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My name is Diane Morrison; I'm known in the Pagan community as Sable Aradia. I create things. A lot of different things.

As Diane Morrison, I'm a writer of speculative fiction. I create stories that have an element of the uncanny. I also maintain a blog about my geekiness and geeky things and I run a fanzine for the Spelljammer D&D campaign setting. Currently I'm posting my Spelljammer fan-fiction, the Toy Soldier Saga.

As Sable Aradia, I'm a witch, teacher, cunning-woman and diviner. I'm a Pagan writer and I'm starting to get somewhere with that. I have a book published on witchcraft and I'm working on the second one. I write for the Patheos Pagan channel and PaganSquare. I've had an article published in Witches & Pagans Magazine and a couple in Circle Magazine. I'm an herbalist and I do readings and spellwork and I make witchy crafts, which I sell on my Etsy store. Occasionally I also paint.

I'm also a musician and composer. My compositions are inspired by natural and occult themes and sometimes incorporate brainwave entrainment technology. Most of my work is in a filk/folk style with Pagan or geeky themes. I am currently part of a duo that calls itself Sable Aradia, which is basically a continuation of what I was doing solo as Sable, only now I have a partner in Jamie Field, formerly of Parnassus (which became Chalice and Blade). I was also the vocalist and a songwriter for the goth rock band Gallows Hill and the epic metal project Avalon Burning (which made filk metal about Drizzt Do'Urden).

You can find me at my blog, my website, or my crowdfunding page.

I will be adapting the Toy Soldier Saga to a publishable form by removing all the Dungeons & Dragons references and intellectual property in it. This will be the only place you'll be able to find it outside of the adapted form; unless, of course, Wizards of the Coast comes to their senses and decides to buy the rights from me ;). Thus far, there are three short stories as well, two of which have appeared in other formats (Separate Worlds e-zine and Chasing Fireflies, an upcoming romance anthology to be published July 1.) I have started two more novels in the Spelljammer setting that are a continuation of this one. If you want to see the series completed in its original, Spelljammer format as well as my adapted version, consider supporting my crowdfunding effort. Thank you!

A Few Good Elves
Four hundred years ago, space was shaken by the First Unhuman War, as elves and orcs pitted their best spacefaring skills against one another. The orcs were at last defeated and imprisoned. Now war has broken out again, and young elven pilot Shaundar Sunfall is ready to answer the call. But war is no great adventure. Will he survive its deadly crucible? (Spelljammer setting)
Dungeons and Dragons - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,179 - Updated: 6/5/2017 - Published: 6/4/2017