black, Kankurou, Loz, Shikamaru, Chitose, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner if you wish), Gaara (though not as much as his brother, I'd still do him... . ), Chouji, Rock Lee, Sasori, Jecht, Wakka, and more when I think of them.

Food (No idea why I'm putting this, but nyeh)

Twix chocolate bars first and foremost, grilled cheese sam'iches, cheese (God do I love cheese), lemons, and pie (except for pumpkin. Ew.)


Mirrormask (they were on drugs when they made it, I'm sure), Naruto 2, Skeleton Key, The Little Vampire (don't ask, just...don't), Pink Panther. aaaand...Advent Children x3


Island of Doctor Moreau, Harry Potter series, what few I've read of the Vampire Chronicles, and Exit to Eden.



Sasuke (I'm sorry, but this guy just...annoys me), Pansy Parkinson (you play no real part in the books and you're annoying! >8O), Yuna (...don't know why O.o), Seymour (why won't you die! ;_; ), Neji (sorta yes, sorta no)


RICE! Almost all vegetables, and anything oddly colored.


Ultraviolet (I apologize, but it was boring. 24 is a cool song though), chick flicks.


You can not like books? O_o


You may call me Ed, or Edo.


TheLostLenore (gaia) - (Refering to the Sexy no Jutsu) unless you are immune to that sort of thing, you arnt affected by it. SO with that said, i wonder if there are ANY guys in that anime that ARNT effected by it.
Edo- Shino? Gaara?
Lenore - Gaara isnt counted, he would be immune if he got hit by a truck

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The Mission Post
Team 10, 8, and 7 are sent to live with Team Gai, and the Sand siblings for a few months, in an outpost built by Konoha to provide ninjas to more isolated towns. Will they all get along? Not likely. Boy-on-boy eventually, but only a little.
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Playing with sock puppets reviews
SUMMERY CHANGE: Snippets from Kankurou's life before the Chuunin exam. Possible OOCness sometimes, and additional chapters on the other two sand sibs.
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